Hong Kong: Kowloon Island Instagram worthy itinerary

Hong Kong does not fall short in a variety of Instagram worthy places. I am not referring to the usual Sleeping Beauty Castle shot at Disneyland or the one with the skyline for a backdrop at The Peak. Although, I am not dismissing that these are beautiful images. But we have to go beyond the usual tourist shots. It takes an effort to curate eye-catching and intriguing sets of travel photos. And like I said, this country has a lot to offer. I have put together a list for you, and I want to share it with you. Here is a one-day itinerary in Kowloon Island:

1. Brunch at the Australia Dairy Company

Considering people who find it difficult to get up early, I made this itinerary quite lax. So, brunch it is. Egg dishes are brunch staples, and Australia Dairy Co. serves the best in town. My personal favorites from this place are toast with scrambled eggs, milk tea, and any of the steamed puddings. Pro tip 1: Take a photo of your food in flat lay format. Make the flooring peak as it complements well with the food's colors. Pro tip 2: It is a busy place, so there is usually a queue. While waiting, try to capture exterior elements (like their light signages, and displays of stacked milk bottles and steamed puddings). Australia Dairy Company Australia Dairy Company 47 Parkes St, Jordan, Hong Kong Open from 7:30 AM to 11 PM A 2-minute walk from Exit C2, Jordan MTR Station

2. A stroll at the Hong Kong Cultural Centre / Space Museum / Museum of Art

After brunch, take a walk somewhere. What better place to do this than the nearby cluster of museums by the pier! Note: I currently have no tips on taking photos of the museums because they were closed for renovation when I visited. If you are visiting and they are still closed, do not fret! Observe the architecture instead. There are a lot of choices for good backgrounds outside. The place's exterior is a pastel pink explosion of brick walls in a labyrinth-like structure with more pink from scattered flowers. Also, this area is on a harbor. Seize the opportunity to take photos with the stretch of Hong Kong Island for a background. Pro tip 3: Keep exploring! Hong Kong Space Museum Hong Kong Cultural Centre / Space Museum / Museum of Art 10 Salisbury Rd, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong Open from 9 AM to 11 PM

3. A meal at Loyi Faateng

Situated in Mong Kok, this cafe is a little difficult to locate. Though finding it is definitely worth the adventure. Loyi Faateng has walls covered with whimsical art of well-known people (mostly dictators) from around the world and filled with vintage and quirky items. Pro tip 4: Choose a portable meal. Make it easy for you to be able to move around the café. Loyi Faateng Loyi Faateng 1/F, 80-82 Shan Tung St, Mong Kok, Hong Kong Open from 3 PM to 12 AM A 5-minute walk from Exit E2, Mong Kok MTR Station

4. Photoshoot at the Choi Hung Estate

As soon as you exit the MTR, a very distinguishable station name column will greet you. Choi Hung is the Cantonese word for “rainbow.” This estate lives up to that name. It is easy to get lost in this estate. Just head straight to the basketball court on the roof of the carpark. Pro tip 5: Try to capture different elements. Aside from the colorful buildings, there are the vibrant court floors, a playground, etc. Choi Hung Estate Choi Hung Estate Car Park 2 Tse Wai Ave, Ngau Chi Wan, Hong Kong

5. Have drinks at Bound by Hillywood

As a concluding activity to this trip, pay a visit to one of the prettiest places for drinks – Bound! Exterior and interior wise, this place is an artwork. It feels like a mash of Wes Anderson’s sets and Wong Kar Wai’s lightings. If you are in the mood for alcoholic drinks, I recommend the can of Big Wave Golden Ale by Kona Brewing. If you feel otherwise, ask the manager his recommendation! Pro tip 6: I am not kidding about asking the manager. You really should. Pro tip 7: Visit the bathroom for the sole purpose of taking more photos. Bound by Hillywood Bound by Hillywood 32 Boundary St, Prince Edward, Hong Kong Monday to Friday, open from 11 AM to 12 AM Saturday to Sunday, open from 10 AM to 12 AM

More tips

1. Travel with friends

Friends would take pictures of you. Other than that, you get to create fun memories together and be able to capture moments of it. Overall, this will show that the experience is authentic.

2. Sunglasses are extremely helpful props

If you are not sure about your appearance, a pair of sunglasses can tie up your look. Also, it can help make you less worried about where to look when posing. In turn, you get effortlessly stylish photos.

3. Branded local goods can also make good props

Purchase Vita Lemon Tea at any convenience store. This type of prop can make Hong Kong extra identifiable.

4. You do not need a professional camera

It would be nice to have one, but they are expensive, and it is not required to be able to take good photos.

5. Do your research

Read up on articles like “things to know before visiting Hong Kong.” These pieces usually cover topics such as public transport and travel essentials.

6. Weather is critical

Knowing the weather conditions on your visit is a must. This knowledge will help you better prepare for your trip and especially dress comfortably.

7. Do not limit yourself to this itinerary

There are a lot of hidden gems in this country. You should not shy away from them. Make the most out of your day. – My basis for this itinerary and list of tips are my recent trips to Hong Kong this year. Again, I would like to point out that I am not saying you should disregard the famous tourist spots. If you are a traveler, you are probably not always in Hong Kong. So my advice is that you should grab every opportunity that presents itself. I would do that. I hope you find this helpful and with it, I hope you achieve that an organically high-performing travel photo series.

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