Guide to Mumbai’s Tourist Attractions

“Oh shit! That was the last local train I could catch before 10, I checked in M indicator. Now I will be late for the office. And on top it, this rainy season is more capricious than my boss.” – Every Mumbaikar (a person who lives in Mumbai). The financial hub, the birthplace of Bollywood, the riveting beaches and the city of opportunities is the most beloved city in India. Amidst the chaos, Mumbai attracts a lot of tourists every year. In this Local Guide, I’m going to talk about a few places you have to visit. India, Mumbai, Churchgate For traveling, Local Train is the most pocket-friendly and fast transport you can wish for in Mumbai. You need to download these two apps before you board a Local Train: a) M Indicator: It shows you the time of a local train for every station, the platform number from which you need to board the train and the more details like whether it’s a fast or a slow train. A fast train stops at only the main stations and a slow train will take a halt at every small station. b) UTS Mobile Ticketing: Don’t wait in long queues to book your tickets. Download the UTS App, book your ticket through this app and print it at the nearest e-ticket booth on the station. A one day journey if you want to travel the western railway will cost you Rs.20. If you’re taking a metro within the stations, a one-way journey starts from Rs.20. Get Down at Church Gate Station to see these beautiful places.

1) Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus, Mumbai

India, Mumbai, Churchgate Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus, formerly known as Victoria Terminus has a blend of British, Italian and Indian architectural style. It has made a place in UNESCO’s world heritage sites. The monument stands under the care of Indian Railways.

2) Marine Drive, Mumbai: Humid Air, Gritty Sand, and A Beautiful Sunset

India, Mumbai, Churchgate The iconic 4.3 km long boulevard which forms a C-Shaped 6 lane concrete road, facing the Arabian Sea is one of Mumbai’s charms. It’s one of the best places to visit in Mumbai. Find an elevated point from where you can see the drive at night; you’ll see that the street lights resemble long strings of a pearl necklace.

3) Wankhede Stadium: The center of attraction for International Cricket in Mumbai

India, Mumbai, Churchgate Wankhede Stadium’s international cricket matches are the times when it’s most crowded. It is originally known as Sheshrao Krushnarao Wankhede Stadium, country’s largest and most renowned cricket stadiums. India has marked its historic moment of winning the 2011 World cup in this stadium.

4) Gateway of India: The 85 feet high arch in Mumbai

India, Mumbai, Churchgate During the times when India was under British Rule, Gateway of India was called Apollo Bundar. Emperor George V and Queen Mary entered the city in 1911 through these gates and this was the sole purpose why this monument was designed. India’s metropolitan city, Mumbai is a pride in itself. Every soul is welcomed here and Mumbai never fails to make you feel at home.

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