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January 1, 1970

by Ezra

Cebu City is a big metropolis, and the population is a mix of people from different regions and even from other countries. Life here is busier compared to Bacolod, but Cebu opens to a lot of weekend night outs and travel opportunities. First, Cebu alone has numerous beaches and mountain resorts that you can go to during weekends. Second, it is near to the other islands, Bohol is a 2 hour ferry ride, Dumaguete is a 4 hour bus ride, Cagayan de oro is a 30 min. Plane ride. Lastly, bars and pubs are evrywhere and 24 hours (no hungry and thirsty moments).



A 2 hour bus ride from the city, Moalboal has a long shoreline very useful when you want to take a long walk and clear your mind. It also has a sandbar that gets covered by water during hightide. You can also do island hopping there to see the beautiful marine life of Pescador Island (an island 30 minutess away -by boat, from Moalboal). Over a weekend stay we spent 1000 – 1500 phph. And I’ve been to this beach for 5 times now.


Bus fare – 116php (one way)

Room – 1500php ( 5 pax) 300/head

Tricycle – 30php

Entrance – 25 php

Food – 300php (2 days 1 night)

Bantayan Island


A 4 hour bus ride plus 1 hr 30 mins ferry ride. Compared to moalboal bantayan has finer sand, lesser people and more serene, whay I like moat on bantayan is I get to see both sunrise and sunseta in one of the resorts namely BUDJONG. I like this resort specially for it’s sand bar, where I can walk forever, for the seafront cottages that would give you the vacation feeling everytime you open the doors and see the blue waters straight out. I also like that they are more of bike people their, if not the bicycle the motorcycle, annie can rent one and tour the municipality. You can also do island hopping there is a part where they have a marine sanctuary ypu can go snorkeling and swim with the fishes. But what I really enjoy in bantayan is the relaxing feeling that it gives when you just lounge at the beach day and night. A 3 days 2 nights stay here would cost 3000/head with a min of 5 persons. I’ve been there 3 times already and still looking forward to going back.


Bus fare – 180php (one way)

Ferry – 170php (one way)

Terminal fee – 10php

Room – 2300 (5 pax)

Tricycle – 50php

Food – 1000 3 days 2 nights (own cooking)

Bicycle rental – 100/day

Motorbike – 200/day (petrol not included)

Camotes Island


Is a 1 hr 30 mins bus ride from the city and a 2hr and 3 min ferry ride to the island, now this place I’ve been to for 4 times and what I’ve always loved going back to is the warm welcome of the owner of the place where we always stay (Pito’s Place), Sir Pito and his family. Their place is in front of the wide white shore and beach. the rooms are affordable and the food is just very delicious at a very affordable price especially seafood..yum!! Grilled Tuna for 150php good for 2? You won’t get that in the city..so yes!! SEAFOOD. You can also get a package tour from them inclusive of 5 spots in Camotes 2 caves, 1 private beach, the eco park and 1 cliff diving spot. 1800php

Timubo Cave has a darker entrance, ir has a grotto of mama mary inside, locals consider this cave holy and yes when you go inside it is very solemn you’d think twice before talking or laughing. The water is crystal clear, some rock formations are like garden set submerged in water.

Paraiso (paradise) Cave has a brighter entrance although voices would still echo inside it’s not as, for the lack of better term, holy as timubo, so you wouldn’t be so nervous in making noises. This cave has dirty rock formations and has a small pool like body of water that is as blue as the sky, you’d think it’s very deep but really it’s just maybe 6-7 feet deep.

Mamgudlong beach is a part of the tour, this is a private beach. On the right side of the shore is a big rock formation where they put a good 7-9 cottages there is a small opening and stairs on the other side that leads to the water right away, people would use that set of stairs to jus sit down and wait for the little fishes to come and have their foot spa. They also made ramps and use these as their diving spots. If you’re a bit heavy like me you might have a hard time getting out of the water after diving because you have to pull yourself up or else you’ll have to swim to the other side and use the stairs. This was a funny experience.

Danao eco park is the next destination, there are different activities that you can do there water biking, kayaking, boating, and the hamster ball each for 50php.

What we always make as our last stop is the Buho Rock, this ia the cliff diving spot. This is also a rock formation attached to a higher land so you’d have to go down using the never ending stairs, but all that tiredness is worth the view of the sea and thw rock and of course the people already jumping. There are 2 levels the 18 feet high and the 40 feet high, if you havea friend who doesn’t know how yo swim there are bouyancy aids that they can use.

I assure you, 18 feet is easy, you can jump right away, and you can even jump for the nth time. Yes, I believe anyone can conquer the 18feet jump. But 40 feet is a totally different story it always take me and my friend 10-15 mins before someone can rather up the courage to take the first plunge, after the 1st jump of everyone? That’s it! Let’s wrap up! No one will jump the 2nd time anymore. But there are people from other groups that are brave they jump for so many times.

At night you can just lounge at the shore or if it is low tide, because or leaves a wide area of the beach dry, you can borrow chairs and tables from sue pitos being it in the middle of the dry part of the beach, you can enjoy your dinner and beer their and wait for the water to come in. Of you’re lucky there might be some rasta people playing some reggae music until the wee hours. Duration of your stay incamotea with that number of activities would cost you 3000php min of 5 heads – all inclusive.


Bus fare – 180php(one way)

   Or jeepney – 40php (oneway)

Ferry – 200php (oneway)

Terminal fee danao – 5php

Terminal fee camotes – 15 php

Tricycle – 50/head

Room – 1600 (5 pax)

Package – 180p

Food – 100 – 150php/ meal


Mangudlong: 20

Timubo cave : 25

Paraiso cave : 35

Danao Eco park: 15

Buho rock: 20

Badian beach


This beach is an hour from Moalboal. The shoreline is as long as moalboal (maybe even longer), but it’s not as wide. There are less people, it’s more secluded and more intimate. You can just bring your tents and sleep outside. This beach promotes bonding and relaxation, enjoy the beautiful aun and water, take hundreds of photo, wall the shoreline stretch… there is no other activities offered by the locals so you’ll have to come up with something.


Fare – 150php (one way)

Room- 2000 (no max persons)

Tricycle – 50php

Food- 500 2 days 1 night

There goes my beach travels, I’ll tell you more about my mountain travels and bars here in Cebu, Philippines on my next blog. 😀


By Ezra

Hello everyone! I am Ezra, 26 years old and currently working at one of the BPO companies here in Cebu, Philippines. I am originally from Bacolod, Philippines. I've always been, what my mom termed as, an itchy-feet. I could not stay at home during weekends when I was still studying, nor during my rest days when I was already working. My mini travels started with me staying at a friends house over the week end, me riding jeepney from end to end of their route then transfer to another route, that's why I know most of the places in Bacolod. I also do the jeepney moments to look for places where I can have a relaxing weekend or a good affordable coffee with my friends. I did this until I landed my first job, my jeepney moments and weekend-over-a-friend's-house became lesser, this was when I got to go more on the beach during weekend or out of town. I started reading blogs and reviews of places and planned on going to each, and I would think before, too expensive, too far, too time consuming, until I was presented with an opportunity to work in Cebu.

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