Gorgeous Cape Greco area in Southern part of Cyprus

January 1, 1970

by Ruta-bertasiute

Cape Greko? Never heard of it. What is that?

cavo greko

1 pic. Cyprus with marked Cape Greco area

So once you appeared in this unique island of Cyprus (still divided in two parts by the border) Cape Greco you will find easily (1 pic.). Cape Greco it is area of picturesque Sea Caves, sharp rocky shore and crystal clear blue waters.


You just need to take highway and go to the Agia Napa town in the area of Famagusta. Once you reach it there’s gonna be plenty of brown direction signs leading to “Cape Greco” (2 pic.). Do not expect to find an exact place with a sign confirming that is definitely what you was looking for because it is just quite big area which contains bays, hills, fields, roads, etc.If you are a fan

cavo greko zoom

2 pic. Zoomed Cape Greco location

of walking and you stay somewhere here around you can have even a walk around 8 km from Agia Napa town until the area. But I would definitely not recommend to do that if it is summer. Even it looks that it is not that hot. Once you start going you will understand that in these 8 km there is not even one shadow around and the water you took with you turned into tea more likely. Scooter, baggie or at least a bicycle is way much better idea.

 Cape Greco cliff

A very good landmark to realize that you are going the right direction


3 pic. Visible Cape Greco cliff

is the big cliff next to the sea visible from a quite far distance (3 pic.). By the way that cliff offers as well very nice experience once you are on top of it. From the top you can see the whole horizon of the sea, its changing colors so you can


4 pic. Milky Way in Cape Greco (aut. Stanislav Stoyanov)

have a nice relax in the evening (sunsets are not very nice from there cause the sun is hiding behind the rock). On the very top there is one bench placed completely for that reason. My favorite time to come here is the night time, because it is a bit out of the town lights and you can see a huge area of dark open sky with stars. It is a very good spot for photographers as well. The Milky Way it is just above your head (4 pic.). But to be honest the road to that cliff is not a very proper one. I am sorry but if you are with the low bottom Ferrari you could struggle. It is just a narrow dirt road between the bushes and olive trees. Even though the road is very rocky full of holes and curves so if you are with a vehicle just mind your speed and you gonna reach it. It is worth it!

Surrounding waters


5 pic. Blue white church

As long as it is an island it is quite obvious that it is all surrounded by water..:) But in this area because it is a very Southern cape in one side water can be very wavy in another completely calm. It is very nice just to go along and to stop by in every single little bay. Since it is completely clear that would be a shame to forget the goggles. You can see quite interesting stuff under the water. By the way sometimes you must be careful with getting in the water cause the shore is very rocky sharp. Some of the places are already comfortably prepared for that, there are a proper stairs which makes it much more easy. Like the one next to a white blue little church (5 pic.).

The blue lagoon

You do not need to be a Sherlock to understand why it is called like that. Yes, the water is completely blue. Over there especially in the summer time a lot of yachts are stopping by to have a swim but it does not bother environment too much. There is plenty of space for everyone and it even creates a very nice picture. It is a pity that there is no more camping place in this area because it would be just a perfect place for campers. Next to blue lagoon there is a picnic area where anyone is allowed to come with their own foods or drinks to have a nice gathering or a lunch outdoors. But not a proper place for camping with tents or campers.

Environment around

creat opti

6 pic. Weird creatures

All the Cape Greco area like all the Cyprus is a sandy rocky place, full of kind of poor flora (some olive trees, sharp dry bushes). The district itself is called “Red soil area” so the soil everywhere is deep dark red color. Even they say that there is plenty of snakes in the island in my 1.5 years stay i did not manage to meet even one yet. But of course if you are hiking you need to have an eye around and look where you step. Anyway it is not dangerous place. Just go around and enjoy. Do not be afraid to get lost, this area is completely worth that and only like this it is possible to find something completely new and more exciting. For example once I went to one little bay in Cape Greco where people does not go at all. But I just got there because I did not know which bay it is good to go and just right under some rocks I found very weird creatures where even the locals could barely explain me what was that (6 pic.). So it is not really worth to follow the crowd sometimes. It is beautiful area so go and explore and remember – take nothing but photos, leave nothing but footprints! 😉





By Ruta-bertasiute

I am Ruta. Originally I am from Lithuania but now I am living in Cyprus. I am graduate of Geography (Meteorology) so the travels it is just my thing. I was always willing to do it does not matter what kind of travel it suppose to be. I even love to go just from home with the bag and just to sleep in the tent somewhere over. I am not a hotels or restaurants person at all. I prefer to stay in the nature or if it is not possible I am trying to find some locals who would be able to host me and to show me around. For me this is traveling and experiencing the country and the culture while the locals can show you around the places not everyone knows. The world is very simple just we forget it sometimes! Back to the roots!

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