Holiday in Gangtok, Nathula pass, Tsomgo Lake

January 1, 1970

by Tanvi


 View from Gonjang Monastery

Aerial view of Gangtok


India is a country with great ancient history. Along with the history this country has got many exotic places. One such place is Gangtok. Gangtok a capital of Sikkim is full of places for sightseeing and adventure. It is filled with enormous amount of scenic beauty, all the Lush green forests and the snowy white mountains surely do catch our eye. Whereas city centre will get your heart every time you will visit it.

Gangtok: Sightseeing and adventure

Gangtok  welcomes you with its lush green forests wearing a mild layer of mist and mountains covered up in white snow during the months of December-January. For all those snow lovers visiting the high altitude sites is a dream come true. Here comes all the places for sightseeing and adventure.

Nathula Pass (Indo-China Border)

Number one on the list is Nathula Pass -The Indo-China border.  This one is the best place for sightseeing where you can enjoy the snow and also get to see the army personnel deployed there, which will surely light a spark in every heart for these army men surviving such harsh conditions just for our safety.

Baba Harbajan Singh Memorial Temple

Made in the memory of Late Army personnel. Here you get to see his desk and books and such things that belonged to him. Location of memorial is such that you can appreciate the beauty of Himalayas all covered up in snow.

Tsomgo Lake

Another great place for sightseeing is Tsomgo Lake where you get a beautiful view of the lake surrounded by the trees. In late winters you can enjoy view of the frozen lake. It’s a perfect place for clicking those photographs which say-all covered up in snow. Also here you get to see Yak a breed which easily survives here. You can hop over the animal and ride around a bit and surely take the photograph back home.


All these places are located at very high altitude and reaching upto here is in itself a spine chilling experience. You should really not forget to carry your identity card along. Also if you are not packed enough to deal with such cold conditions you don’t need to worry because on the way to all these high altitude attractions you will come across lots of shops which offer you all kinds of stuff you need from leather jackets to caps, muffler, shawls, gloves, face masks etc. You can also rent shoes and leather jackets at some shops. Also you must carry some food along or you can munch on some light snacks in these small shops along with some warmth of heater.

Hanuman Tok

Its a holy temple of Hanuman an incarnation of Lord Shiva and is believed to be a wish fulfilling place. Also it exhibits various plants of medicinal purpose. Also here you get the breathtaking view of Mountain Kanchenjunga too.

Ganesh Tok

Its another view point in town and temple of Lord Ganesha. There are small shops displaying the culture of Gangtok, you will find many things from a small piece of jewellery to winter clothing.

 Tashi View Point

Where you can enjoy the aerial view of the town. You can also fill your tummy with delicious snacks here such as wai-wai, mo-mo and many more.

Gonjang Monastery 

Its a very peaceful place with a beautiful view of the town and you also get to know a lot about the Buddhism here. Inside of the monastery shows huge statues of Lord Buddha and many other stuff relates to Buddhism.

Banjhakari Falls

A mind blowing view of water falling down the hill. You can go get wet in the water and enjoy all the splashing or you might just stand close to it and feel the cold breeze and tiny water droplets splashing over the face which surely refreshes the inner you.

Enchey Monastery

Another Buddhist Monastery to visit is Enchey Monastery. It is also a very attractive place built amongst the houses of local people. So you get a chance to be familiar with the local crowd too. Its beautifully built and peace prevails here too.

 Flower Exhibition Centre

This place will surely be on the list for a nature lover. You will see all sorts of flowers of ornamental value. You will not be able to resist clicking the pictures of beautiful orchids and all other varities of flowers here. Also the place has good ambience with soft music playing in the background. There a benches to relax and enjoy the beauty this place offers at the same time.

Bakhtang waterfalls

Yet another great waterfall to visit. But for all the adventure lovers here is an adventure zone where you can enjoy adventurous stuff. You can do rock mountain climbing and you also get to slide down the rope from a height crossing over the waterfall. This is a mind blowing adventure you would not wish to miss while visiting this waterfall. You also can dress up here in local traditional costumes for very cheap price and take home the pictures as memories.

Gangtok Ropeway

Another attraction of this town. Its a standing ropeway located just above the town, so you get a great topographical view of whole town, forest and buildings. Going once downhill and then uphill in this ropeway will surely give you goosebumps.

Mahatma Gandhi Marg

Along with all these sites that nature offers there is also modernization to great extent in this town. Mahatma Gandhi Marg is an example of such modernization. This place is chief attraction of town, it has lots of shopping centres where you can shop various brands in reasonable price. Vehicles are not permitted in this area. Its a recreational place for both the locals and visitors. And also offers a variety of delicious sweet, spicy snacks and meal items to fill your tummy. This place also offers spas where you can pamper and give yourself a little treat. Also there are statutes of various respected personalities such as Mahatma Gandhi. Other activities to do in Gangtok are paragliding and river rafting, parasailing and many more.

So if you are looking for a place which lies in the lap of mother nature with some twist of modernization Gangtok is a must to visit. Each place here in Gangtok has something unique to offer whether it is peace of mind, adventure or joy of throwing those snow balls on our friends and family.

Truely a place where you will either find your answers or the questions will remain no more.


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