Girls paradise in Turkey

January 1, 1970

by FindSabina

Where should girls go for their summer vacation?

When my best friend Jovana asked me where should we go for our summer vacation, nice beaches, delicious cocktails and hot guys crossed my mind. šŸ˜€

We live in Bosnia and Herzegovina, aĀ lovely little country in Ā Southeastern EuropeĀ located on theĀ Balkan Peninsula, so I searched for exciting places in Europe because we didnā€™t have enough money to go somewhere further.Ā  We were students with part-time jobs but we didnā€™t have enough money for planeĀ tickets so it has to be a nice place where we can arrive by bus.

One sunny afternoon she came with aĀ suggestion that we should go to Turkey. I will be completely honest and say that I didnā€™t like that idea because in my mind I couldnā€™t connect nice beaches, delicious cocktails and hot guys with Turkey.Ā 

Usually, when someone mentioning Turkey I think of belly dancers, extraordinary music, interesting food spices, mosques and complicated language.

I mean, seriously, what crosses your mind?

On the road

Four of us, all girls, traveled from Belgrade, Serbia to Kuşadası, Turkey by bus. Duration of the trip – 28 hours! I donā€™t know how could we be so stupid. Honestly, think about itā€¦we were going on vacation and we took bus tickets for 28 hours long trip!? Well, sure, we didnā€™t have any money for aĀ plane but stillā€¦

Anyhow, those 28 hours passed with different kind of games, reading, talking, listening to music and singing, laughing, snoring (not mine! :D), taking pictures and eating a lot of really healthy food like chips and chocolates.

Friendly advice: when it comes to Turkey, in general, do not book your excursions, trips and visits to amusement water parks through your agency because you can make a reservation and pay for everything you want with locals who works on the beaches. Why would you pay 40ā‚¬ more for swimming with the dolphins or 50ā‚¬ extra for cultural and archaeology tours? Plus donā€™t forget to negotiate with the locals on prices and you can negotiate about everything, even jewellery made of gold. Your market skills will come out and sellers will be satisfied to see you coming back to their shop, restaurant, boutique etc. Ā 

Welcome to Kuşadası, girls paradise !

Iā€™m not gonna write about thisĀ city or describe every beach because honestly, for me, beaches are similar everywhere you go. I mean, you can mention sea, lovely sunsets, palm trees, sand, rocks, seashells and thatā€™s it.

I wanna write about their hospitality. They treat girls like princesses! Everywhere in the city!

I will give you just one example and you can get the picture in your mind what Iā€™m trying to say. During one really hot day, we walked down the main street in the centre of the city when one polite man approached to us. We were passing by the restaurant where he works and he wanted to show us whatā€™s on their menu and what kind of entertainment they have for that night. They had one man show on acoustic guitar and it was just what we needed – relaxing music and lovely dinner. They were so kind to us – their chauffeur picked us up in front of our hotel (free taxi service), we had free cocktails, free deserts, they surprised us with red rose for each one of us, my shoulders burned in the sun and one of their waiters brought me bucket of ice and voluntarily stood next to me to help me with putting ice in a cloth and then on my shoulders (like there is something to help about lol), they gave us lovely colourful hand fans to remember them plus we had a discount on entire dinner plus their chauffeur returned us to our hotel. Where can you find something like that?

And this is not the case just for this restaurant, itā€™s like that everywhere you go. Iā€™ve Ā never visited better place for girls so far, thatā€™s for sure.


Trip to Pamukkale

Word Pamukkale means “cotton castle” inĀ Turkish.Ā  ItĀ  is located inĀ Denizli ProvinceĀ in southwesternĀ Turkey, aĀ couple of hours from Kuşadası.

This place contains hot springs andĀ travertines. There are 17 beautiful hot water springs where the temperature rises from 35Ā Ā°C (95Ā Ā°F) to 100Ā Ā°C (212Ā Ā°F). If you search for this place on the Internet you will find text about calcium carbonate, Ā carbon dioxideĀ and other chemical terms. I donā€™t know anything about chemistry so I canā€™t explain how itā€™s made but I can say what I saw there.

I saw wonderfulĀ touristĀ attraction. Ā The attraction that is recognized as aĀ Unesco World Heritage Site. Basically, it looks like snow but itā€™s warm and firm and you canā€™t make a snowman out of it. I donā€™t know what is the best time for visiting it because we went in August and it was crowded with people, mostly Chinese people. So it was literally impossible for us to take memorable photos without someone elseā€™s head jumping in front of the camera.

While I was trying to make best pictures Ā in those conditions, I heard one tourist guide saying there is a legend about those warm pools. It seems that if you take a bath in Pamukkale you will have clean, healthy and beautiful skin. After that, I realized there were a lot of people with some kind of skin damage. I guess people believe in that story!

You have to leave your shoes on the stairs and there are areas where itā€™s forbidden to walk. But there is a lot of space for you to enjoy in this surreal place made by nature. Just be careful because itā€™s very slippery.


girl in Pamukkale

Ephesus – mark of stunning Ā times in history

Ephesus, aĀ former ancient Greek city, is now located in Ä°zmir Province. Ā It was built in the 10th century BC. This city was famed because of theĀ Temple of Artemis, one of theĀ Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. TheĀ ruinsĀ of Ephesus are one of the Ā favourite international and local tourist attractions.

It was magnificent to see and learn about all those interesting historical monuments. Ā Ā Ā  There were aĀ lot of different groups with their guides and logical, lot of languages. I followed aĀ couple of English onesĀ  to hear as much as possible. Also, there are signs with explanation near every stone, temple, statue etc.

There were hundreds of cats, just laying around all those monuments, enjoying the sunlight. Oh, yes, when it comes to sun and heat, it was horrible! I have a white skin that quickly burns when Iā€™m exposed directly to the sunlight so I had to put aĀ large towel on my head to protect myself. Bottle of water, sunglasses and sun protection cream are necessary! This applies to Pamukkale also.


Ephesus ruins


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