Helsinki Hietalahti Market Hall: Sundry of Flavours

There's something special about this age-old Market/ Food Hall

Over a century old, Hietalahti Market Hall has gone through a lot of changes. Starting as a central trading hall for merchants in the early 1900's until the 1970's, to becoming an all organic market hall for a while and to now as to what most locals and tourists knows, a food hall.

Hietalahti Market Hall yields diverse flavours of food cultures all under one roof, to be exact!

Our apartment is about 5 minutes away from this market hall and me and my boyfriend would pass by here as often as we could. We both have also a couple of stalls that we'd hang out for hours together.


The Market Hall's main entrance during the evening.

Around November 2015, a Saturday Music and Food Tasting event, Musaa&Maistelua came into existence. Food stalls and food merchants showcasing their tasting portions for the public every Saturday evening from 5pm-10pm with a DJ playing local and world music. From Bossa Nova, to old French Riviera, and to even old Finnish Folk Country music. We have been visiting a couple of times to support the event, and of course, to eat and dine with good friends. Meeting new people here is one good thing also as you can go around with your food and wine, or sit at the communal table located in front of the main entrance.

Now that the autumn season is here, more people are dining indoors. Gone are the summer days of terrace wine&dine scene, and the outdoor picnics by the beaches and the parks where you get a good amount of that happy sunshine and nature boost in to your system. Now, it's time for us here in Helsinki to start getting cozy and wrapped up for the long dark nights and for the cold short days (yes, 3 hours of sunshine at the shortest is not counted as a day for me).

But that doesn't mean we cannot have a good time! We are ecstatic (not with the upcoming -25°C winter season) to have to see and experience again our local market hall filled with eager diners wandering around hallways sipping through their honey-graham milkshakes or relishing their glass of red vinos, the lingering smell of simmering curries , wafts of sweet-gingery teriyaki from the Japanese hot plate, the pleasantly stinky smell of cheeses and aged charcuteries from the cheese stall, and this wine braised mussels from the French bistro all coming through your senses as you go around the high-ceiling wooden hallways. It's heaven, it is!

On a typically gloomy autumn afternoon, the market hall's façade may seem deserted. The empty spaces from the square from summer time's flea market makes it even more unsought for.


The empty square of Hietalahden Market Hall during Autumn

But as you go closer to the entrance, you get a whiff of something pleasantly inviting..

The scent of roasted coffee dripping from the machine, or even the comforting sweet smell of cardamom-spiced sweet buns pulling you to the doorsteps. You see a glimpse of warm luminous light from the inside and you suddenly feel homey and want to snug your hand around a warm drink.. or wine.

It is this sort of enchanting feeling that you get from something unknown that is in front of you and you are just drawn to explore it further. With you palate!


The empty hallways will be filled soon by hungry diners.

I chose to come here before the busy hours so I can show how quaint but spacious the  market hall is. As empty as it may seem, when the music starts to fill and echo the hallways, people will start filling in the seats. Crowds will start lining up for something to eat or drink. For some, well, they would usually scout out the area, see what's what on each stall's tasting menu, and then calibrate the evening's belly plans for indulging a 'mental 5-course menu' from the evening's event (I may be speaking about how I tackle this event).

So, Here are my favourites:

I've included links to their Facebook pages with their names for you to check out and like ?


Kitty's Milkshake Bar's cool interior.

Kitty's Milkshake Bar

It's the first milkshake bar in Finland. I am in total bliss of euphoric happiness when I found out that they have opened their shop at the market hall, spring time this year. Mike and Saana are the owners of this 50's vintage-diner themed stall and they are surely 99.9% of the time there at the stall to make you their signature milkshakes. The warm, cheerful greetings and small chats makes you feel like you're amongst good friends. Happiness is contagious here! The stall boosts of colorful decors of old license plates on one side, a hand-written menu, jars of assorted toppings and fillings all lined up for function and style.

Mike and Saana are one of the few adorable, cheerful, and crazy-fun people you will meet at the market hall. From their best-sellers Peanut Butter Cup and Harri the Cookie Monster, to Rebellious Rhubarb and Mary Cherry, their menu, both the name and the flavour combinations are very reflective of their personalities. During the Saturday event, they offer off-the-menu milkshake shots alongside their normal menu.


Tokyo Street's eye-candy, Wooden-themed stall.

Formerly Mr. Onigiri, Their doors opened last summer to the public. The owners Haruka and Ray manages the stall by themselves. Their cooking style focuses on traditional Japanese flavours and healthy organic ingredients. They are their own advocates when it comes to healthy, good eating. Haruka and Ray are at all times delighted to engage in to conversations with their customers about their experiences with their products and its origin. They are very a down-to-earth couple and their approach to their products and service has quickly attracted regular customers to dine at their stall. As a plus, The decor is uniquely Japanese in its own way that blends in with the old wooden theme of the food hall. They serve Rice Burgers with different flavours, Edamame, Tamago&Gohan, and Matcha drinks. On Saturdays, they have been serving Chicken and Salmon Teriyaki on Rice. The smell of simmering sweet teriyaki from their stall would move you with pleasure for sure! It's a winner!


Mama Deli's rustic and home'y set-up.

Mama Deli's

Mama Deli's features artisan-baked Spanish breads and pastries on their stall. This rustic and homey stall is filled with all sorts of shapes and flavours of their leavened wonders waiting to be taken home. They also serve home-made cakes, fresh brewed coffees, sandwiches and hotdogs for when you want to retreat from the cold weather outside and enjoy a cuppa. My favorite by far from Mama Deli is their gelato selection. It's variety is limited but the flavours you can avail is well worth the stop. For instance, the Mascarpone and Berry gelato gives you a swirl of sweet tang of berries with the smooth, almost savoury mascarpone base. Heaven! Paula, the owner, is a sweet lady and she is more than happy to give a chat or two. She is glad to recommend you what bread would suit for whatever dinner or food  gathering you might have.


The selection of cheeses and charcuteries alongside the home-made pastries at Say Cheese stall.

Say Cheese & Co.

This cheese merchant stall has been around for a couple of years already in the market hall. Ricardo and André (both Portuguese) operates this cheese-filled shop. Like every place in the market hall, they are very hands-on with their business. Their presence makes the stall unique on its own. Hailing from portugal, these two knows their flavours. With the variety of cheeses from Europe and elsewhere, alongside their charcuterie selection, Ricardo and André travels around to scour for the best finds to feature on their stall. Their cheese and charcuterie board is one of the best sellers in the market hall especially during the Saturday event. They have also collaborated with a local Portuguese café called 'Calé Café' which caters more on traditional Portuguese savouries , pastries and sweets like the famous Pastéis de Nata. Owned by Maria who has been living here in Finland for a while now, she incorporates local flavours and ingredients with some of her traditional home-grown flavours to her dishes. Come by the cheese stall and you'll be entertained by them!

Now to wrap up this tale of flavour adventure, I am buoyantly happy to say that this is part of my neighbourhood. I would be in giggles and bubbles to show my friends around the hallways of this market hall at any time. I am proud to feature and to introduce a good find in Helsinki through this article. Especially this cold season where a warm and cozy area doesn't JUST subject you to plump down and be fixed in one dining room and be bound to socialise amongst each other solely. Not all the time at least..

It's good to meet new people and nourish your self with good food and music at the same time. This is one of the places where almost everyone I see and pass by, has a smile on their face. And frankly, we need more smiles and good vibes to warm this place up a bit for the upcoming winter season. ?


I’m a cook by profession and a baker at heart. I love to travel around different cities when I can, and discover new inspirations and flavours that I can bring home with me and experiment with. When I come back from travels, my luggage is full with random good finds, from the local markets, off the track specialty shops somewhere in a labyrinth of alleys, to the countryside stall by the road. No, I’m not a hoarder. But I like trying out new things at least once.. or twice. I am in a constant look out for anything new on our neighbourhood and around the city that I visit, and then try and integrate it to my style. I love to highlight Filipino flavours with local ingredients from the places I stay and visit at and when I’m lucky enough to cook dinner for my hosts. I’m a Filipino based in Helsinki with an enslavement to ice cream eating, afternoon naps, and dinner parties.