I was happy to be born in country, which has four seasons. Change of autumn, winter, spring and summer is one of biggest joys in Lithuania for me. Of course, I could never imagine that fifth season exists. Until this summer. Now I know what means to spend your days in the fifth season. If you ever wondered about it, continue reading, I will happily share my experience with you. trav3 Me in the fifth season


We distinguish summer because of its hot days. We feel winter because of cold wind and snow falling down. We would immediately say here the autumn comes after weeks of rainy days and temperature getting lower. So how could we notice we came up to the fifth season? Does it have a name? In which countries can you face it? How long does it last? Well, fifth season is a miracle as it lasts forever. To feel it you do not need to be at some particular time, you just need to be on the right place. Which is, actually, one house, located close to little village Juta in Georgia. Oh, and yes, it was not a mistake, to enter the fifth season; you must come up to it. To enter fifth season you need to have a horse, a mountain motorbike or you can trust your own feet. Driver, leave your car alone, it is impossible to come up like that. The car can bring you no closer than village Juta, in which only 20 people live today. Georgians moved from this place as it was too hard to grow food and connect with other villages in these rough mountainous lands. To village Juta you can come by a car from another bigger village Kazbegi. So, if one day you will find yourself in Georgia, don’t hesitate to take a local cab from Tbilisi to Kazbegi. From Kazbegi find yourself a friendly driver who will pick you up to Juta. Then from Juta climb up to the fifth season. Well, now let us be clear. Fifth season is actually a hut. A cozy house built from wood and stones by the hands of the locals. Going up to it can make you a little bit tired, but as soon as you see the house, you face the wonderful Chaukhi mountains as well. Scenery of that will leave you astonished and, believe me; you will take out your camera first than a bottle of water. trav2 Chaukhi mountains


Go inside the hut and you will meet them – the wonderful team of the fifth season. The boss of the house Gela Arabuli will kindly greet you and some minutes later offer you to drink some cha-cha (local vodka from grapes) with him. trav6 Gela in the middle with some of his friends In the kitchen, you will see an energetic woman, whose name is Cio, working hard to prepare you the best Georgian dishes. trav5 Cio the cooker Surely, you will meet Shavlego, who will probably be dancing and switching the electro-music. Kind of a D-Jey, I guess. trav4 Shavlego Outside you will meet a horse Fuego, whose name was given to him because of its red-brown fur, which looks more like a fire. Feel free to jump on it and ride for a while, as Fuego is a friendly horse. Of course, it would be kind to ask for Gelas or Shavlegos permission at first, just to show your politeness.


It is possible you will meet some local kids from the village Juta as well. They come here to spend their days, helping for tourists while leading them to Chaukhi rocks on the horses. Oh, and they are great riders! I have never seen somebody riding a horse better than they do. Jumping on a horse when he is already running, turning it 360 degrees around and, finally, riding so fast on the not the most comfortable paths in the world. It would be OK, but when you see they are just little boys, somebody maybe just 9 years old, it seems unbelievable what they can perform. Tonight I had a dream. I was riding the horse with some local kids somewhere in the mountains. Initially the horse was under my control, but after some time, it started running so fast that I fell. I thought my falling will make my knees and hands bloody, but as soon as I stood up, I understood nothing bad had happened to me. Children were smiling and I jumped up on the horse again. You see, in fifth season nothing bad never happens. That’s why I’m telling you my dream. I don’t know how it is possible, but through my staying there 2 months, nothing bad had happened. I guess that is one of the features of the fifth season. Another one – freedom. It is the freest house in Georgia, which is not only my opinion. Georgians themselves agree on that and the travelers from all around the world would tell you the same. It is crazy to feel some of the moments there. I will tell you one.


Imagine yourself in the middle of the night. You come outside; the moon is shining his light upon the misty mountains of Chaukhi. Weather is quite chilly, as you are above 2300 meters. The loud electro is coming from the house, all around you people from all around the world are talking, dancing, as you have never seen before, some smoking and drinking and everyone is happy. Smile on the faces and laughter everywhere. The strangest thing is you are… nowhere. The closest shop is about two hours away, no internet connection, and some service available just at the right side of the house. You are rushing nowhere, you want nothing, and you are just living this minute fully and until the end. Without a lot of struggle. So, here you are in the fifth season. trav1 Moon shining above the Chaukhi mountains Finally, I would say, that reading this article is like listening how it feels tasting an ice cream. If you have good imagination, maybe you will realize what an ice cream is, but it can be never compared with just tasting it. So, come up! If you are tired of four season down here, the fifth one is always waiting for you.

Kotryna Reimeryte

People, I am who I am. Or, I don’t really know who I am. You see, then life becomes very interesting. I don’t know who I am and I try to find out. That’s why I travel, write this article, take these pictures, get up every morning and drink my coffee outside for more fresh air. Hope I will never understand who I am. I like it more to remain a secret.