High Coast – A natural world heritage in north of Sweden

Even though I lived my whole life in this area in Sweden called The High Coast. I just can´t get enough of its beauty. No matter where you turn you will find amazing nature-scenery and if you feel like – beaches you can be all solo.

A natural world heritage named by UNESCO

The world´s highest coastline is up north in Sweden between the cities of Härnösand in the south and Örnsköldvik in the north. A distance of about ten Swedish miles, one Swedish mile is ten kilometres which can be good to keep in mind if you wanna plan to visit. Ten thousand years of land uplift have created this dramatic and beautiful landscape. It´s all about being ready with the camera every minute if you like taking photos of nature. One of the main reasons the area was given the label “A natural world heritage” by UNESCO is because of its record-high land elevation. And for every year it rises around 8 millimetres. The world record in land uplift was measured at Skuleberget´s peak, a place with an amazing view. At that peak, the coastline is now 286 meters above the surface of the sea below. When talking about The High Coast I get so excited I hardly know where to start, I wanna tell you all. I wanna make you feel the same passion and excitement as I feel when exploring the area. And yes, I´m still exploring it every day, winter and summer, in different ways.

Ways to move around in High Coast

The easiest way to move around in The High Coast is by car. There are buses too but you will not be able to reach all the places by bus. If you don´t have a car or a driving licence then there might be another way too. On Facebook there is a group called “Vem kör i Örnsköldsvik”. There one can ask if someone can drive you to different places for only fuel-money and little more. It´s also possible to find your own driver there, so you´ll have the same person driving around you to the places you wanna see. At the same time, you will have a private guide too if you´re lucky.

Örnsköldsvik, harbour

Skuleberget – The mountain

If you are coming from south of Sweden along E4:an then the High Coast bridge will be a great first stop. The 182 meters high and 1 867 meters long impressive bridge is like the entrance to the High Coast, situated three Swedish miles from Härnösand. There is a hotel up on a hill on the north side of the bridge and there one can eat fantastic, local food with a lovely view. They also have tourist information inside hotel entrance. If you travel with kids there is one very nice area outside for them to play. To really feel the nature with all senses there is one meditation walking path just around the corner from the hotel. Take a walk and read and reflect on the words of wisdom placed on poles along the path. Sit down where you can enjoy the ravishing view where the landscape is meeting the sea. Skuleberget is one amazing mountain placed right next to the motorway E4:an if you drive north from High Coast bridge. It has always been a landmark for travellers for many hundred years back. There is a huge amount of activities to chose from on and around the mountain. A good start is to go to the visitor’s centre at the foot of the mountain. At the place called Naturum one can get all information and history about the mountain-area. One thing not to miss is the path that leads up to the cave known as Rövargrottan (Robber´s cave) according to the legend that tells it was used by robbers. The path up to the cave is steep and quite tough, it takes around one hour, so to bring a bottle of water is a good idea. But don´t hesitate because of the effort to get on the top because it will be worth it. Looking out over the archipelago from the mountaintop is amazing, it´s like a painting. There is a restaurant up there so a long lunch or dinner to just enjoy the surroundings is a good idea. When going back down there is another path that is not so steep. If you didn´t visit the exhibition before I suggest you do once you are back down. There is also a café and places for BBQ. Kids will have a great time playing at the adventure playground inspired by the landscape. A couple of times a month there are music concerts and theatre at the foot of the mountain. It is totally amazing to experience a concert with the steep mountainside just behind.

Gullviks havsbad is one of the cool beaches

Empty beach After being active maybe a day at a beach will be perfect? No matter what type of beach you wanna go to you will find it, even beaches where you can be all alone or perfect beaches for BBQ and watch the sunset. One popular and quite big beach is Gullviks havsbad. It´s located around 12 kilometres from Örnsköldsvik and the place have a camping place too with caravans, tents and cottages. If you are a whole family it´s totally perfect since the beach has everything kids might want, well almost. There are several playgrounds in the area, both at the sandy beach but also at the camping. One can play beach football or beach volley and if the seawater feels too cold there is one pool right below the restaurant. The beach is very clean and the sand is soft. Most part of summer they put up an activity centre for kids with huge air-land. Evenings it´s nice to play miniature golf and BBQ on the beach where there is different places to choose from, all with tables and benches. A good way to learn to know other people too since there are always other people also putting up a BBQ.

Pernilla K

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