Great Spots to visit when in Ghana

January 1, 1970

by Ewura

Thinking of planning a trip to Ghana for a summer vacation, a holiday or a getaway from stress but you are not sure of the places to visit while you’re here? Well, you’ve come to the right place. As someone who was born and raised here, I think it’s fair enough to say I have some knowledge of really cool places you can visit while you are here.
Ghana is a beautiful country. Located on the Gulf of Guinea in West Africa, it is a country blessed with vegetation, wildlife, minerals such as gold and bauxite, really cool beaches, diverse customs, traditions, festivals and friendly people. It is a safe and stable country compared to other countries in West Africa and also one of the top countries in West Africa that has lots of tourists visiting all year round.
Ghana has a tropical climate. It is mostly sunny throughout the year with temperatures approaching or surpassing 30-degree Celsius. Therefore, it is advisable to wear light and loose clothing while you’re here.

Listed below are some of the spots to visit when in Ghana.

1. Labadi Beach

The Labadi Beach popularly known as the “La Pleasure Beach” is located at Teshie in the capital city of Ghana, Accra. Just as the name suggests, one is sure to find pleasure and have lots of fun while hanging out on the coast of this beautiful beach. Ranging from eating great seafood, getting horseback rides to having romantic walks along the beach, you’re sure to find what suits you best. Don’t forget to bring along your sunblock and swimwear if you plan on swimming or getting a tan.
PS: Even if you forget to bring them, there are stalls where you can get them at very affordable prices. Also, you would have to pay an entrance fee to get in. The price is very affordable. It mostly increases on weekends and holidays, but that isn’t much of a problem because even with the increase in demand, it is still very affordable.

2. Cape Coast Castle

If you are into history, then you should check out the Cape Coast castle. Situated along the central coastline of Ghana, the castle built in 1653, served as a trading post of slaves for the European Nations and the British. It is known for housing the underground dungeons for slaves, cannons used during the transatlantic slave trade and the famous “DOOR OF NO RETURN.” You can also have a view of the sea from the castle while you’re there.
There are entrance fees to be paid before entering the castle. The price is very affordable. There would be a tour guide to take you around the castle and also give you an in-depth history of the castle and all the events that took place during the transatlantic slave trade era and also answer any questions you might have while you’re there.
Also, be sure to treat yourself to some delicious Fante delicacies while you’re there.

3. Boti Falls

Bote, a small town in Manya Krobo which is approximately 17 kilometres North-East of Koforidua in the Eastern region of Ghana is home to the beautiful Boti Falls. The twin waterfalls which is described by the locals as male and female is believed to form from the River Pawnpawn. You will have to take a walk comprising about seventy plus steps to get to the fall. When the water level rises, it is believed the two falls meet to mate and the sign of them mating is the formation of a rainbow over the splashing water.
Aside from the twin falls, there are two other attractions known as the Umbrella Rock and the Three-Headed Palm Tree. The Umbrella Rock as the name suggests, are rocks that look exactly like an open umbrella. The Three-Headed Palm Tree is a beautiful palm tree that has three heads growing out of one seed. Also, there is a stone underneath the palm tree which the locals believe that when a person especially a woman sits on the stone she is likely to conceive twins or triplets. There are also cocoa trees in abundance there. So for those of you who love cocoa fruits or haven’t tried it yet, this is your chance.
If you are a picnic lover, then I would suggest you go there because of the atmosphere. You don’t need to worry about the sun too because there are summer huts to provide shade. The entrance fees are also quite affordable. You will also have a tour guide to take you around.

4. Aburi Botanical Gardens

Located in Aburi in the Eastern Region of Ghana; a few minutes drive from Accra, this botanical garden which opened in 1980 covers about 64.8 hectares of land. If you are a tree lover or someone who is in tune with nature, then this place is for you. Another advantage for the tree lovers is that you get the opportunity to learn about different plant and tree species.
The entrance of the garden, lined with palm trees, add to its beauty. There are also labels on the trees and plants to make identification easier. Cinnamon, Curry and Eucalyptus to mention a few, are examples of the plants you are likely to find there. The garden also serves as a cool spot for relaxing after doing strenuous activities.
I recommend this place for those of you who would like to have a picnic and connect with nature.

5. Sajuna Beach Club

Lastly, the Sajuna Beach Club. Situated on the Akosombo road between Senchi and Atimpoku, a few minutes drive from Accra, is the beautiful child-friendly beach club, Sajuna. The beach club hosts all kinds of activities from indoor and outdoor games to boat rides which makes it ideal for everyone; whether you are a group of friends in search of a cool place to chill, a family or even a solo traveller.
The beach club has two splash pools, a water slide and a huge playground with a trampoline for children. If you are planning on treating your kids to a good time, I recommend this place to you.
The beach club has a variety of tasty seafood as well as, African and continental dishes. It also offers boat cruises on the Volta river. It is a great place to have picnics, barbecues and get some time off work.

What to wear while you’re here

As I mentioned earlier in my introduction, Ghana is a tropical country, so the best way to go is light and loose. Below is a list of things to pack if you plan on coming here:
1. Cotton T-shirts
2. Sweatshirt or sweater
3. Sandals
4. Light trousers or skirts made of cotton
5. An Umbrella ( especially if you intend on coming in March to July and September to October)
6. Swimwear, sunglasses and sunblock and yes, lots of socks and underwear.
7. Camera or video camera

In case you forget anything, there is no need to worry you can buy whatever you need from here at affordable prices. Ghana is not a very expensive country to live in so with the correct planning and budget you can live like a king or queen. I hope you make it a point to visit Ghana sometime and also share your experiences.




By Ewura

I am a student and a freelance writer. I like to explore and find travelling fascinating. I also love music and art.


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