Forster: A holiday away on the water!

 How I know Forster:

Ever since I was a little girl I have been visiting Forster with my family. In fact, it is the holiday location we always go to. Every couple of years we travel together up to Forster (up from us, at least), road tripping for a little more than two hours. Since my family has always loved the location and visited it before I was even born, I found out through my family what a gorgeous vacation spot it really is. I, as a person, manage to bore myself easily but this is one location that as long as I live, I will never get tired of. Its welcoming community, waterside views and country style town, it is a location for all those who love morning walks, fishing/boating or just having family time.


Forster, New South Wales, Australia is a coastal town that is around 300km north north-east of Sydney. Although the small town is spelt 'Forster', the locals pronounce it 'Foster'. For those who are huge lovers of the water, you're in for a bit of luck as this gorgeous, Mid Coast location is right on the waterside. Forster actually has a lovely twin city (that's what the locals refer to it as), called Tuncurry, which is located right across the 'Wallis Lake Bridge'.

Highlights of Forster

When deciding on coming to Forster, you can't simply come on vacation just to lounge around in your caravan park or hotel room, you have to be outside, where the excitement both begins and ends. A list of highlights in Forster include:IMG_3458
  • Beaches
  • Dolphin and Whale Watching Cruises
  • Cape Hawke Lookout
  • Fishing- Break Wall
  • Marina (Paradise Marina)


Whether you choose to visit the most popular beach in the area 'One Mile Beach', which luckily, has its own holiday park right near it or decide to have a lovely family picnic at Elizabeth Beach, you'll be wanting to stay in Forster permanently. One Mile is one of the most popular beach, meaning it is a bit more packed on the hotter days. If you're more of a quiet person who wants tranquillity as well as gorgeous views, try Main Beach, which is a protected beach. McBrides Beach is a getaway from reality, which Pebble Beach is a hotspot for families.

Dolphin and Whale Watching Cruises

This luxury, I recommend personally. Make sure you jump on the next cruise, which sales you across the Wallis Lake for a good 2.5 hours, making it practically impossible to not see some form of wildlife. Unfortunately, depending on weather or time of year, you may miss dolphins or whales but if you make sure to catch it in the hotter season, the more chance you have. If you leave without any siting, don't leave disappointed. The experience alone is one to remember.

Cape Hawke Lookout

Cape Hawke Lookout is located (funnily enough) on Cape Hawke Drive. Tourists tend to say the trip up the hill can be quite “strenuous” but that they do maintain the path up the hill. If you're willing to challenge yourself (and the family) make sure you are willing to trek upwards to reach the lookout at the top.

Fishing- BIMG_3457reak wall

Fishing you can practically do anywhere. But if you're at Forster, there's no getting away from the break wall. Either just take a lovely stroll along it if you wish but no matter what, you're more than likely to encounter a fisherman somewhere in the near vicinity. If there is no fish biting, if you decide to give it a go it's most like because my brother has emptied the lake, as every time we visit he takes us on a few hours a day to watch him fish, commentating the whole time. From the break wall, you'll look out over the lake, watching kayakers or people in either their own boats or ones they decided to hire.

Marina (Paradise Marina)

Paradise Marina is only a small area but it is worth visiting. Whether you want to just get some exercise or go for a stroll, it is still an enjoyable experience. While you're there, make sure you view the boat hire or go into the small café or restaurant it has. My family always like to visit the café (called waterfront café) and grab a small bite to eat, while I get myself a cappuccino. The breakfast menu begins at 8 every morning, finishing up at 10.30am.


Make sure to check out a few of the restaurants at Forster. Of course being on the beach, seafood is the most requested, so if you're looking for a modern feel restaurant make sure you make your way to Restaurant 26 which is right in the centre of Forster, Paradise Marina right on the water or Reef Bar Grill, also on the water, more popular for families.


Believe it or not, you have a huge selection of places you wish to stay upon visiting Forster. You can choose from hotels and motels, bed and breakfasts, caravan parks, camping, cabins, cottages, and many more. IMG_3459Whenever I visit, my family and I stay in the caravan parks. We generally stay at the Big4 Holiday Park, but if we are feeling adventurous, we select another caravan park. For more information on accommodation and prices of everything, visit Forster NSW to get more information.


If wanting to find a small, welcoming community, make sure you make your way to Forster. It definitely has many family locations and views that are to die for. Overall, I believe the experience is one that is unforgettable as the ocean air will not only leave your hair in waves (or knots) but leaving you wanting more.    


So far I’m an 18 year old who has never been out of Australia. I have gone to different destinations throughout Australia, visiting small towns that not many know. To start off I want to put some of these gorgeous locations on the map, making them known to the greater world. I’ll talk about prices for accommodation, sites and maybe some small cafe’s or restaurants to try out. I hope to start exploring more of the world sometime soon and photograph my whole experience but for now I’m content with the smaller locations in my home country.