Ikogosi Warm Spring: Attracting The World to Nigeria

Ikogosi Warm spring in Ikogosi Ekiti is one gift of nature attracting the world to Nigeria. I never thought it is possible to have both cold and warm water in the same river until I visited. Are you looking for a place to spend your next summer with your family? Do you want to spend your honey moon in a natural serene atmosphere? If you are the inquisitive type who enjoys new discoveries then, seek no further. Ikogosi Warm Spring Resort has all the natural features and facilities to make your outing a memorable one. Picnickers, sightseers, adventurists, school youngsters on outings, significant others looking for a place of refuge to merge connections, agents trying to harden agreements, all these and more are standard visitors at Ikogosi Warm Spring.

A Confluence of Warm and Cold Water

Ikogosi warm spring is located in Ikogosi-Ekiti, a small town in Ekiti state, Nigeria. There is no airport or seaport in Ekiti state. This leaves you with no other option than road transport. It will take you about five hours to drive from Murtala Muhammed International Airport in Lagos to Ikogosi. The main attraction here is that you will find a body of water which is cold at the entry point and warm as you move further. There is no visible boundary between the cold region and the warm region. You can only feel the temperature change as you move from the cold to the warm region. At first, I thought it was a dream. Further investigations gave me a clearer understanding of the mystery behind the warm and cold springs. My first trip to Ikogosi warm spring resort was in the year 1998 when I was serving as a youth corp member in Ayetoro-Ekiti. A number of youth corp members serving in Ido Osi local government Area converged at Ido. We took a long bus and in less than an hour, we arrived at the wonderland. Before the trip people were talking about the warm and cold spring so, I was not expecting anything more than that. I dressed properly and took my camera for pictures and a little amount of money in my pocket. When we arrived I saw many youth corp members who were really prepared for fun. People were prepared to swim, explore and have fun. By this time I already told myself I must repeat the trip.  However, my camera was really very useful. I captured most of the exciting moments. Nineteen years after, the warm spring resort has not changed. The facilities, the accommodations, restaurants, swimming pool and general reception has improved greatly. On my first visit, the gate fee was ten naira per participant. As at last year it was five hundred naira per participant.

A Warm Bath at The Warm Spring Swimming Pool.

The warm swimming pool is one of the hot fun spots at the Ikogosi warm spring resort. When I visited in 1998 I was not prepared to swim since I did not know there was a swimming pool. I mean a warm swimming pool. I really envied my mates as they had fun in their swimsuits. Lovers played hide and seek games. Other folks played ball games and had swimming competitions. All I could do was to stand at the pool side and take photographs. As at last year, the swimming pool had been refurbished. It is now bigger and better. The warm swimming pool is fed by the warm spring. If you really want to get the best out of your swimming experience, I advise you to spend at least a night. This will give you the opportunity to use the swimming pool at the early hours of the day. The water of the swimming pool is changed at the early hours of each day. By this time the weather around the warm spring resort is cold and the swimming pool is really warm and fresh. The water is naturally clean and the surrounding air is always fresh and healthy. I was told plans are on the ground to build a cold swimming pool in addition to the warm one. This will definitely add to the fun since you can choose to swim in the warm or cold swimming pool or shuttle between the two. They will easily fill the cold swimming pool from the cold spring. The Vegetation of the area around the warm spring resort is a very thick forest. This characteristic and rich vegetation are firmly kept up and shielded from unlawful deforestation. The range secured by this resort focus is large and it is protected from erosion by tall trees. These trees likewise fill in as a kind of shelter under which visitors could stay in the sunny days and dry season. The undulating geology of the whole visitor focus and the symmetry of the encompassing slopes add more to the tasteful excellence of this spring. There is a pass that slices over the warm spring resort to the similarly well known Erinta Water Falls at Ipole Iloro, a couple of kilometers to the Warm Spring

Warm Reception at Ikogosi Warm Spring Resort

To accommodate tourists and pleasure seekers, the Ekiti state government has constructed chalets and recreational facilities very close to the warm and cold spring. All the chalets are completely ventilated and furnished with satellite administrations. A multi-purpose gathering center, eatery, bar and recreational offices were additionally accommodated to cater for sightseers and guests to the warm spring resort. The chalets are of different classes so you can choose the one that suits your lifestyle and budget. Restaurants are available with local, continental and intercontinental dishes. I was served pounded yam, vegetable soup, and bush meat the first time I visited. On my second visit, I was more prepared so, I packed my food. Whichever one you prefer, you are free. Vegetarian foods are also available. Other attractions within the warm spring resort include sports facilities and gym. You can choose to book a hotel outside the warm spring resort. There are a lot of reputable hotels in Ekiti state to accommodate visitors.


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