Grand Bazaar, a historic tourist attraction

September 2, 2018

by Mona Mashhadi Rajabi

Tehran is a capital city of Iran, it is an old and populous city with more than 17 million people who live and work in that. There are so many museums, art galleries, restaurants, Parks, Palaces, towers and old mosques in Tehran. There are many playgrounds and educational places for kids. But one of the oldest parts of this city and the most admired one, is Grand Bazaar which is the biggest Bazaar in the world and is located in the center of Tehran.

Grand Bazaar has a unique architecture, strong economic power and so many tourist attractions. You can find everything in this place and all of the commodities in this Bazar are sold cheaper than other places. There are 2 old mosques in Bazaar and an old Palace. In this old palace, the jewelleries of the past queen of Iran are kept and anyone who is eager to see those brilliant jewelleries can go there. You can spend a whole day visiting these old mosques and jewellery museum in that old Palace as all of these places have unique architectures and they are extremely old. Besides, these places are historically important for Iran and tourists can become familiar with this history if they ask tour leaders to explain.

Long history, long effect on the country

But the most important place in history of Iran is Grand Bazaar of Tehran. The area of this Bazaar is more than 100 hectares and is the largest Bazaar in the world. It is bigger than the Grand Bazar of Istanbul and Morocco.Grand Bazaar has a long history in Iran and during past decades that mass communication equipment had not been made and used, all the important meetings about economic, politic and social issues used to be holding in Bazaar. It is said that Bazaar and people working in this place had an impressive role in Iran’s revolution in 1979 as they had big effect on Iran’s economy. So, during Iran’s history, governments always have tried to have a good relation with Bazaar and people who work there.

The biggest historical attraction of Tehran, was built in 1500s and at first it was just a wall around the city of Tehran. In those days, Tehran was a small city and all the business people used to sit around this wall to sell their products. As, so much money used to exchange in this place, it had an impressive effect on the countries economy.

Time passed and more details had been added to this wall, small and big stores made and long halls constructed. As a result, it became a place where all the business people from other cities of Iran presented their products to the potential buyers of the capital.  In these stores, people started to work and shaped the history of Bazaar. Those long halls called “Dallan” and those small shops called ”Hojreh” and even now, we can see these Dallans and Hojrehs in Grand Bazaar.

During all those years, Grand Bazaar was the heart of Tehran’s economy and all the economic decisions of the country had been made there. Nowadays, Bazaar has the same role in Iran’s economy  and politics and all the governments  try to have the support of Bazaar and people who work in  Bazaar of Tehran.

A market for all business people

Business people of other cities had a place for themselves in the Grand bazaar. For example, all the people who came from Yazd (one of the old cities in Iran which is located in the center of the country) and wanted to sell different goods usually sat in the same store and it was called the store for business people of Yazd. When the number of business people of a city had increased, more than one store had been assigned for them. In this situation a “hall” or a “Dallan” has assigned for business people of another city like Yazd or Shiraz.

In other parts of the Grand Bazaar, people who work on the same field are had stores on the same hall.For example, there is a hall for gold and jewelry sellers, there is hall for Iron trading and there are other halls for shoes, cloths, carpet, home appliances and kitchenware.

I should mention that, all of the products which are selling in the Grand Bazaar are cheaper than the products on other parts of the city and so many tourists chose Grand Bazaar of Tehran to buy souvenir for their loved ones.

Horse Carriage for sightseeing

During old days in Iran, people used to travel with Horse carriages in the city and outside the city, but now there are other means of transport to use specially cars. But riding a car in Grand Bazar is prohibited and people should use other means.

Now in Grand Bazaar, there are some horse carriages that people could hop on and go from one place to another. To attract visitors to Grand Bazaar, the horses and the carriages are decorated nicely and it gives  Bazaar an old and ancient look. Besides,everyone can use this horse carriages to travel in the streets near to Grand Bazaar  or reach to their cars or underground railway stations.Once, I tried them and it felt like I am living in the past, living in the times that cars had not been invented and all the aspect of people’s life were so simple. This was an amazing experience for me.

Old restaurants, delicious foods

There are some great restaurant in the Bazaar and the quality of the dishes they offer are very high, although the prices are not high. At first, the restaurants opened in Bazaar to sell food to the shopkeepers and business people but now they have customers who just come to eat food at these restaurants and this a big victory for them.

One of the oldest and best restaurants in Bazar is Nayeb Restaurant which was started 130 years ago. Another well known restaurant in this ancient place is Shamshiri and this restaurant has a free Salad Bar and very tasty Kebab.Other restaurants in Bazaar are Ghadah, Sharaf-ol- eslami, Moslem, Javan and Etminan and all of them are well known for their high quality dishes and low prices.



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September 11, 2018

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Nice read, been there loved it. Specially the restaurantsrestaurant are a must go. I highly recommend a visit to iran, as it will change your idea about it. Thanks.

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