Have The Best Vacation Moment In Homabay: kenya.

Are you a tourist yearning to spend every bit of his or her moment in a lucrative environment? don’t worry anymore. Just plan for at least one week trip to Kenya( one of the East African countries) and you will have your dream fulfilled. In your budget, neither should you be bothered by what you will see, do and eat on your arrival to Kenya. Yes! just take your time reading this article to the end and all your curiosity will turn into the anxiety of quickly reaching the country and enjoy all that it has for you.   Kenya is a developing country and this grant you an opportunity to view most of the traditional sceneries alongside the modern sceneries brought about as a result of an increase in technology. One week tour is enough for you to glance every corner of these sites but if your limited time cannot favor your desire to move across the whole country, Then Homabay town has it all for you. A town of islands, game parks,  tall and attractive hills. worry not on the accessibility since roads to this town are very conducive.  

How to reach Homabay

As said earlier, easy accessibility to this town render you a freedom to either take a thirty-minute flight from Nairobi( the capital city of Kenya) or you can travel by bus which will take almost five hours. Is it a very far and tiresome journey?  Yes? No? worry not. your journey is likely to be the most enjoyable since before you reach Homabay, so many beautiful sites shall have landed in your vicinity like the green land in Kericho area.  

Where to stay while in Homabay

Sweet pleasure and happiness come along with good health and comfort. Therefore, before you set off your tour into the real this and that, can you salivate your moods by settling in a tourist hotel. It has all my recommendations for tourists since it is just nineteen miles from the national park and only six hundred meters from town. Additionally, it is pocket-friendly since a night and breakfast included will cost you six hundred dollars only.   Everything here is channeled towards triggering your comfort. Therefore, don’t worry about your partner in case you have. This is a four-star hotel with standard facilities like twin beds, playgrounds, private bathroom, air conditioning, terrace, balcony, and a flat-screen TV. Your delay should not cause a discomfort since the front desk is open 24/7.   Stable and well-prepared tourists like you have no limitations in accessing what suits their taste. Therefore, I feel right to make you aware of other four star Hotels in Homabay that can also brand you a  permanent smiling face during your tour. This includes Rusinga blue ridge hotel, hotel twin towers, Rusinga island lodge, and hotel tausi.  

The next step after your accommodation

Ruma national park

  Take a tour: feel happy as you see, touch and smell what Homabay has in store for you. Just withstand your desire for only twenty minutes as you are driven to Ruma national park where you will be able to see all types of wild animals including lion, buffalo, rhino, giraffe and many others. Please, remember your main aim is to feel great as you explore nature so make sure you listen keenly and follow the instructions from the tour guide.   Additionally, Ruma national park is situated in remote areas in Kanyamwa escarpment where you will be able to have all the nature,s beauty at your disposal. I would recommend a bottle of water as this place is a bit hot with black cotton soil. The rain always falls in the evening, therefore, traveling in the afternoon hours make a bright day for you.  

Where and what to eat for your lunch


Rusinga Blue Ridge Hotel

  I believe a three hours tour is enough for you to explore every attractive corner of Ruma national park. Is it interesting? Yes! but what about your stomach? I know you will now be feeling hungry and I would like to direct you to one of the best hotels for your lunch. Even though you will travel along marram road, it is only one hour drive to Mbita town. Thereafter, enjoy a ten-minute boat ride to a raised, clean land in a lake. ( lake Victoria) That is Rusinga Island.   As a keen reader, I hope you can guess why I suggest Rusinga Blue Ridge Hotel for your lunch.  Homabay is bordered by a lake with part of the land situated inside the lake forming islands. It’s pleasure especially as a tourist traveling on water and enjoying the cool breeze of the lake. Blue Ridge is a four-star hotel. This lands it on the same level as Tourist Hotel with almost the same facilities.  


I would recommend fried fish served with ugali for lunch. This should be supplemented with a lemon juice and your day will be great. This will cost you ten dollars only. People from this Island are separated from the others living on the lakeside by a large mass of water. Therefore, they have their unique and interesting way of life so please don’t leave the Island without joining the village elders and tasting their sweet porridge served in a calabash( Agwata) as they tell you the story about the origin of Rusinga Island.   After this, you can now relax and enjoy your vacation as you wait for your comfort zone of residence in the same Hotel before you feel free to fly back to your destination the following day at your own will.  

Final Thought

Kenya is a resourceful country packed with various attractive sites located in various cities and towns but your two days tour in Homabay has it all for most of the lucrative sites in the country. If you are a tourist and you would like to explore and feel nature, Homabay, Kenya is the best place to visit. With or without enough time, don’t worry. Just make yourself comfortable, reread the above lines, select your taste and build your fate in the area of touring.

John Omolo

John omolo is a graduate from Masinde Muliro University in Kenya with a bachelors degree in English and literature. Currently, He is teaching at friends school Shamoni where he has stayed for one year. Additionally, John is an aspiring article writer and he has managed to try out some articles in the following niches: Health, block-chain and finance. one of his articles on finance has been proofread by pen stars and granted a 90% score. Reading, writing and traveling are some of his best hobbies. He is currently residing in Kakamega town and can be contacted at [email protected]