Fun things to do in kilim Geoforest Park, Langkawi, Malaysia.

November 13, 2018

by Lina Rosa

In Malaysia, Langkawi is famous with legendary stories, natural resources, beautiful beach that surrounded with 99 small islands, mountainous and last but not least a stunning mangrove forest. Kilim Goeforest Park is one of the 3 top UNESCO sites that you must visit in Langkawi. Different than a normal mangrove forest, Kilim is surrounded by a magnificent limestone rock formation that some of it is 490 million years old.

Kilim Geoforest Park as a world heritage

While cruising on the river, you might have a chance to spot the otters playing between mangrove tree, monitor lizard hunting for a fish and a bunch monkey swimming around. This monkey species known as a crabeater monkey, they are not only a great swimmer but they also have an ability to diving too. These friendly monkeys favorite food is a crab and usually, you can see them in a group of 10 to 15. Kilim River also famous favorite spot for bird watching fans.   In migratory season is on September until March, you can spot a bird that migrates from the north to south. Those birds prefer to choose a mangrove forest as a place of protection and source of foods.

Eagle Feeding

During the mangrove river cruise activities, the tourist can experience Eagle feeding activity. The boatman will take the tourist to the Eagle nest area and start to throw a piece of chicken on the water.  In meanwhile after that, he will make a loud sound with the boat engine. The eagles in the Kilim river are aware of and familiar with the sound that. Its mean time for eating. Normally an Eagle eye can see as far as 5 km and they start to aim the floating pieces of chicken.  They will come and fly down from the nest at the rocky hill to the water surface to snatch the pieces of chicken. In this situation, tourists can witness 20 to 30 of this majestic bird gliding around. Sometimes there are different species of Eagle like a White belly sea Eagle which is the size is slightly larger than a brown eagle.

Langkawi is a combination of two words which is Lang and Kawi. Word lang is derived from Word Helang and in Malay, its mean an Eagle bird. The second one is a Kawi is refer to the brown-reddish limestone that local refer Eagle that has Brown color. Brahminy kites are a common Eagle species that you can find almost everywhere in Langkawi. The weights of This Eagle species is around 3 to 5 kilograms about the size of a cat and do the hunting for a fish, crab and sometimes a snake. An Eagle has an instinct to build their nest around a rocky hill and near with food resources which are mangrove or river. That’s why kilim river is the best place that to watch wild eagle, the origin name of Langkawi.

Fish farm

It’s a natural instinct for the saltwater fish to go to Mangrove River (brackish water) to lay an egg and make a mangrove river as a nursery for the small fishes. There is a variety of fishes that you can find in the floating fish farm. Including Tuna, grouper, stingray puff fish, horseshoes crab, sea cucumber, lobster, and others. Every fish farm will have a guided tour that introduces variety type of fish that they have there. One must do activity is to feed the stingray fish. It’s not only a rare an opportunity to touch a live stingray but also to feed them from the palm of a hand. The guide will give you a piece of fish and stingrays fish will swim on the surface eat directly from your palm while making ‘slurp’ sounds. Those stingray fish are playful and friendly to human

Another interesting animal is horseshoes crab which one of the animals that survive from the dinosaur age. They have a blue color of blood and it’s almost impossible to catch them in the ocean. The only way is when they on the beach for mating seasons.   What so special about this animals is they are not from crab family, the truth is they are from scorpion family.

Besides that,  in this fish farm, they are not only exhibited fishes, but visitor also can have lunch there and choose a variety of fresh seafood. All of them is a fresh catch from the fish farm itself. You can choose fresh lobster, shrimp, squid and all that are served with local style. One of the suggested menú id a grilled fish with sambal paste.


 Bat Cave

The visitor doesn’t need a special shoe, and equipment to visit this cave. Its only takes 300 m for a tour around bat cave with a comfortable path walk. It is a golden experience to see a wild bat in their natural habitation. Daylight is a sleeping time for a bat and they will hang from the cave ceiling. You can rent torchlight at the entrance and it only cost an RM1 because the situation in the cave is quite dark. Please remember doesn’t make a loud sound and if you want to take a photo, please don’t use a flash. Besides of that, this caves also famous with a thousand years of stalactite and stalagmite. Some of them combine as a cave pillar and form variety shape including snake and frog shape. Don’t forget to witness the ´live´stone. They call it live Stone because it keeps growing and following the light.


Andaman Sea

Langkawi is in the middle of two seas, which is the street of Malacca and the Andaman Sea. North part of the island is an Andaman sea which is a famous photo stop for a visitor. There are a few unique islands with the shape of shoes and turtle. Guest will have a chance to snap a photo on the boat with a background of ´kilim Geoforest park board as a memory in Langkawi. From this part also you can see some part of Thailand that only a few kilometers from Langkawi


How to go there: There are two ways to reach to kilim river .the first jetty is Tanjung Rhu jetty which is more convenient if you are staying in Cenang beach area or the second jetty is Kilim river jetty that only takes 15 minutes from Kuah town.

How much the cost: if you prefer to take a join tour package, its only cost RM90 per person. The package includes pick up transfer from the hotel (Cenang or Kuah ) tours and lunch at the fish farm(basic)

They also prepare a private tour as low as RM250 per boat for 4 main attractions.

For those who love extreme activities, they also have a kayaking or Jet Ski mangrove tour with a guide.

Lina Rosa

By Lina Rosa

Hello and and Good day. My name is Nurlina binti Rosali and I'm from Malaysia. Working as a professional tour guide and i can provide information about Malaysia based on culture, history, foods and others. Besides of that, I'm also love to travel around the world. I had visited a few countries including thailand, Indonesia, China, Singapore, turkey, Chile, colombia, peru and latest one is Curacao


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