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Oxford: 10 Local Gems on a Budget

Oxford, United Kingdom, is a beautiful place to visit, full of history and some stunning architecture. It can also be a very expensive place if you don’t know where to find the cheap, or very [...]

Tips To Travel Like A Local Korean

Most of our lives being filled with everything about Korea. From the Korean legend pop group – Super Junior to the latest uprising star – Wanna One. From our face beauty products, makeup [...]

Lovely and tasty places in Seongbuk-Dong

Seoul is the fastest city in South Korea. Everything goes fast and people are always in hurry. You may know Korean characteristics, especially Seouler. Change is good and as you know well, Korea [...]

Top Things To Do In Manchester

My first visit to the city of Manchester in United Kingdom was in April 2017. Getting out of Piccadilly Station that day, having just spent two hours in the incredibly efficient and fast Virgin [...]

Best Free Summer Concerts in Los Angeles

Summer is a great time to spend your days and nights outside. One way to do this is to find summer concerts at outdoor venues. When my husband and I travel, we start searching out local events, [...]

What To Do In Orlando's Magic Kingdom

So, I went on an adventure last week. I travelled back in time, Marty McFly style (sub the bad*** DeLorean for a significantly less cool Kia Forte rental car), to a magical land where fairytales [...]

How Traveling Expands Your Consciousness

Why Traveling Should Become A Priority Traveling is something most people enjoy doing. Flying to new places, meeting new people, trying new foods, who wouldn’t want to spend their time doing [...]

Castles, Culture & Kluski Slaskie

Krakow: Castles, Culture & Kluski Slaskie This was my second visit to Krakow, Poland, my first being in March 2008 when the harsh Polish winter was slowly melting into a brighter, crisp [...]

Capitalising on Canberra

There are several clichés about Australia’s capital city – that there’s nothing to do, that it is entirely bushland or (as heard when talking to foreigners) that it is Sydney. [...]

Armenia: The gem of the coffee region

  Hidden among the Andean mountains, you will find the beautiful city of Armenia, Colombia. Armenia is the capital of the department of Quindío and it is an important commercial and economic [...]

Celestun: Flamingo Paradise

Celestun is a small quiet village on the northwest corner of the Yucatan peninsula.  Walking around gives you the feeling of a virgin town, one where unlike Cancun or other resort towns [...]

Puerto Sagunto; City Beach Town

  Puerto Sagunto; City Beach Town Puerto Sagunto, Valencia, Spain is a small beach town around 30km away from Spain’s third largest city, Valencia. Puerto Sagunto is the port town of [...]

The Lesser Known Side of Cuba

The Lesser Known Side of Cuba: A Trip to Marea Del Portillo Ever heard of a place called Marea Del Portillo? Didn’t think so. And neither did I until I went there. My first time in Cuba was [...]

Why You Should Visit Da Lat, Vietnam

Nestled in the central highlands between the popular tourist destinations of Nha Trang and Mui Ne sits the small town of Da Lat. Away from the coast and slightly out of the way, this has long [...]

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