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How Traveling Expands Your Consciousness

Why Traveling Should Become A Priority Traveling is something most people enjoy doing. Flying to new places, meeting new people, trying new foods, who wouldn’t want to spend their time doing [...]

Castles, Culture & Kluski Slaskie

Krakow: Castles, Culture & Kluski Slaskie This was my second visit to Krakow, Poland, my first being in March 2008 when the harsh Polish winter was slowly melting into a brighter, crisp [...]

Capitalising on Canberra

There are several clichés about Australia’s capital city – that there’s nothing to do, that it is entirely bushland or (as heard when talking to foreigners) that it is Sydney. [...]

Armenia: The gem of the coffee region

  Hidden among the Andean mountains, you will find the beautiful city of Armenia, Colombia. Armenia is the capital of the department of Quindío and it is an important commercial and economic [...]

Celestun: Flamingo Paradise

Celestun is a small quiet village on the northwest corner of the Yucatan peninsula.  Walking around gives you the feeling of a virgin town, one where unlike Cancun or other resort towns [...]

Puerto Sagunto; City Beach Town

  Puerto Sagunto; City Beach Town Puerto Sagunto, Valencia, Spain is a small beach town around 30km away from Spain’s third largest city, Valencia. Puerto Sagunto is the port town of [...]

The Lesser Known Side of Cuba

The Lesser Known Side of Cuba: A Trip to Marea Del Portillo Ever heard of a place called Marea Del Portillo? Didn’t think so. And neither did I until I went there. My first time in Cuba was [...]

Why You Should Visit Da Lat, Vietnam

Nestled in the central highlands between the popular tourist destinations of Nha Trang and Mui Ne sits the small town of Da Lat. Away from the coast and slightly out of the way, this has long [...]

Traveling alone – story and advice

“You are so brave” was a sentence i heard a lot when i first decided to go travel alone. For 3 months I travelled Asia with me best friend. It was an amazing trip with lots of fun, [...]

Delhi Diaries– 1

Delhi Diaries– 1 Welcome to New Delhi– a patchwork of millions of variegated pieces, chaotic on the surface, but all united together by chords of harmony. Officially, the politically [...]

Italy in the Off Season

I’m going to be honest with you right off the bat here; I can be a bit impatient when I travel following the stress of planes, trains, buses, long lines, getting lost, etc. This shouldn’t [...]

HAWAII: A Week in Waikiki

Wake up, go to university, study, stress, study a little more, sleep. Repeat. Wake up, go to work, pick the kids up, take them to tutoring AND soccer training, make dinner, do the washing, clean [...]

Whangarei: A destination

Whenever I tell someone I’m from Whangarei (fun-ga-ray), New Zealand, the most common response is “oh I think I’ve driven through there on the way to (insert more touristy spot [...]

Buenos Aires: Tips and tricks

  With a bustling nightlife and a vast offer of arts, sports, culture and gastronomy, you will never get bored in Buenos Aires. Here are some insider tips to get around the city and make the [...]


CATALONIA an INDEPENDENT state? What’s going on? What better to start writing about than what I know the most. I’m from Barcelona. I was born here 27 years ago and grew up being a Catalan/Spanish [...]

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