Hidden treasures of Zakynthos

January 1, 1970

by Tia

Traveling to one of the most beautiful destinations? Yes, please!

Greece has an island, that is part of Ionian sea, called Zante or Zakynthos. I always dreamed of going there and when the offer came I took it right away. To be honest, I didn’t know what to expect when our plane will land on this island, but after my holidays were over I was completely in love with this island.


When our plane landed, there was a bus already waiting for us to take us to our hotel rooms. Since I am young, I decided to choose a place in a town called Laganas, that is known for having a lot of pubs and clubs. Actually, I did not come to this island to party but rather to explore it and get to know the culture. The place I have chosen turned out to be a lot more than just a party place.


There are a lot of ways to get around the island. You can rent a bicycle, motorbike or a car but there is also an option to get around the island with a pirate ship.

Turtle island

There are a lot of turtles around the island because in a time of my vacation it was their time to lay eggs. In the light part of the day, there were a lot of tourist boats taking tourist to see the turtles in their natural environment. The turtles did not seem upset about the boats, swinging from one side to another when people on board were running to see them from one side of the boat to the other. In the night time, turtles were coming to the beach to lay eggs and there were people in some parts of the beach that were taking care of the nests and putting on the signs to tell people to be careful in this area and not to disturb the turtles.

In the night time, turtles were coming to the beach to lay eggs. There were two nesting places, that I came to learn about. One was part of Laganas beach and the other was at the Turtle island, that was only reachable by boat. There were people on these sites, that were taking care of and protecting the nests with putting on the signs to tell people to be careful in this area and not to disturb the turtles.

Boat of turists searching for turtles

Boat of tourists searching for turtles

Protection cage for turtle nest

Protection cage for turtle nest

Keri’s cave

There are a lot of caves all around the Zakynthos island but the most interesting ones are Keri’s caves and Blue caves. I didn’t see the Blue caves in person, but I was swimming in Keri’s. The cliffs surrounding the caves are very high and the water in front of caves is milky blue, because of the colouration of rocks on the sea floor. To get here however you will need a boat and you can either join one of the organized trips or go by yourself.

Keri's caves

Keri’s caves

Pirate ship

As I mentioned before, there is also an option of getting to know the island from a Pirate ship. During the sailing, we got to know some interesting stories and stopped at all of the main attractions that were on the island’s shore. We heard a story about Atlantida (the lost underwater city) and saw the site where the legend says it is. We went to see Poseidon – Greek god of the sea, that is seen in one of the bays and is looking over and protecting the sailors from dangers of the sea. We also stopped at Shipwreck beach, where the ship, trespassing cigars was caught by the storm and was thrown on land. In my opinion, this is one of the most breathtaking sights you can visit. Standing there, you have a view of milky blue water before you, that seems endless because of the open sea. High cliffs that are surrounding the site make you feel small and make you think of how vulnerable you are.

Shipwreck beach

Shipwreck beach

Olive tree plantation and factory

I decided to make a trip to visit olive tree plantations and a factory, that is producing virgin oil from these olives. While visiting the plantations I got to know, that some of the olive trees were as old as Romans (meaning, they have been growing here for 2000 years). There is also a factory, that uses local olives to produce olive oil. They use every part of the olive, including seeds to provide diverse products. In time, when we came, there was degustation of oils and in my opinion, the one with orange flavor was the best.

Olive tree

Olive tree

Greek people

They are friendly and nice people, and it is in their culture to first talk and shake hands with a man and only then with a woman, but they will always take some time to talk to you and help you with your questions. During my stay, I tried to learn a few words of their language, and even though I could not say them correctly, they seemed happy to see me try. When given a chance they were happy to share some stories about their lives or about the island.

Piece of paradise

Of course, I saved the best for last and for me the best thing at this island was another small island, called Agios sostis, that was connected with a bridge. When you crossed this bridge, you needed to climb the stairs and then come down on the other side. On this side, there was a beautiful beach with a view to another island, further away. and for me, when I was sitting there with a cocktail in my hand – that was what paradise looks like.

Agios sostis

Agios sostis



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