GUADALUPE CEBU : A Getaway in the City

January 1, 1970

by Jay-zon

GUADALUPE Cebu , A Getaway in the City


Getaways have always been perceived as places far away from the city. Understandably, this is to get away from the heavy traffic in the streets, pollution in the air, city noise or just to be physically away from the everyday places we see.

But, getting away far from the city is also costly, sometime leaving us to bear with the city life and wait until next pay outs or bonuses to get that get away we always wanted.



I know how it is, and I know places you could enjoy at a cost less than going to malls. Guadalupe is known for its church, the cave chapel and of course the sweet mangoes it produces. Though I am not here to talk about these places, more than that, there is a place less known to most Cebuanos, but is very familiar to the locals in the barangay. It is technically part of Guadalupe, if not; at least Guadalupe is where it is very accessible from. They call it: “The Tower”


I have come to know about this place as I also grew from this barangay as I have my cousins on my mother’s side residing there. As a child, back then, it was just a play place to us. As an adult, now, it is a refuge, not very far away from the city, where you can enjoy greenery, fresh air and a view of the city from the mountains of Guadalupe Cebu Philippines.

They don’t call it “The Tower” for nothing. The tower itself isn’t really the main point of going there. It’s just that the tower is the landmark of the place, the North Star you’d be looking at to guide you to the place, you would know you are already there, once you have reached the tower.The tower is actually, a power grid, bribing electricity across Cebu, it crosses through different barangays, and believe it or not, the next tower it connects to is already at Busay. It is one heck of a tower indeed.





I mentioned about the affordability of this place right?

True enough, it is very affordable to get there. Depending on where you come from the City of Cebu, you’d just have to reach the Guadalupe Church to start your adventure in this getaway in the city.

In my case it would only take me 2 jeepney rides to get to Guadalupe Church.

At the left side, facing Guadalupe Church is a small street called “Caballes”.

This is your access to your long awaited get away.





It is quite difficult to really explain how to reach the tower itself, but locals will surely guide you on your way. It doesn’t even take you a kilometer to get there, not even an hour. A good 10 to 15 minute walk, or trek, however you want to take it, will bring you to the place.Again, travelling isn’t just about your destination; it is also about what you have been through to get there. A little chit chat with the locals would not hurt; it would even help you discover the place. You wanted a low cost get away, but it might cost you to talk and socialize. Not bad enough.

There will be a couple of residential pathways you’d have to go through, a long “Temple Runish” path you’d pass by they call Gothong”, for reasons I have forgotten already. Oh, it might have been because the once vacant area it is adjacent to belongs to Gothong, which is now known us Eagleridge Subdivision.



On the last part of your walk you will have to climb short steep roads, this will tell you you are already near the tower. After this challenging path, you’d get a glimpse of the majestic tower already. A couple more walking, trekking and climbing you’d reach the tower. It will only be a short walk, but it will be really tiring because of its steepness. Worry not, once you are at the foot of the tower, you can’t even finish catching your breath before you could sit and turn to the picturesque city view you may now enjoy.


I’ve been there a couple of times of course. Back then this is where; we fly our kites along with other neighborhood kids. Yet, there’s something about the new generation right now that not a lot of children play kites anymore. When I got back, now that I am already an adult, I went there with my cousins, bringing a camera handy, we took photos and enjoyed each other’s company. Mostly it was just picture taking. When we got back at another time, we already brought food and drinks with us. Don’t forget CLAYGO. As of the moment I am writing this article, I am already thinking of getting back there, I should bring a blanket maybe, to get more picnic feels, or maybe an actual tent. That would really work fine. And of course, don’t forget to bring along friends with you when you get there.


People have a tendency to take the usual everyday things for granted. Not knowing, that to others this is already an enjoyably sweet escape. Even the locals, may have had forgotten about it already, or basically they haven’t thought of the potential of the place. For now, it is a self-service go to getaway you can enjoy. No pools, no restaurants, nothing but pure nature just around the city. It’s very bare that in the evening, there isn’t any source of light around. This makes the place a perfect star gazing area, minus the light pollution (go google what it is) caused by city lights.

           I enjoyed, and I think you too.

I went there and I enjoyed. I’d go back whenever I can. If enjoying nature in the city is what you’re looking for, minus the noise, minus the swimming pools and fancy stuff, juts pure scenery and nature, you should at least try it. And tell me what you think about it.

Oops! I forgot to tell you (*slow whispering voice*) There’s no entrance fee.




By Jay-zon

Oops! I forgot to tell you (*slow whispering voice*) There’s no entrance fee. Enjoy!


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