Have you seen the Blue Forest in Belgium?

First Experience in Hallerbos

I have lived in Belgium for more than 2 years and this Spring was the first time I have heard about the Blue Forest. When I heard about a forest full of flowers I really wasn't too impressed. I didn't understand why would anyone go see some flowers in the forest, I could not understand the craze. I thought to myself: it is one of those things where people try to make a touristy spot out of nothing and at least it is good that it's not too far away, only 29 kilometres from Brussels. Oh how wrong I was. My first words when I arrived to Hallerbos, the ancient forest, were : 'I am in a fairy tale'. Important thing here is to make sure you arrive during the season that the blue flowers blossom. In my case, I was there with my puppy surrounded by white flowers everywhere and I could not find these so talked-about blue flowers anywhere. And believe me, it's not because I couldn't read the forest map. 😀 We met a friendly forester who told us that it wasn't the season yet…The Blue-bells season starts at a different time every year and that people from all over the world come to see it. Normally the flowering season is in the middle of April and it lasts for 3 weeks. Everyone from around the world tries to come and see it during this short period of time, so make sure you pick the right timing ! Thankfully, I was still able to enjoy the forest as it was filled with white flowers and yellow narcissus. Due to the fact that I was absolutely fascinated with the white forest, I had to come again during the right time. I mean my expectations have grown immensely. Many people arrive here with their dogs, go hiking or biking. It's a very clean, beautiful place that is nourished. This beautiful forest offers 3 hiking paths: 1.8km Achdreven walk (central), 4 km Sequoia Walk and 7 km Roebuck walk for those who love adventurous hiking. And make sure to visit their free forest museum! One of the reasons that made my visit so unforgettable was Bambi. 😀 Haha yes, just in the middle of the beautiful field of flowers I saw on of these gorgeous creatures. It was breathtaking.  With the birds and squirrels around I almost felt like a Snowwhite. 😀 Super yummy ice-cream from the ice-cream truck just made the whole experience unfathomable. Those little things that make you happy.  Even my puppy Dora could not stay calm in one place, she got overly excited. <3

Discovering The Blue Forest

Since I was so impressed with the white forest, I just had to come back when the blue-bells carpet covers the forest and I did! Oh how I wish I have heard about this place earlier. It is absolutely stunning. It made me plan my trips to all the parks and other famous forests. I wish I brought a picnic. It can be such a romantic place. It is good for families or young people. It is hard to imagine someone not enjoying it. Just look at this purple heaven, who could hide a smile in here and believe me the camera does not capture the whole magical spirit of it. It is just a fraction of beauty that you see. I almost felt like a flower child in 70's. I know for a fact that this destination is now going to be my favourite spot to walk my Scottish terrier Dora and I am sure it is one of her favourites too. 🙂 I do not think that it would be possible to get bored of this beauty. Fresh air, cold breeze and the sun rays creates a perfect atmosphere to enjoy the present moment . This unspoiled nature is a perfect spot for meditation, where you can be in the moment and empty your mind. It is a beautiful escape from a busy world that never stops running to a quite and peaceful place, where your mind can enjoy the sounds of nature. 🙂


  • *Tip* Check their website, where you can see their youtube videos, which show if the wild blue-bells season has started . But believe me you won't be disappointed if it's white and yellow either.;D However, definitely pay attention to the crowd. It gets absolutely packed. You won't be able to enjoy the peace and quite of the magical forest. Make sure you're going there in the middle of April.
  • I would definitely recommend to go there in the morning on the work day, especially during the blue flower season . People don't even have a space to park during the blue flower season. Hence, make sure too check the website. I recommend to park your car at the 8th path. All the roads and different hiking paths lead to it.
  •  Do not forget to bring your camera. I promise you will be sad if your battery dies. Nevertheless, it is really hard to capture that astounding view.
  •   Print your map from their website it shows where to park your car depending on which route you want to take. You will find all the walking paths there as well. The infrastructure is really good, so all you will need to do is to follow a certain color path depending on which flowers/ what length of the forest is.
  •  Bring your dog or a bike, or jogging gear, so you can enjoy it to the fullest.
  •  The whole experience is for free, which is not so typical for Belgium. Hence, make a day out of it.
  •  The best time to go there is during the sunrise or sunset as the lightning gives a special effect to the whole experience. The shadows are longer and the contrast between light and darkness is not so intense.
  •  You can make a picnic there !
  •  Shuttle bus can take you from the bus station Halle – you will avoid all the problems with car parking!
  •  Bring a book along.


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