How to enjoy your trip to Wroclaw

March 23, 2019

by Mari Espejo

Cities like Wroclaw have been featured as a capital of culture but have not yet been invaded by enough tourists to take away the local and traditional feeling the city’s charm shares. The magic of Wroclaw is not only in the buildings and cuisine but also in the size of the city which makes it entirely worth walking for those people who like to enjoy travel by walking and admire the surroundings. You can also move around using bike, taxi or tram, but I still believe it is much better being a pedestrian because you find the tiny streets that are filled with magic.

The main attractions are located in the Old Town sector but everything is considerably close which means you can easily move through a couple of streets and while enjoying the architecture find the next historical point.


Where to stay in Wroclaw

There is no perfect spot on where to stay when going to Wroclaw, but as most city life and historical monuments are located in the Old Town it is recommended to be the first sector where to look for a place to stay. If part of your journey is to try out the local food, I do recommend leaving breakfast out of the hotel booking so you can enjoy it in a classic coffee place with a view of the city. The variety of options for reservations allows foreigners to choose based on their budgets, some ideas are:

Art Hotel

Appealing for their architecture, painted doorways and centuries-old ceilings that complement themselves with modern furniture are considered by many the best location for a romantic weekend.

Apartments 24W

Perfect for travelers that want a calm experience far from the crowded comings one finds in some hotels or hostels.

Boogie Hostel

Their uniqueness in style is offering dorms and small apartments to give you the independence desired, but still, the rooms are quite spacious and amenities make you feel in a hotel room.

Mleczarnia Hostel

A couple of minutes walk from the Market Square with a decoration style that will make any person homesick. Their knitted table clothes and covered chairs are part of the fun appearance the guests adore.


Best things to see in Wroclaw

Although there are many ways of seeing every part of the city, we always have the option of choosing the attractions that go best with our personalities or if you are going for an adventurous and entertaining trip the ideal way is following the City Spy Map where the main objective is to see Wroclaw while you find their famous and hidden gnomes. These gnomes are spread around the city and not even the locals know how many there are in total.

Santa Gnome

Market Square

Vibrant and crowded since the 13th century, it is the central point for major celebrations like New Year Eve, local holidays and fine dining.

City Hall

With a beautiful exterior, it holds the oldest clock bell, which is not open to visitors, but one can still go underground and see the oldest restaurant “Świdnicka Basement”.


City Hall

Anonymous Pedestrians

Bronze sculpture found on Świdnicka street that although has many interpretations mostly represents the pass of time and how things change with it.


Anonymous Pedestrians

Cathedral of St. John the Baptist

The first brick building of Poland, it is one of the most important monuments in the city. It not only has an altarpiece with Virgin Mary sleeping but also after climbing the tower you get an impressive panoramic view of the city. Just consider it costs 10 PLN to see the inside and climb the tower.

Other attractions you might enjoy are:

  • Opera Wroclaw
  • Botanical Garden
  • National Museum
  • Mary Magdalen’s Church
  • Elisabeth’s Church
  • University Botanical Garden
  • City Stadium


What else to do while in Wroclaw

You might not be too interested in visiting the historical buildings and want to take advantage of the local currency, which feels more convenient than the classical Euro or Dollar, then shopping is your kind of activity. Or maybe you rather go for a stroll in an open environment.

Wroclavia Mall

It is right above the train and bus station of the city and has many floors filled with stores perfect for most budgets and fashion styles.

Market square in Old Town

Where you can find a variety of big and small businesses that sell from local food to the most impressive shoes, fitting all kinds of wallets.

Wroclaw Zoo

It has the most variety of species in the world, about 1382 and is considered to be the largest as well as oldest of the country.

University Botanical Garden

Garden with at least 11,000 plants from many climate zones and environments it is surrounded by the lovely churches and crescent-shaped pond.


Where to go to try local cuisine

There are so many options and such a variety between seafood, meat, and vegan that the final selection will be based on your personal favorites. I do believe that the best way to try all the local food variety is to travel during local holidays where the city makes a big fair in the Market Square section and has many stands that sell from handmade crafts to their best versions of pierogi and other dishes of gastronomy that can be tried among friends.

Bar Mleczny Mewa

It is a “Milk bar” subsided by the government so it does not work after 6 pm nor on Sunday, but you will still find local foods like soups and pierogi for affordable prices.


When to visit the city

Wroclaw is warmer than other cities in Poland, but still has the same seasons year round, so the best season to go visit will be based on your personal selection of weather. I personally believe that during winter the magic of the city duplicates itself by giving the city a different look and adds mystic to the gnome hunting activity. Winter is also perfect if you want to see the Christmas fair that has entertainment and food for people of all ages.


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