In search for the best Macau famous snacks – Rua do Cunha, Taipa

Looking for some of the best Macau street food or snacks? Rua do Cunha in Taipa Village is the place to start! What’s more? I would be showing you how I got there by public bus (and a bit of walking) from Macau International Airport! Taipa Village is one of the must go place when visiting Macau in my opinion. It is a rustic and charming neighbourhood that reminisce a genuine historical feel. Besides ancient temples and stunning churches, the intriguing alleys of Taipa Village are filled with exquisite colonial villas and a vibrant snack street which I am going to write about – Rua do Cunha. It’s the busiest street in the village where you will find some of the most amazing neighbourhood finds! Upon reaching Macau International Airport, I saved a fair bit of time looking for hotels as my hotel is situated right opposite of the airport, named Golden Crown China Hotel. In my opinion, this hotel provides easy accessibility from airport and price is much more affordable as compared to the casino hotels. The room was clean, spacious and there’s a bathtub provided as well. There are shuttle buses stationed right next to the airport, providing free transportation between airport and all casinos from day till night! The public bus stop is situated at the entrance of the arrival hall, it is easy to spot once you stepped out of the glass door. Look out for bus number 36. I waited for about 10mins before a yellow bus 36 arrived and allowed me to board. Alight at a bus stop named Largo Ouvidor Arriaga / Edf. Chun Yuet , which is 4 stops later excluding the first stop(airport). The entire journey takes about 5 minutes. Look out for high rise white and yellowish-brown blocks of building on your right when you are on the bus and prepare to alight. After you alighted, turn BACKWARDS instead of walking in the same direction as the bus. Walk along the street until you reach the end of the building nearest to you and turn right into a small street (Tv. da Fabrica de Panchoes). After a short walk of the street, you will see another main road. Turn left and walk all the way along the road (R. de Fernao Mendes Pinto) for 5-7mins. If you start to see an alley filled with street shops and colonial villas, walk just a bit more and keep a lookout for the street signboard labelled Rua Do Cunha which directs you to turn right. You have reached!

Along this small street is where you can find almost all of the food gems of Macau. Let's get started!

Sawdust Pudding

Right after you turned into Rua Do Cunha street, you will see a yellow signboard stall which is conspicuous. Yes! I’m referring to the first stall on your right while you are walking along the street. Do not underestimate this stall, Gelatina Mok Yi Kei (莫義記) has been running its old dessert stall for almost 80 years and counting!  Mok Yi Kei sells a wide variety of desserts such as ice creams and agar agar, and among these desserts, their durian ice cream and sawdust pudding (Serradura) are their best seller. As I am not really a lover of durians, I went to try their Sawdust Pudding. And I must say this is the desert to start with on a hot day! With its tea biscuits being crushed into ultra-fine ‘sawdust’ and topped with milk and vanilla, this small delectable dessert will delight all sweet-tooths from young to old. 9A Rua do Cunha, Taipa, Macau

Portuguese Egg Tart

Lord Stow’s bakery became popular for its Portuguese egg tarts since its founding in 1989. Lord Stow’s Bakery is also widely known as the king of Macau egg tarts. What I like was the tarts are made fresh out of the oven. With its flaky pastry and rich creamy filling, I would say Lord Stow’s tart is one of the best addictive egg tarts I have ever eaten and worth every calorie. Besides having one for myself, I bought 3 boxes of six for my family and friends! Do note that there is no seating available, the stall operates on the takeaway basis. 14 Rua do Cunha, Taipa, Macau  

Pork Chop Bun

This is one of the iconic snacks! Tai Lei Loi Kei is probably the more famous stalls in Macau offering the best pork chop bun. A delicious, deep-fried chunk of pork chop is sandwiched between a Portuguese bun which is crispy on the outside and pillow-soft on the inside. Looks simple yet delectable! My stomach immediately got bloated after finishing the whole bun. Not to worry, the line moves quick! 35 Rua Correia da Silva, Taipa, Macau

Crispy Pork Chop Noodles

Nearing the end of the street, you will notice a small shopfront with red doors which doesn’t really look like a restaurant. However, Pui Kei Café (沛记) is a well-established café and its signature dish, the Crispy Pork Chop Noodles, is a must try dish especially for those who prefer noodles. It offers both the soup and dry version of the noodles. And the price is pretty affordable with the huge portion of the deep fried crispy pork served with the bones intact. 25 Rua Do Cunha, Taipa, Macau  

Crab Congee

Seng Cheong Restaurant (城昌饭店) is a renowned Chinese restaurant where is a must-visit for everybody from visitors to celebrities. Its signature dish is the Crab Congee. The Crab Congee is sweet and smooth, bursting with rich crab roe which slights down your throat easily. Some other dishes to try include the steam eel with dark bean sauce, salted cod balls, and clams with broccoli. Wine and Beers are available as well. 28-30 Rua do Cunha, Taipa, Macau

Authentic Portuguese Food

Looking for Portuguese eateries? “O Santos” Comida Portuguesa restaurant is your best bet. This little restaurant was recommended by the majority of Portuguese residents in Macau, serving the most authentic Portuguese food The whole place is overflowing with nostalgia for Portugal. Take a look at their menu from their own website and you will be spoilt for choice. 20 Rua Do Cunha, Taipa, Macau

Delicious Pastries

Koi Kei Bakery has been widely known for their pastries since 1997 and has successfully opened 23 chain stores in Macau and 6 chain stores in HK till date. Their must-try pastries include the signature egg rolls as well as their almond flakes. The first time I tried their egg rolls and it did not fail my expectation. I can taste the tender crust from the roll sheets along with the strong egg flavour. I always feel welcomed by their friendly and helpful staff the moment I stepped into their store. They are generous with their pastries samples and give discounts for bulk purchases. Though renowned as a traditional shop, Koi Kei has been continuously reviewing and improving their products through combining other food such as shredded pork, chocolate and seaweed with their traditional pastries. I guess that’s what makes them successful through innovation by catering to the taste of the younger generation and at the same time, preserving the existence of traditional pastries. 46-50 Rua Do Cunha, Taipa, Macau Of course, the list is not exhaustive, there is certainly more local snacks that you can try out along the street. I hope this guide comes in handy when you are planning your itinerary!

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