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January 1, 1970

by Marí Goguadze

Big heart of the small country called Slovenia


Kalvarija hill, maribor, Slovenia    <strong><a href=''>Ljubljana</a></strong>, Slovenia  View on Maribor

If you are interested to visit Slovenia and want to know more about this country, then this is definitely for you! I want to share with you my experience of spending 3 beautiful months of my life in Slovenia and share some useful tips, which will help you to navigate to Slovenia.

I was living in a really small town Krsko. It is considered to be really quiet place, but during my living there I had opportunity to travel a lot. As the country itself is perfectly located in the Central Europe. What I really love in Slovenia is the landscape, you have basically everything in this small county what a country needs. Doesn’t matter what kind of person you are, you will always find something interesting in Slovenia. Even in the smallest cities you will find really old castles, beautiful lakes, old caves. Whole country is surrounded by mountains, but that’s not all in the south-west there is a wonderful coast and amazing towns and the most important thing –  in 2-3 hours you can be in Austria, Italy or Croatia, even Hungary.

Its capital Ljubljana looks like small Venice, well known by triple bridge. While walking in the streets of Ljubljana, you feel a coziness of the city. Narrow streets, canals, street musicians, nice bars, delicious food – creates an unforgettable atmosphere.

Brezice castle, Slovenia Lahinja river view from Gradac castle


Some useful tips while wondering through Slovenia:


There is a free one hour WiFi in Ljubljana. You need to provide your number and it connects your device automatically.


Train in Slovenia painted with graffiti

The country is located very well, but you will rarely find cheap flight and airlines to or from Ljubljana. It is really common to use car sharing, called prevozi. (same as blablacar, but local one) you need to register on the website or install mobile application. Choose a date for travelling or a destination. On prevozi you can find local and international destinations as well. I have traveled lots of times by prevozi, it’s almost two times cheaper than local transport and it’s totally safe. Another option is to use a train, which is also very affordable. Hereby I want to note that the train looks very cool with its graffiti paintings made by young artist. For more information go to the Link and for the buses check

Train station and bus station are in front of each other and both are on walking distance to the city center.


You have to go by night at Metelkova, which is kind of an underground place. Cheap drinks, electronic music and a history of the place attracts lots of people. its kind a creepy place, where the prison was located, but now there are few clubs and  a hostel, where you can overnight if you are attracted by that kind of places where  rooms still look like a prison.


Food and Drinks

Wine Modra Frankinja, Slovenia wine festival, Sevnica

Meet and soup are considered to be very popular in Slovenia. Most of the traditional dishes contain meet. Keep in mind that the portions are quite big. One important thing is that it is not common to leave your food, in fact it’s considered to be rude. I had a situation when I couldn’t finish my meal and the chef and waitress were coming to my table, trying to find out what was wrong with the food, they couldn’t just believe that it was too much for me. After that I was trying to eat it all 🙂 Try Burek, which is kind of national food of Slovenians it is a double pie with meat or cheese.

Slovenians have a long and rich history of wine making, the proof of that is the oldest grapevine in the world, which is to be found in Maribor(one of the city of Slovenia) You will see lot of vineyards in the countryside and if you will have a chance to attend the wine festival in Slovenia don’t miss it, I was lucky enough to try oldest wines from Sevnica Castle wine cellar.

Check my small documentary movie about Modra frankinja wine festival here

Local beer (pivo) is Laško and Union. If you prefer Vodka you need to try Rakia, it is not Slovenian, but typical for Balkan countries.

Culture and Habits

Slovenians are really nice and helpful people. During three months I ve made lots of friends there. There are some of the habits you need yo know before visiting the country.

  • Most of them speak English.
  • People are little too formal to each other. When meeting someone you haven’t seen for a long time the most common greeting is a handshake, they usually do not kiss on the cheek. Before getting used to it, I felt in odd and funny situations lots of times, when i tried to greet them with a kiss and they were just keeping their distance to handshake me.
  • Usually boys are really shy, but seeing them drinking will change your image as they might get totally wild smashing the bottles and glasses in the bars, so don’t be surprised – it’s quite a common habit.
  • Personally for me people who live near the Italian border are more open and informal, then those who live in the Central part.
  • They are very punctual, so try not to be late.
  • Note that most of the shops, groceries, malls, pharmacies are closed on Sundays, so if you want to buy something you need to buy in advance. In the big cities you can still find some 24/7 shops, but really rarely.


palm tree in port of koper, slovenia  kayak, sea, slovenia, koper

Slovenia has 47km of coastline on the Adriatic Sea. Koper, Izola, Piran and Portoroz are the main towns on the coast and they are just amazing! If the center of Slovenia has visible Austrian influence, which is affected on the style of living, this part has mostly Italian influence. You can hear people speaking Italian on every step. Koper and Piran look really nice, both cities make you feel you are in Italy with its Venetian Gothic architecture. You can enjoy those beautiful cities, which are very close to each other and find interesting stuff to do, as beaches, boats for rent, kayaks and bars.

More places to see

Oldest cinema in Ptuj, Slovenia   Slovenia, bled lake   089 - Copy-min


<strong><a href=''>Bled</a></strong> Lake, Slovenia

And of course one of the main Touristic place The Bled Lake and Castle and church in the island in the middle of the lake, in a small town Bled. If you are more interested in less touristic places you have Bohinj, which is nicer and really wild nature.

If you want to know how the oldest cities of Slovenia look like you need to visit Nova Mesto, Maribor, Ptuj, which is one of the oldest castle. I can assure you Ljubljana will be a really nice location for urban style lovers, almost on every corner you can find graffiti art paintings.

That’s really a small bite of my travelling and living in Slovenia. If you have questions regarding the country feel free to ask.


If you are interested in my small documentary movies made in Slovenia click on links below:

  • To so Cigani – About Roma community in Slovenia and first Roma restaurant in Maribor
  • Vilinski gaj – About Waldorf Kindergarten in Ptuj
Marí Goguadze

By Marí Goguadze

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