How Jubilee Travel Insurance came through for me

July 6, 2019

by Margaret Sitawa

I work from home so my schedule is flexible. I had dreams of travelling abroad when I was a little girl and that dream has been realized once when I went to Dubai. It was a really amazing experience for me since it was my first time at an international airport and also my first time out of the country. I travel within my country frequently but that encounter made me purpose to travel overseas more often.

Why I chose Jubilee Insurance

Generally, I rarely plan thoroughly when I travel. I love spontaneity and surprise so I choose to go with the flow. However, this was a different trip and I needed to be adequately equipped with all I needed to know. I wanted to make sure that any of my belongings misplaced or lost during the trip would be recovered through compensation. I decided to get myself a travel insurance.

I chose Jubilee insurance because I already have an Education Plan with them for my kids. I loved my experience with them when I took that plan and they have worked well with me so I figured it would be easier for me. Additionally, my friend who globe-trots every month of the year, has a travel insurance with Jubilee and she encouraged me to take mine too. I went to their offices, applied and paid for it. It was a quick procedure and I felt relieved that my journey would be covered.

My experience with Jubilee Insurance

The D-day came and off I was ready to Dubai. I was overly excited and became quickly overwhelmed by how busy and crowded the airport was. After an hour and a half I had taken my seat in the plane but I was still anxious about my baggage as I had heard numerous cases from people who had had theirs lost. The flight was direct; it took five and a half hours and there I was in one of the greatest cities in the world.



After a long relaxing night, my first stop the next day was Dubai Mall and Burj Khalifa. At the observation deck of the 124th floor of the tallest building in the world, I felt this trip was one of the best things I had ever done. I went back home a week later and the return flight had one stop. I was back in Kenya in 7 hours and still thinking about my luggage through that flight. To my surprise, it was missing. I contacted my airline in the efforts of getting it back. After numerous calls, they still couldn’t find where it was. I was disheartened but took solace in the fact that I had the Jubilee Travel Insurance.


I left for home and was told that I’d be alerted if and when my baggage arrived. I contacted Jubilee and explained the situation I was in. A week later, I was told by my airline that they could not find my luggage. Jubilee stepped in and gave me compensation for my luggage. I will not replace the sentimentality of my belongings but I am glad and grateful that Jubilee took care of me when I needed it.

Margaret Sitawa

By Margaret Sitawa

Sitawa is a paper artist who loves creative writing. She is a fan of color, the great outdoors and nature.


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