How to Travel to Mykonos on a Budget

Mykonos is a world-known Greek island, and one of the favorite places of many celebrities. Even though there are many other Greek islands that are equally or even more beautiful than Mykonos, this one is the most popular among foreigners. People from America and Australia come all way through Mykonos, travel many hours to spend their summer vacation in this magnificent place. Since there are so many wealthy people from all over the globe, Mykonos is more expensive than other islands and places in Greece.  If you have dreamed to spend your summer holiday on this VIP island, your dream may come true.  I have recently traveled to Mykonos with a limited budget and had a great time. That’s why I would like to share with you tips for travelling to Mykonos and not spending a fortune, based from my personal experience:

Transport to the island

Flights to Mykonos are very expensive, no matter how early you book a flight. Depending on a country you live in, try to find the cheapest ways to come to Athens instead. If you live in Europe for example, you can find many low cost airlines that offer cheap flight deals. So, buy the airline tickets to Athens as early as you can. The cheapest way to travel from Athens to Mykonos is with a ferryboat, which takes around 4 hours. Of course, there are faster ferries but if you want to cut your transport costs, this is the best way to go.

Accommodation on Mykonos

The cheapest accommodation in Mykonos is camping. Near one of the most popular beaches on Mykonos, Paradise beach, people often camp out. If you don’t like camping you can try to find cheaper apartments on Booking or Airbnb. Again, you need to book early. You can book at least 6 months in advance and get the lowest price. Many apartments have a free cancellation period, so if something comes up and you need to change travel dates, you can cancel the booking. Another tip for cheap accommodation in Mykonos is to travel with at least three of four friends. The more people are in an apartment, the cheaper is the accommodation. When it comes to location of your accommodation, it is better to stay in downtown or at least the outskirts of Chora. If you stay nearby one beach, far away from Chora you will spend more money on transport, every night. I stayed in Chora, 500m from the city centre and very close to the bus stop. I could go on foot at night and catch a bus to go to the beach during the day.

Where to Get Cheap Food and drinks 

Believe it or not, food and drinks are more expensive at the beaches, than in the Mykonos downtown (Chora). So if you want to save some money on food and drinks, follow this steps:
  • Bring some food with you, like cans and other breakfast food. If you live far away and you can’t bring food on plane, you can buy it in Athens, it is cheaper than on island.
  • Have at least one or two meals in the apartment or bring sandwiches and wraps with you. There are small markets in Mykonos that are less expensive than restaurants.
  • Avoid luxurious restaurants, there are several fast food stores in Mykonos chora where you can enjoy suvlaki at a lower price.
  • Don’t eat and drink at the beach. Beach bars are the most expensive places on the island.
  • Enjoy drinks in downtown. There are clubs with decent prices, where you can buy cocktails for 7 to 10 euros, beer for 5 euros or so. There are also some bars that offer one free drink.

Beach Life in Mykonos

Spending time on the beach in Mykonos is actually the most expensive part of vacation. Sunbeds are very expensive compared to other holiday destinations, and so are drinks and meals. Don’t pay for the sunbeds. Better bring your own umbrella or buy it in a market. There is one beach bar, called Tropicana, on the Paradise beach. They don’t charge for the sunbeds, but you need to order to drink something. This is the only place with the same prices as in the downtown. mykonos on a budget

Getting around the island

           Depending on your budget, you can try to rent a car or a scooter. If there are five of you, renting a car may be acceptable for a day or two. Mykonos also has a very good and affordable public transport. One way ticket is around 1,5 euros. There is also a water taxi at the Platis Yialos beach from where you can visit three most beautiful beaches. The price is around 5e for return ticket, but it may vary from the season.

Nightlife in Mykonos

            Mykonos has a beautiful town and breathtaking beaches but its nightlife is the reason why so many people come there. There are so many clubs and bars with different kinds of music. Everyone is friendly and in a good mood. Many clubs and bars don’t have entrance fee or if they do, you get at least a drink for the same price. Since you travel on a budget, you can avoid clubs with entrance fees and go to free ones. Don’t worry, you will have a great time! If you are a girl, be sure that you will get some free drinks from bartenders or other guys in the club. If you want to drink a lot, buy alcohol in the market and drink before you go out.           Most of the nightlife in Mykonos takes place in Chora, the downtown of Mykonos. So you don’t need to spend money on transport, just stroll around the town and enjoy. Party is around every corner! Of course, there are parties at the beach bars too, for instance at Scorpio Mykonos bar or Super Paradise. If you are so into beach parties, you can take a bus to that beach and stay there until the morning.           Yes, when you hear Mykonos it is all about luxury places, VIP parties and rich people. But if you dream to visit this beautiful island and have a unique experience, have in mind this tips for travelling to Mykonos on a budget. Eventually, it is up to you how much you will stick to the budget rules and spend money, but Mykonos is definitely worth of it!


I am a travel addict. I travel at least four times per year. What I enjoy when I travel is getting to know other cultures and tastes. Wherever I go, I come back happier because every experience is a gift.