France, Mimizan Plage


France, Mimizan-Plage

In this blog I will tell you about my holiday and work in France, a great beach place called Mimizan-Plage. Mimizan is located in Aquiataine, south of France and only 1,5 hour from Spain.  

How I met this beautiful place. 

The first time I went to Mimizan was in july 2012, I went on a holiday with a friend of mine to a surfcamp called the O’neill surfcamp. This is a surfcamp located on Camping de la Plage. The camp is owned by a team of people from the Netherlands, and 90% of their guest are from the Netherlands as well. It was the first time I went on a camp, and it was also my first experience on holidays without my parents. Therefore my parents were happy that I didn’t go to a party Island like Ibiza or Kos. It felt a bit more safe, there are a lot of crewmember on this camp who are always around while you go out, go to the beach or and when you are at the camp. It’s not like they will follow you wherever you go, it’s just that they are there when you need them, and to make sure everyone will get home when the nightclubs close.

The surfcamp

We went on this camp for 17 days, the trip included a bustrip from the Netherlands to the campsite in France (14 hour drive!) 14 days on the camp, including 4 meals a week at the camp, made by some great cooks! You could choose your own surfpackage including 1 safety and material lesson, 2 surf lessons (or 4 surflessons or more.. whatever you want!) and full use of all boards while you stay at the camp. We choosed to get 2 surflessons and 1 safety lessons about where to surf, how currents work, how to carry your board and everything you need to know about surfing. Those lessons are given by some of the best surf instructors from the Netherlands (even 2 surf champions where there to teach, while we where there on holidays. My first surf lesson in the water was like riding a bike with no side wheels for the first time. At the beginning a bit wiggly but after an hour I could stand up on my board! I will never forget that feeling, and I wish everyone could experience that! As surfers would say, I was stoked! From that day, I wanted to surf as much as I could, and couldn’t wait to get my own gear and start surfing in the Netherlands as well.  

Some more information about the surf camp! 

The surfcamp is there from june untill september every year. They have guests from 16 years old till 30- or even older.. I can absolutly reccomend it to anyone who wants to be active on their holidays, and to those parents like mine, who don’t want their kids to go to a party Island. It’s so much fun, it feels so good to learn how to surf, the staff is so nice, the athmosphere is awesome and their are plenty of parties to go to. (yes, you can even get a beer or wine on the camp) The parties organized by the camp are for example: Cocktail party (you will pay a small extra amount for every partie) this includes 3 cocktails made by their fantastic crew! And at the end of the evening most of the time there are plenty of cocktails left so you can have 1 or 2 extra if you wish. Party du surf: unlimited drinks (including wine, beer, sangria, and leftover cocktails) Sangria night: Unlimited sangria (a mix of red wine, vodka and some juice) Open mic: everyone can perform (sing/guitar/piano/dance) this is together with the sangria night so absolutly great athmosphere, at the end of the night (after a few sangrias )you will see the best performances. BBQ night: great bbq dinner with 3 pieces of meat, free wine and soft drinks and a desert. With live music in high season (6 weeks) If you would like to take part in all those parties, they will have a great deal for you (with discount ofcourse!)

Work at the O'neill surfcamp 

But what if you are looking for a job in this situation? That’s exactly what I tought after I went there on Holidays in 2012 and 2013. So I asked the owners, how can I be part of this awesome crew? They knew me from the years before while I was there on holidays and where happy to get me in the crew. So in 2014 I went there, to work for a full season! (Starting in may with building up the camp) This camp is as we call it, a tent-camp. Everyone sleeps in big 2-4 or 6 persons tents with plenty of place for your bags, surfboards if you have them and anything you take with you. You don’t need your own matress, as they are included! Big inflateable airmatresses. (see picture) IMG_3347 We build up the camp in +- 3 weeks. There are a few big tents, where they cook and also a place where you can cook by yourself with everything you need, including fridges, a chill tent if you wish to watch a movie or relax, a surfboard tent (with 200+ surfboards in every size from 6’0 to 9 ft and sup boards) a wetsuit tent, you can rent a wetsuit for only 25 euro a week. And a bar (made from wood, with a real bar where you can order your drinks) Every year they build this all up to open their season in june. It was as good as having holidays, to be part of the crew, and be the person people can ask their quiestions to have a chat with, or go out with. Even if you want to go on holidays single, you will make new friends on your first day, the crew is always there 24 hours a day and are so happy to help you! As a crew member, you will get a tent, 4-5 meals a week, free drinks and a awesome time surfing, chilling and partying. (make sure you have a week of after this before you go back to work/school… haha) Non of the crew members are getting paid, but if you are a surfinstructor looking for a awesome job, you will get paid ofcourse!) Being part of the O’neill surfcamp changed a lot for me as a person, you can read more about that in my next few blogs (because at this point, I am in Australia!!) Surfing ofcourse…   If you wish to make a booking, or have more information about prices/available dates etc. Go to: Surflife Europe or Surflife Netherlands Don’t miss this lifechanging experience!    


I have been traveling (read: holidays) since I was a only 6 months old. Right now I am 21 and am traveling the world together with my partner. Places I have been: Austria France Spain Indonesia Australia and next will be Portugal! You can follow my journey on my own site