How Traveling Expands Your Consciousness

January 1, 1970

by Andreea Sincan

Why Traveling Should Become A Priority

Traveling is something most people enjoy doing. Flying to new places, meeting new people, trying new foods, who wouldn’t want to spend their time doing that? Not only is traveling an exciting experience, but it is also extremely important to do. It isn’t always cheap to do, but that doesn’t matter. What matters is that you go and explore a new city, new country, or anywhere you can really go. If you continue to broaden your horizons and see how other cultures live life, that will most likely result in you expanding your awareness on life and people, and it will also expand your consciousness. Staying in the same place for so long can actually be a damaging component to yourself and your well being. When you are only surrounded by one type of culture, one type of general peers, or even see the same scenery over and over again, your lense on life and the world we live in might be a bit limited and narrow. We might start knowing that there is only one way to do something, one way to express yourself, one way to live life. Our world doesn’t need that because that is what can cause conflicts, misunderstandings, etc. Simply meeting others and getting to understand other cultures and ways of life can be such a fantastic experience for not only yourself but for those people that you surround yourself with; opening up their horizons as well.

Broadens Your World & Life Views

As mentioned earlier, staying in the same place for your whole life or for a long period of time can really hinder how you think about people and the world around you. It might not necessarily happen intentionally, or it might not even happen at all, but there is a much higher chance of it decreasing how much you understand. Experiencing new cultures and how people live life can give you a new outlook and ideas for how you can live your life. Some traditions that you might see somewhere new may resonate with your way of life more than the traditions in the current place you are living in. It will expand your own consciousness and allow us to understand humans on a much deeper level than you might have never expected.

Many more conflicts and misunderstandings can be prevented if we tried to understand the other person and why they are doing the things they are doing. When we think about it, we all grow up learning how to live life a certain way and that is all we know- until we travel and learn about other ones different than our own. It also brings us new ideas that can turn into amazing creativity and projects. The more we see and experience, the more we can widen every aspect of our consciousness. The more we understand each other, how we function, and how we interact with one another, we can realize the true intention behind actions and not be confused or offended by it. We all have different ways of expressing ourselves, and if we make travel a priority, we can educate ourselves more in depth about this.

Humbling Experiences

The more you travel and meet others in different life circumstances, the more humble it can make you. We often get wrapped up in our own situation and way of living that we forget other people in the world don’t get certain accommodations and luxury that we might be used to. We sometimes have to be reminded of other ways of life and be grateful for what we have, and learn from that. We might have a complete culture shock going somewhere else on the other side of the globe, but it is always a blessing in disguise. We are (hopefully) retaining new sources of information, new ways of communicating and forming new relationships. Travel isn’t necessarily just made for fun and pleasure, there are tons of more just as important aspects of it that we should think about more frequently. Let’s learn, and have from with that as well. We are humans and we are meant to explore and learn from one another, so if we make it a priority, we can humble our own lives and do the same for others.

Expand Your Consciousness

Through traveling, through explorations, and through meeting other people who live differently than we will lead us to expand our consciousness. We will become more aware of life around us, become more compassionate and be understanding humans, and really take full advantage of the world we live in. On top of it, it can always be a fun time. Trying new foods and drinks, seeing new scenery and architecture, and delving into new traditions will always be a good time. When we are more aware, we are more conscious. We be will more reasonable towards our thoughts, feeling, and expressions towards those around us and that can prevent lots of misunderstandings, disagreements, or even arguments. When we relate, we are more likable. When we are more likable, the closer we are to being in the presence of peace.

When thinking about travel, it does not necessarily have to be across the globe and an expensive trip. You can even take a train or drive a couple hours from where you are now and explore new surroundings. Let us steer away from the notion that travel is always expensive and we have no choice but to work our weeks away in order to reach that. Anywhere new you can go is good as well. It is what you make of your experience that matters, not necessarily the overindulgent luxury or hotels that can come with it. On top of it, not only does traveling benefit your own personal well-being, but it does the same to the people you meet and interact with. It shows them a new way of thinking as well, and how to interact with you- a separate being from them and the people they usually are surrounded around. Getting travel to be a priority for ourselves might seem out of the picture and far-fetched to some, but it is definitely worth it at the end of the day. You will always remember an amazing travel experience and everything that happened in between, you will forget a piece of material thing you might spend your money on instead. Memories and the relationships we create with others through travel will always be memorable.

Andreea Sincan

By Andreea Sincan

I was born in Romania and when I got a little bit older moved to California. I've traveled around the US a tad bit and love sharing those adventures with others - whether that be through writing, photos, videos, anything creative! I love exploring new places and learning about new subjects that I can share with the world. I think spreading a good message is important when writing on any platform that will be shown to others, so positivity is key!


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