How to travel to the Lake District, Brazil: unusual destinations

The region of lakes, as it is known as the Coast of the Coastal Shallows of Rio de Janeiro, is one of the most beautiful in Brazil. With lush beaches and a distinctive climate, this region is a privilege for visitors every year, especially on protracted holidays. Whenever there is opportunity, the Carioca and even outsiders, heads towards the beaches of the Lakes Region. All the way is reached by unique beauties, starting already at the intersection of the Rio-Niterói Bridge. Look up and see the Guanabara Bay on a breathtaking day! All the way to the city of Arraial do Cabo is lush, as enjoyable as the city. One of the most striking features of the Lagos Region is the originality of the beaches, with transparent and very cold waters. Another characteristic of this region is the climate very similar to the Northeastern region of Brazil.

Salinas de Araruama

A little known area of the general public is the Salinas area and it was the one I liked the most. For those who do not know, the economy of the Lakes Region was based on the production of Salt. That is why there are still abandoned Salinas in the city of Araruama. Telling the history of the region was what I loved the most. We can travel looking at every detail of that place. The Salinas is on the shores of Araruama Lagoon, another popular tourist spot. When you arrive you are faced with totally open areas still with remains of saline activity. These areas are beautiful throughout history, which count and are scary for every detail. What struck me most were the huge windmills that worked like water pumps. It’s scary looking at them, because of their size. Another very interesting thing is the images that can be seen as they arrive. In times past, they functioned as places of water retention, so that their evaporation would result in salt. Worth knowing, besides being charming, is historical.

Praia Seca

The beaches are undoubtedly the biggest attraction of the Lakes Region. It is because of them that hundreds of people, even thousands, make sense for this part of Rio de Janeiro at holidays and holidays. There is no way to choose the best beach or the most beautiful beach. All have in common a scenic beauty being necessary to visit each one of them. It is practically impossible to elect one. Everything in this region is beautiful. Every part, every detail and every corner makes us want to drop everything to live there. One of the hottest and quietest beaches to visit is Praia Seca, which has typical vegetation, the Restinga de Massambaba. One of the few still remaining in the state of Rio de Janeiro. The familiar atmosphere of this beach and the connection with the dunes make it an unforgettable destination.

Parque das Dunas, em Praia Seca

And speaking in dunes, though not as sought after as the beaches, is wonderful and absurdly beautiful. It was the second destination I loved the most. Parque das Dunas, also in Praia Seca, is a set of dunes that begins in the city of Figueira going to Arraial do Cabo (Praia Grande) and the other that is located in front of the cove of Rebolo. When you arrive you can not be surprised by such beauty. The white of the dunes brings, in addition to a sense of peace, an immediate dazzle for those who look and it seems that the scene was taken from a painting. It’s like being transported to a place where there are no more problems or bad things. This makes you want to take the most important person in the world and hold it as much as you can. It is a unique sensation for the observer as the wind shapes the dunes, taking the sand from side to side. And what a wind! I was almost taken by him! Wonderful to walk on the sand with hair in the wind, look back and see their footprints, having the feeling of walking towards paradise. The dunes of Praia Seca are incredible and worth a visit, even if it’s 10 minutes away. Being close to the highway, access is very easy. So just stop the car and get in. There is no way to pass such a beautiful place.  


Another peculiar point to know and to know a little more of the history of Brazil is the area where the Locks are located. Also on the banks of the highway, walking a little more by car or bus, it is possible to have easy access to them. Although not on the route of many travelers, this destination is welcome for those who enjoy adventure and extra learning. The Locks function as lifts for ships. On arrival, you can see the existence of two gates separating the two levels of the watercourse. When the boat needed to climb the river, it would enter the lock on the downstream side and remain in the chamber. The downstream gate was then closed and the chamber filled with water, causing the vessel to rise until it reached the level of the upper reservoir. From that moment on, the upstream gate could be opened and the vessel would come out of the lock. The Arraial do Cabo lock worked for the passage of ships. During visitation, the green coloration of the dammed water can be observed due to the concentration of algae. For lovers of stories or just curious, this destination is worth knowing in Arraial do Cabo worked for passage of boats. For story lovers or just curious, this destination is worth it. These were the unusual destinations I visited along with my friends from the Graduate School. I loved every detail and really live up to what I have always heard about the Lake District: this place is unique. The color of the sea water in Arraial do Cabo is simply surreal, I had never seen water so blue in my life. It’s like looking at the sky without having to lift your head.