Hidden Gems in Goa Every Food Lover Must Go To

January 1, 1970

by Mrigaya Dham


Almost every person has heard about the ultimate party destination that is Goa. It doesn’t matter if you want to go for your honeymoon or just to party with your friends, Goa is a beautiful experience for every individual irrespective of where their interests lie. The drinks don’t get cheaper than this, you can get most of the drinks for just 100INR which is dirt cheap! But Goa is not only famous for drinks, you will miss out on a lot if you don’t go these hidden gems for excellent food. You can have a really great trip wherein you drink and eat to your full without having to spend a lot of money. Here are a few places that you mustn’t miss out on-

  1. Baba Au Rhum

Baba Au Rhum is located near the Anjuna-Baga backstreet and is one of the best places you can go to. The burgers are pizzas are the things that you must order. The servings are huge and the food is to die for. Apart from the legendary burgers and pizzas, they have freshly baked goods the smell of whom is enough to make your mouth water. Make sure that you save some space for dessert as their patisserie holds a large number of delicious treats.

Best Pizzas

Best Pizzas

Best Burgers

Best Burgers

Best Desserts

Best Desserts

2) Thalassa 

Thalassa is situated on a hilltop overlooking the Arabian Sea. This little spot on the Vagator Beach is the best vantage point for overlooking the sunset. You are most likely to love this place so much that you would want to stay here. And guess what? You can! Thalassa has the best of rooms giving you the ultimate dining and hotel experience. If you consider yourself to be a beast then you must order their Big Chicken as finishing it on your own is definitely a challenge. Do not go without trying their cheesecakes as these desserts are as good as desserts can get.


Big Chicken

Chocoalte Cheesecake

Chocolate Cheesecake

Mixed Chocolate Cheesecake

Mixed Chocolate Cheesecake


3) Purple Martini

This is the most romantic location you could come across. Located next to Anjuna Beach, it overlooks the sea and big beautiful rocks that you won’t get tired clicking pictures of. Though make sure to get a reservation done if you plan on chilling there for a few hours as you are bound to want to extend the experience. Don’t miss out on their Dahi ke Kabab and Butter Chicken! It is the perfect place to go to with your loved one as the ambience is ideal and the setting is quite romantic for simply spending time with your better half.

4) Calamari

Calamari is the perfect place to go to if you want to relax and have delicious food. It is the best eatery on Candolim beach and definitely lives up to its name and reputation. No matter what you order off the menu, you are bound to be smacking your lips by the end of the meal. Their pork sausages are delicious and you’re definitely going to order another plate of them. Don’t forget to order their chocolate mud-cake!

Pork Sausages

Pork sausages

5) La Plage

La Plage is a secluded shack hidden in the heart of Aarambol. It is a rather calm and quiet place and lets you make the most of the beach experience. It is located on the Ashwem Beach which is very clean and quiet. It is quite famous for its speciality aka its Chocolate Thali. If you want to have a nice time, drive to the beach and spend some time shopping from the numerous shops that fall into the path of La Plage. It is one of the very few places which serve perfect french dishes and you are definitely going to remember dining here for a long time even after you’ve left.

Chocolate Thali

Chocolate Thali


There are a number of other shacks such as Burger Factory, Pousada By The Beach, etc. that you must go to. But the five mentioned above will let you taste the best of a number of different cuisines, hence making your experience complete. It is highly recommended to take a scooty or a bike if you know how to drive as it will allow you to navigate through the small roads with ease. If you are more in number, you could always rent a car or a Thar. Goa is famous for its Thar rides as who doesn’t like being in a jeep with their friends and family? There are a number of beaches in Goa all of which have excellent shacks serving authentic seafood.

The best part about Goa is that it doesn’t sleep. No matter the time, there is always going to be some party or the other that is going on. If you don’t like clubbing and would rather have a nice time by the beach, you can sit at any shack and watch the sky change colours. There are a number of people doing fire stunts and playing on the beach. You can get your hair beaded during the day or buy one of the numerous anklets and necklaces that are bound to complete your collection of junk jewellery. During the night, people start selling glowing sticks that you can wear as bands or necklaces.

Goa is a place that you must go to especially if you’re in college. It is the perfect place for a trip with your friends and loved ones and you are bound to bring back home a large number of memories which are going to keep you happy till you decide to visit this place again. If you go to Goa once, you are bound to go there again and again as this is a place which never disappoints. No matter how many times you go to Goa, you are going to have a different experience every single time. You can go just to eat great food, or just to drink wonderful cocktails whose price won’t burn a hole in your pocket. You can go there just to club and meet people from all over the world, or you could go to spend a quiet time near the beautiful waterfalls or beaches. To sum it up, this is a place that must have a place on your bucket list if you plan on going to India.

Mrigaya Dham

By Mrigaya Dham

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