Ginatilan Cebu: The Amazing Mists of Inambakan Falls

January 1, 1970

by Benchard Esparcia


As climate changes,  we all want to cope up to get comfortable. Visiting places to cool down is best thing we can do.

Here is one of the best spots in Ginatilan Cebu Philippines,

The Inambakan Falls

It was a Family bonding time.It has been few years since the last time we meet them so it was perfect for us to get together again to hear new stories ,experiences and advices from them. We decided to visit Inambakan falls since most of us haven’t been there yet. Some of my cousins have been there already but it was a long time ago and we’ve heard that the falls premises have been developed so they wanted to see those. We headed from our place Samboan which is right next to Ginatilan Municipality. We took 2 tricycles because we were more than 10. We paid 10 pesos each from Samboan to Ginatilan town proper. It was only about 15 minutes ride.

The Habal-habal Ride

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As we arrived at the entrance to the Inambakan falls, there were habal-habal drivers with their powerful motorcycles welcomed us with 360 degree smiles and eager to bring us to their evercared and well-maintained Inambakan falls. We paid 30 pesos each  one of us because it was quite far and bumpy but it was really worth the ride.

It was 3.9 kilometers from the main road to the destinations.We rode habal-habal which are quite strong and powerful that makes them perfect to climb up the mountainous areas of Ginatilan and smoothly pass rough roads. It took us around a quarter of an hour to reach our jump-off point from the town proper. We disembarked from our habal-habals, paid the entrance fee at 20 pesos  each head and proceeded down the cemented perfectly made steps which led most of the way to our first destination. We walked and passed a stunning river. The water was so clean and clear. You can clearly see and spot individual stones at the bottom. We took careful steps while we trekked. The trail was quite wet and slippery, so had to.

The Tempting Mist

As we walked down the trail, seemed to get wetter and muddier, the water sound crashing down became louder. After the bend of the path, we had our first sight of our jaw dropping destination, the great Inambakan Falls. It was 100 foot tall and was so strong that it created a soft touched misy aroung the area and some are towards us. The mists temptated us so we waited no more and put down our packs. We approached the water with ful excitement and then dipped down the cool water.

Oh, it was so refreshing. It was the best feeling ever.

The gree part is quite deep at around 8 feet. You can swim towards the cavern behind Inambakan’s strong fall. Behind the fall is a large rock where you can perch on. Just be very careful not to get directly below the fall; the force is so strong that it would push you underwater. If you dont know how to swim don’t worry, there’s a perfectly round shallow pool beside the main pool where you can swim around. Be careful with blind huge stones underneath. You can step on to them and sit. The water is quite cold so please bring thick towel if possible.

Everyone had an excellent refreshing dip, which was truly a boon on this hot day.

“Aren’t you tempted?”

Diving is permitted on one side of Inambakan Falls. However,  diving there is at your own riskInambakan falls claimed a number of lives so please don’t dive without any words from locals.

Be careful when swimming around the waterfalls’ basin.

The green part is quite deep at around 8 to 10 feet. If you don’t know how to swim, just stay away from the green area for your safety. You may bring inflatables so you can lay down and watch the perfect blue sky. You can swim behind Inambakan’s crashing waterfall with care. However, do not swim right underneath the waterfall’s curtain. The force of the fall is so strong that it will push you down under the waterfalls. Be careful, your adventure might become a nightmare. 🙂

It was a nice experience we had in Inambakan Falls. Mother nature has always never failed us.

Don’t forget to bring these following:

  • water (at least two liters)
  • snacks and softdrinks (you might want to stay longer, it was quite a long ride) 
  • bathing suit (dont wear thick clothes)
  • Inflatables, it’s nice to touch the waterfalls)
  • extra clothes (you need to change after, you still need to go back and ride 3.9 kilometers)
  • extra money (in case of emergencies)
  • sandals (avoid those ones that are slippery)
  • umbrella, hat, or sarong (protect you skin from the heat of the sun)
  • Sunblock (well, if you have.)

Please respect Mother Nature by not littering the area and vandalizing the rocks.

Keep your trash and find a bin in the area or you may ask the locals nearby.

Keep voices down and avoid unnecessary behavior.

I hope you will enjoy your trip in Inambakan Falls. Make most of your visit. It will take long until your next visit I know.

Thanks for reading until next adventure. 🙂

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