Gokarna : An Unexplored Paradise

January 1, 1970

by Wanderer Journal

Gokarna: An Unexplored Paradise

How To Get To Gokarna:

To Reach Gokarna you can either go by road or train or fly to Bangalore or Goa and then get a bus or rent a car to get there.Well,I would suggest a road trip as you can enjoy the beautiful scenery on the way.

  • Distance From Goa:150 Kms
  • Distance From Bangalore:615 Kms


I love travelling because it awakens so many emotions inside you… so since I love moving about and my friends love travelling too, we decided that we would celebrate the 2016 New year in Goa, and we decided that we would drive all the way to Goa from Chennai. After a lot of insane Partying sessions and the New Year celebration in Goa, a peaceful scene in a calm place was much needed.. so me and my friends decided to drive to Gokarna which was about 150 Km away from Goa situated in the state of Karnataka. To get to Gokarna, since I wasn’t much of a driver, I did most of the sleeping and navigating with the help of google map..so after a tiring drive in search of the right routes, we finally reached Gokarna ! well to be honest, initially when we got there, I was not too impressed and was pretty much hungover with the Memories of the Amazing time I had in Goa.. Either ways we decided that first we would stop by at the nearest beach which was the Gokarna beach and have a cup of tea, listen to waves and relax..but it turned out to be nothing as we expected because of the crowd and noise. Now Gokarna is characterized by its temples and beaches. If you love beaches like I do, then it would be wise to spend time visiting the beaches as they have a lot of them and the most popular ones are ‘ The Om beach ‘, Kudle beach ‘,‘ Paradise beach’ and Half moon beach ‘ so we decided we’d drive to the other nearest beach,which was the Om beach and find a place there.



                         A Scene From Om Beach

The shore of Om beach, when looked at from a aerial point of view resembles ‘Om’ , a word which holds significance in Hinduism.Om beach is again a beautiful beach that can also get crowded at times.. so we decided to look for a place to stay by the beach itself. The thing about finding a place for stay is that, in the month of December and January it is almost impossible to find a place to stay due to the massive of flow of tourists ..but finding a place to stay by the beach or in the city,Excluding the months of January and December is not too hard as you can always find a place to stay by the beach or in the city for a good rate.

After spending a while in the beach we decided to go back to the city and look for a place there. most of the resorts and hotels were fully booked as expected, but after an hour of search we were lucky to find rooms at the hotel Ashokavana situated by the Om beach road. If you are going to be spending very less time in the room then this would be a good place as it’s simple and resonable at the same time. The place can be a blessing to weary travelers who need a place just to rest in the night and to freshen up. So we were quite lucky to find the place and within seconds of stepping into the room we had hit the bed. After a goodnight’s sleep, we woke up in the morning and got ourselves ready for a trek to ‘Paradise beach‘.



A Glimpse Of Paradise

Paradise beach happened to be located a few kilometers away from our place of stay, so we left our Car back at the hotel to avoid the trouble of finding a place to park and instead took an auto to the starting point of the trek towards paradise beach. The trek was both tiring and fascinating at the same time. ‘Tiring’ because of the hot sun and ‘exciting’ owing to the route that looked magical,covered with shrubs and trees and rocks. The route took us through narrow paths,and once we reached, the view of the sea took our breath away. The shimmering blue water.. the peaceful shore.. the boat in the distance.. the sun shining proudly.. all summed up so beautifully and was a visual treat. I was truly speechless by what i saw.. and my friends were lucky enough to spot a dolphin in the sea while I managed to spot it’s tail above the water.We then found a perfect spot on the beach, slightly elevated from the shore, sat back and enjoyed the sunset with some good music.


With A Friend

This beach is isolated from the city and the only locals you find there are mostly the vendors selling fruits and the people in charge of the boats involved in transporting the tourists from one beach to another.  The remaining crowd mainly comprises of tourists from in and outside India. So after a peaceful time at the beach, it was time for us to move on. since camping was restricted for unknown reasons and there were no other places to stay, we decided to make a move to Kudle beach .You can reach Kudle beach either by boat or by trekking from paradise beach and it is also possible to trek to Kudle beach from Gokarna beach.

The boat ride from paradise beach to Kudle beach was quite fun and a bit scary at the same time. when I say scary I mean only me. Though I am a person who enjoys the beach I am frightened when it comes  to going a little deep into the sea.I was about both excited and petrified at the same time and everytime the boat went over a wave I thought I would drown. Every small  emotion I  felt during the ride, contributed to me having a good time and in a very long time i saw a spectacular sunset as I listened to the water..



Taken From A Shack At Kudle


We had then come to our final stop which was the ‘Kudle beach‘ . the beach had a good crowd, a good number of places to stay that were not fully booked yet, and most importantly,good sea food which was much needed after the trek. on our last night in Gokarna we sat by the beach and enjoyed the bonfire as we sipped on our breezers..accompanied by a sky full of stars.



Gokarna was a blend of two completely different cultures where people from all over the world come in search of peace.. some of them find it in the temples and some like us found it in the beaches of Gokarna. Witnessing the co existence of two different worlds was a worthwhile experience, and for anyone who respects the diversity and does not disturb the harmony, it will be a truly Rejuvenating Experience.


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