How to enjoy your trip to Vama Veche

Next to the border with Bulgaria, on the Black Sea coast, you’ll find in Romania, a small village called “Vama Veche”. Before telling you why you should come to this place, you should know a little bit about its origins and how it all started.

A short view of the past

By the ’70s, this little populated place at that time was discovered by some artists and students who loved the peace and the bohemian life. It was a fishing village where “vamaio?ii”, the people who were coming there, were staying with their tents on the beach or in people’s yards by the summer. It was just those young people, the beach, the sea, the sun, the quiet, some locals and the dust. It was also known as a place which was bringing together the rockers, the punkers and the folk people who were valuing their friendships, the freedom. Life was simple and except for the few houses of people living in that village, there was nothing built.

Back to nowadays

The bohemian spirit is a thing that certainly didn’t change, but the times did and that can be seen because this little place has developed a lot. Now, “Principala”, the main road of this place is full of restaurants, places to stay or even places where you can buy colored clothes or things for the beach. Here you will find a lot of interesting people. For example, if you are curious about what the future might prepare for you and this kind of spiritual things appeal to you, you will find on this main road a girl who reads in the Tarot. Also, if you are willing to add some color in your hair too, there are always going to be people who will make you some colored hair threads. On this road, down to the beach, you’ve got all the chances to meet “Jaguarul”(the Jaguar), an old “vamaiot”. How to recognize him? Long hair, all black clothes, often with the guitar or with the microphone exhaling the rock vibe.

What to do?

Chill and read at Plaja de Carte

As you go down on the main road, you get closer to the sea. There are many beaches where you can relax and lay down under the sun’s rays. Don’t worry if your luggage was full and you couldn’t take your book, because there is a place called “Plaja de Carte” (The Book Beach) which has a library where you can borrow a book for 3 days and then you can extend it for another 3 days. The place comes with the whole atmosphere because in the morning there is classical music and then jazz. In the evening there are movie screenings, and on weekends there might be book launches, documentary film screenings.  And remember that this is not the only place from here intended for reading enthusiasts. For example, last weekend, there’s been an event called “#CartiCuSPF” (#SPFBooks) which encouraged reading by offering a book as a gift to any tourist reading on the beach. Then, they were invited to “YoLo beach” to choose their favorite.

Have a great time at music and art festivals

There are plenty of festivals organized during the summer season. Most of them are about folk, rock, indie, reggae music with Romanian bands, so it is an opportunity for travelers to make an idea about our bands, but don’t worry because there are also international artists who come here to perform. During a festival which took place last weekend, one of the performers was Alborosie. The art festivals are no strangers either to this place. “The international festival of visual arts”  is a photography, film, music and theater festival where you can participate at each end of August.

Go to the beach and Dance

However, the most vivid and exciting part is when the night comes. The place gets enlightened and everybody comes to the beach and dance. Every place from the seashore where you can eat or relax by the day has its own music in free air by the night. You’ll hear a great variety of songs from the old hits to the new ones with rock, folk, reggae vibes and so on. There are even places who organize Latino evenings. There is no chance you can’t get fun. You can move from a place to another whenever you want. Let yourself carried by the rhythms of the music and go where the music calls for you! Jump around and dance like nobody is watching, because they are really not. Total freedom is guaranteed! After you dance all night long, you’ll get mesmerized by the breathtaking beauty and magic of the sunrise. This is the tradition: you dance until the sun comes up. It is one of the best feelings in the world and you can’t describe it into words. You just have to feel this!

When to come?

The “Vama Veche” season starts on May 1st and ends in mid-September. If you choose to go there at the end of May or in June, you will find a bonus: bloomed poppies. As a tip, I recommend you to come here at weekends, or if you are coming for several days, make sure you are catching at least one day at the weekend so you can experience the Vama’s spirit to the fullest as it is more animated and there are more people.

Where to stay?

The accommodation depends on what you are looking for. You will find whatever you want. There is:
  • Camping; for some bohemian vibes camping search „Sandalandala”
  • Hostels
  • Boarding houses
  • Hotels
I’ve chosen the option with the boarding houses by now because it seemed the best price-quality ratio. You will find a lot of them on the Internet. Last time I stayed at “La Dudu”, placed on a little street, near the beach. I was very pleased by their conditions and the hosts were very hospitable and kind. Although next time I will choose something that is closer to the center and main road. In the future, I would also like to try the camping from Sandalandala. I heard that it is a great place and they also have a really nice restaurant.

Where to eat?

You’ve got all that you want from fast foods to restaurants. If you are looking for some sea fruit and fish, go to „Cherhana”. I also ate some tasty sea fruit pasta at „Lyana”. A well-known place is also „La Canapele” right on the main road. For burgers I strongly recommend you to go to „Bolo Steak House”. All in all, Vama Veche evolved pretty much, but it is still for sure a place that encourages you to be free and to enjoy your life so come and surround yourself with some great energy and dance until the morning light people!


Just a law student who loves going places and enjoying the little things and every surrounding. Wherever I go, I try to find a connection between me and that place even if it’s a small or a very well known one like my garden. I love to get lost in crowded places, visiting the great landmarks of this world as much as I love to find myself in the middle of the nature surrounded by the gentle song of birds and wind where I just can be in the flow with existence and often accompanied by a good book.