How to spend 1Night and 2Days In Bantayan Island, Cebu

January 23, 2019

by Nicole Mara Cespon

Brokenhearted or not, Bantayan Island has become one of the booming tourist spots in Cebu, Philippines especially after it has been the shooting location of the movie: Camp Sawi. Planning to go? Let me share with you our travel itinerary!


Breakfast at Tapa Master | MJ Square

We arrived at 4:00 AM on Bantayan Island. Before we decided on what to do next, we asked the tricycle driver to take us to an eatery perhaps that is already open at that time to get some breakfast. Luckily, Tapa Master was open 24 hours.


Sunrise | Walk towards Amihan Beach Cabanas

We asked the lady from Tapa Master if there was a nearby beach where we can just stay for a while. She then directed us to walk straight and it was less than a hundred-meter walk from Tapa Master, just in time for the sunrise.


Omagieca Obo-ob Mangrove Garden

The sun was already up and we can feel the heat as we started walking through the bamboo bridge where you can tour around and delve into the Mangrove Garden. The greenery was so soothing to the soul, something that I can say was very refreshing and calming coming from a person who lives in the city. The environment was so inspiriting as we walked closer to the Mangrove trees, feeling the cooler temperature, hearing the humming of the birds singing in harmony, and enjoying the wind brushing against our skin as we reached the part facing the ocean. We suddenly stopped caring about the heat of the sun, or maybe we totally forgot about it. They say this Mangrove garden was therapeutical, and I could not agree more!


Paradise Beach or Sandira Beach

You may be wondering why it is referred to as a hidden paradise. Well, you would know once you get there. It was pretty much a long drive and only tricycles and motorbikes would be a good mode of transportation considering the bumpy roads along the way. I am not sure if everyone would love the place since it is not that developed, but if you are a nature lover, I am pretty sure you would appreciate the place.


The Ruins & Cliff Diving Spot | En route to Ogtong Cave Resort

The Ruins was a bit of disappointing or let me say I was a bit saddened seeing the walls with some graffiti.

We have not seen anyone diving at this spot that time, but it was pretty steep.


Ogtong Cave Resort

I was really excited about this since this was my first time to swim in a cave. I think it was a good place for family or groups to hang out since they had a pool, a cave, and a beach. That means everyone can enjoy the place!

The water was crystal clear! It was a bit cooler and refreshing. How I wish it was bigger and wider so you can really enjoy swimming around. I should have bought goggles knowing that there would be lots of swimming activities! I can open my eyes but it is blurry everywhere. (So yeah, bring your own goggles!)


Beach Placid

We went to the beachfront and stayed under the cozy hut and stared at what was in front of us. We were speechless. It feels surreal seeing how the blue sea gave us this crystal effects and we just needed more time to take it all in. The surroundings were beyond words. The best view so far even if this is the nth time that I have been to beautiful beaches. I love how it was neither too less nor too much of anything, just perfect! The sand was powdery and my feet enjoyed being barefoot. The sea was calling us. The wind was exactly what we needed to brush off the heat.


Early Check-in

It was a fancy cottage styled room with aircon. And I just love how it is so simple yet elegant with the touch of white.


Kota Beach

The famous beach where the movie “Camp Sawi” was filmed. I was expecting so much but I think it was overrated (this is just my personal opinion so please do not hate me, hahaha!). The beach was not as fine as the beach where we were staying (I am just comparing the beach itself, not including the accommodation and facilities that they have inside).

So while we were waiting for the sunset we had some Buko Juice to accompany us. I had the bottled one because it was cold and sweet! My friend had this traditional Buko juice (photo above) and what is interesting is that the words “Camp Sexy” were engraved on it!


Neighboring Beaches | Hoping To See The Sunset

I have set the action camera on time-lapse mode and started recording… But it was already past 5:00 PM and we were losing the trail of the sunset. So we then decided to take a walk along the neighboring beaches hoping to get a perfect spot to watch the sunset but looks like we missed it halfway.

But I have no regrets at all. Seeing the sky painted in colors has always been refreshing to the eyes. I still fall in love with it every single time the sky’s color changes from blue to purple-ish pink and I enjoy seeing silhouettes all over the place.


Back to Beach Placid | Boodle Fight… For 2 PLEASE!

On the menu, it says good for 2-3 persons. But voila! I was shookt as they placed our order on the table. It was more like good for 5-6 persons! That was crazy! I can only imagine what they were thinking about us…

And we can’t stop… And we won’t stop…

We had Grilled Fish, Calamares, Buttered Shrimp, Grilled Squid, Sliced Tomatoes and Salted Egg! Aaaaah! This is heaven! Though I have been bugging her about how she did not want to go to Virgin Island because of the cost but spent so much for this dinner (lol). But you could really see that she was so happy eating lots of food (especially shrimp), and that was priceless (char).


Stargazing by the beach

After our random talks, random jokes, random songs, random silence and all that, we did not realize the moon was different than the usual.

Sa ilalim ng puting ilaw… Sa pula na buwan…

The picture’s not really that clear ‘coz I didn’t have a zoom lens and that was the best shot I have got.


‘Coz you should not skip breakfast as they say

Just because we ate a lot last night does not mean we are exempted from eating breakfast! After that, we headed back to the beach for our goodbye swim and got back to our room to prepare.


See you again, Bantayan Island!

Before we left and checked out, we bid our goodbyes to this beautiful view and made sure we have taken enough photos to keep.

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