Get Ready to Explore the Heart of Africa

A keen traveler, I  initially quenched my yearning appetite to explore by becoming a backpacker, exploring the motherland of Africa. I ventured into a nomadic motion on a path to Tanzania. Why Tanzania? I had a list of reasons before me. Firstly Tanzania is filled with statistics one can rave by. The highest mountain in Africa is Kilimanjaro in Arusha, Tanzania. The fifth highest in the world!  

Where is Tanzania?

victoria-1804898__340             It is located in the Eastern Africa, flat plateau that rises from a coastal belt at a height of approximately 1500m. This plateau is segmented by the twenty million-year-old Great Rift Valley. Twenty million years ago Tanzania was formed when the crust of the earth weakened and split. The creation of the jagged rift stretched for may thousands of kilometers down the east of Africa. .The earth plate tearing apart caused eruptions and earthquakes forming volcanic mountains on every side of the rift and the valet floor sank lower forming the flat plains From an outer space view, the rift resembles two parallel lines down Africa.The Rift cuts that are 2000m deep on the  African continent from the Dead Sea right to Mozambique.The Main Rift Valley branch bisects the land of Tanzania. The Western region includes the Congo Tanzanian border.       The Great Rift    

Exploring nature?

Tanzania has a huge mammal population supported by twenty-five percent of the land being national parks or conservation areas.An interesting opportunity to witness the annual migrations of about two million wildebeest, zebras, and gazelle. Tanzania has about 1130 different bird species and the great lakes that border Tanzania harbor the most diverse species of fish in the whole world! It that is not mesmerising enough, the rhythmic sounds of  poetic names of places will definitely magnetize  your pathway …… calling in the tone  of Zanzibar, Kilimanjaro, Serengeti Ngorongoro Crater, Selous, Dar-Es-Salaam,  Lake Victoria , Kilwa Lake Malawi,Rift Valley, Lake Tanganyika, and of course the Maasai Steppe assemble an unforgettable experiences in the heart of  the motherland known as  Africa with nature , wild animals, snowcapped peak of  Kilimanjaro, palm-linings of beaches enraptures in clear, calm Indian Ocean waters. Travelers with no keen interest in safaris and game drives opt for hiking and mountain climbing adventures.For most travelers, Mount Kilimanjaro usually tops the list. It is, after all, the highest on the whole continent and the most famous. There are other mountain ranges that have attractive peaks are in the Northern and Eastern parts of Tanzania.  Mount Meru, tame Usambara Mountains, and gentle Crater highlands slopes then there is Ol Donyo Lengai and the active volcano.  

The popular attractions for most visitors are:

  • The Spice island of Zanzibar
  • The Ngorongoro Crater
  • Serengeti National Park
  • Tarangire National Park
SAM_3540 zebra Most tourists follow well-defined itineraries and routes that do combine into fine game viewing an exploration of historical towns and the beaches in Zanzibar Island. Many tourists do not usually stray beyond this motion, however, as a constant traveler to Tanzania and having lived in many areas Tanzania I can attest that if there is time available other areas are worth a visit beyond those that are popular. Having lived all around the country from Zanzibar and Iringa to Mafia Island, Bagamoyo, and Kigamboni,  a small ferry ride from the chaotic bustling town of Dar es Salaam, I have been induced with ab insider view into the sightings and marvels of everyday Tanzania. Every second that is spent in Tanzania becomes an experience worthy for all that realize their vision and dream to explore Tanzania. On a venture of exclusivity, there are Southern tours and Western tours which include, Selous Game reserve, Udzungwa, Mafia Island, Ruaha, Mikumi, Mahale, and Rubondo national park. There are a vast number of safari packages with an atmosphere os the wilderness and an offer of quality lodge places to stay.  If you are an adventurous tourist, western and southern reserves are the best.A journey to travel into Tanzania is not just about ticking off a list of sites visited. It is an oasis of a peaceful continent with egalitarian values. The destination can really be enjoyable, either as a conventional tourist on a defined route or a dusty backpacking route or a venture into the Southern Highlands to follow chimp tracking in rainforests of the Mahale. The journey leave memorable mark engraved for a lifetime!  

More about  Tanzania

  • There is the mainland, (Tanganyika), and then there are the Islands of Zanzibar (Unguja), and Pemba that cover an area of 945,200 km.
  • Tanzania country rich in agriculture as it has arable land of forty million hectares. It is filled with natural resources inclusive of minerals as well as flora and fauna.
  • The world's largest crater is believed to be The Ngorongoro Crater (3,647 meters) and has the animal species concentration
  • The world’s second deepest and longest lake, Lake Tanganyika
  • The highest Mountain in Africa.
  • The world's second largest lake Lake Victoria
  • Inland water is 60,000 so. km, including lakes like Lake Nyasa, Lake Eyas, Lake Rukwa,  and Lake Natron. Tanzania has a coastal line that is unbroken of about 800 kilometers that have ports in Dar es Salaam, Mtwara and Tanga and Mtwara providing access to the landlocked neighbors.

Travel tips to tag along on the  Tanzanian travel venture:

  • The main language that is use is Kiswahili. Catch up by picking up a few words
  • TShillings is the currency used.Foreign currencies like dollar and Euros are accepted at most tourist spaces. There are ATMS for cash withdrawals and Park fees are payable with special TANAPA cards issued by local banks ELIM and CRDB.
  • The major airline in Tanzania is air Tanzania, South African Airways, Precision Air, Uganda airlines, Egypt airlines, Kenya airlines, KLM, Rwanda, and Qatar.
  • Ensure yellow fever and malaria vaccination is taken.
  • The weather is dry and hot with mornings and evenings that are cool. There are short rains from November to the middle of December and a longer rainy season from March to May. The coastal areas are hot and humid. Season do vary and freezing points are reached on the mountain peaks,
  • Take lighter clothes and sweaters for early mornings and evenings. If a game drive is ventured on, take a sun hat sunglasses and sunscreen with lone sleeves to ward off the insects. Get yourself thermal underwear and rain jackets, socks and boots are you plan to summit Kilimanjaro mountain.
  • The safari parks are usually open by 6:30 am until 6 pm.
  • Protect cameras and do ask for permission before capturing images of locals.
  • It is advisable to get travel insurance for baggage and medical expenses that may occur.
  • Power surges and failures are common so carry a headlamp.
  • Check your visa requirements and keep belongings safe even though Tanzania is known to be a safe country generally.


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