How Dominical, Costa Rica Changed My Life Forever

Changed Forever by Dominical

Back to the Daily grind

Travel is necessary to the wellbeing of one’s state of mind amidst the demands of society in today’s day and age. Have you ever felt so completely lost in the habituality of your day to day that it seemed as if you were actually living in a dream world? One of those dream worlds that are really messed up and scary, and keeps happening over and over and over!? Well I was there once- but it wasn’t a dream. I had allowed myself to be swayed and swindled into a life that I didn’t want to be a part of. However, instead of admitting defeat and giving up, or grueling on in utter agony and continuing forth as a drone amidst a colony of content, programmable robots, I decided to make a change. A change so big, it would rock my world in ways I couldn’t even dream possible in the dreary dream I was living in.

Dealing with stuff

Months prior to the realization of this, I had returned home to the states from a four-month- long journey through the Americas. Upon my arrival back, I felt excited to step back into my apartment as I hadn’t seen any of my cherished possessions in what seemed like ages. My paintings, my knick knacks, my guitars, and my couches, all begging in my mind to be held and gazed upon once again from their long lost friend. The drive home from the airport seemed longer than usual, probably due to the fact that I was exhausted and anxious to be in my own bed again. Finally, I stepped foot into my house, filled with exuberance, yet weary from the road- I plopped my bags down, walked straight to my big comfy couches, plopped myself down on that, and gazed around at the eclectic arrangement of stuff filling my place.

Some wisdom about traveling with instruments

I reached over and grabbed my old guitar which I had left behind during my travels. I had decided to bring my newer, nicer one along with me on my trip, which I was now regretting as the moisture had messed with its playablility a bit. For anyone plotting on bringing your instruments with you travelling, be sure to invest in a humidification/dehumidification system to preserve the integrity of the instrument’s wood. As I plucked away at the strings on my old guitar, I delighted to feel the familiar vibrations and tones of my old friend. After relaxing and eating some food, I spent the rest of the night unpacking. Clothes piled around my room, random gear stacked on my counter tops and kitchen table. I was beat and ready for bed, and the reorganization of my things could wait for another day. I decided sleep was more important than a clean house.

Uneasy Sleeper

As I lay in bed, something felt strange. It was good to be in my familiar sheets again, and laying on a mattress that already knew my body. However, my mind was not at ease. I was trying to shut off my brain and restore my energy with some sleep, but I could not release it from being pulled back to my travels. So fulfilling they were, and so vibrant the unknown world can be. Though ignorance is bliss, and keeping content in one’s cultivated solitude can bring solice at times; there’s something to be said about seeking adventure, and truly letting the universe guide you where you are meant to be taken. As these thoughts passed through my mind, I gave up the urge to keep my mind at home in my bed, and let it drift peacefully to one of the favorite places I had just returned home from- Dominical, Costa Rica.

Sweet Dreams

Just as I allowed my thoughts to float to this paradise and all of its wonders, I felt my body fully relax and begin to give way to slumber. That night I dreamt a dream that would be my propulsion into self-actualization, and change my entire world. I awoke the next morning feeling full of love and warmth, ready for a new day of exploration. I woke up slowly, savoring the lingering flavors of the mangos and pineapples delighted in under the palms on my beach villa. As I opened my eyes and gave a big stretch and let out a yawn to banish the rest of the slumbering feeling from my body, I settled into my body only to be a bit saddened and disappointed by the reality of my situation. There would be no explorations today, no mangos, no pineapples. Only the usual Pine sap on my windshield, and a light breeze to cool my sweaty brow as I pounded nails, or dug holes. Back to work for me, and back into the rigmarole and bustle of the worker bee in the hive.

How to realize your Dreams

As the days rolled into weeks, and the weeks into a month, my feelings of angst likewise increased into greater dissonance within my psyche. I began to feel a great disdain for certain things like television, radio, and especially the commercials that came along with each. I began to question everything. Why was I eating this? Where was the fun in that activity I once enjoyed? What was the point of that habit? And eventually, I questioned it all. Why am I here? What am I doing if I am not happy or where I want to be? When we look at the world as a whole, and therefore view our own lives from afar, what do we see? I saw an opportunity. Some people were worried as I began to react to this realization, and I understand why. Coming into the knowledge that many of us have no idea why we’re doing the things we’re doing could be really devastating. I would wager that this is the simple reason for most people’s “mid-life crisis”. But that’s all perspective, no? Some view it as a crisis, I decided to view it as a crossroads. I believe that my ability to focus on the positive, and keep in mind the beauty and wonder the world offers us, allowed me to easily know where to go in that time of unknowing.

Traveling back to Dominical

I asked myself, “what are you going to do? Where are you going to go?”. Automatically, my mind went back to the paradise of Dominical. Luscious beaches, epic waves, great vibes, cool people, laid back atmosphere wherever you go, and a special somebody waiting for me also. With all of this in mind, the answer was simple. Go. I thought about my apartment and all of the stuff I had acquired and clung onto for all of these years. Next thought- Garage sale! Luckily the coming weekend was Labor Day in the tourist town I was living in, so the timing couldn’t have been more perfect. I began to organize and label all of my things, preparing for an epic purging of my stuff. Keeping only the true essentials, and some important belongings I knew I would use on the road, I got rid of nearly everything. The weekend sale went great and I made enough in the first day to fund my trip back to Costa Rica. My plan thereafter would be, fittingly, to just go with the flow- follow my heart. Having a deep love for music, been singing since I could talk, and playing guitar for fifteen years, I knew I had to give it a shot as an artist. I didn’t ever want to feel like I had before the decision to do so again. Stuck in a rut, living a lifestyle that I didn’t agree with or understand. I want to live out the rest of my days with passion, and know that what I am doing is being done for a purpose and a reason that I can stand behind. I owe it all to the splendors of Dominical and the feeling of adventure it bestowed upon me from its magnificent sands, and kindred spirits. Music for me is that passion, and as long as I have some strings to pluck on, some air in my lungs, and a little love in my heart to share, everything will work out exactly as it is supposed to. 14467162_10157510165055254_1211725329_o


A music man through and through, I’ve traveled the world in search of Truth. In these strange times of poverty and woe, believe in yourself and the love that you know. And each new day as you arise and breath air, remember the earth as you dwell take great care.