Food, Weather and more at the great Island of Chiloé!

October 12, 2018

by Carla Solís

Is a small island in the south of my country of residence in Chile, full of incredible landscapes that advise knowing, these were my main motivation to visit it, but I am there surprised me in the same way that the kindness of the people, its singular architecture, the delicious food, in addition to the magic that surrounds the legends of the sector.


Ferry crossing by the channel of Chacao

To get to Chiloé can only be done through the ferry in the town of Pargua since there is still no connection to the bridge, this trip is made through the Chacao channel, it is a fairly cold circuit, but it is worthwhile to make in the journey that lasts about half an hour, we can see dolphins that play around the boat and also to cap the cold you can have a coffee looking at the landscape.

City of Castro

I started my tour in Castro, when arriving the first thing I saw were many colorful houses of different heights, these are “Palafitos”, floating houses that are supported by trunks or stakes on land near the ocean, very striking adorn the landscape Along the coast, I thought I miss this. Is not the wood spoiled? Are not you afraid of falling into the sea? He explained that this is a tradition that takes many years and that there was no problem that they are very safe.

The church of San Francisco

Going through the center of Castro we find the Church of San Francisco, beyond what it represents in religious terms, I want to stop at what is a real architectural attraction, this is a church that is created entirely from wood typical of the area, from the seats to the religious figures including the facade, adorns the main square of the city and certainly gives a special touch to the place

Cucao National Park

My second visit was to Cucao another city on the island. My main motivation to tour the town was to visit this park, to get to Castro, where I was at that time, it is worth mentioning that it is the capital of the island, it is necessary to take a bus and it takes about an hour and leaves precisely at the entrance of this park. The first thing I could appreciate of this park was a sign that said, that there is a low cost camping area ideal for those who are backpacking, which was not my case, but it caught my attention.

The park is composed of several trails each one of them with particular attractions, which are connected to each other, in them we can find a restaurant half way since the route is long and can make us hungry, as well as a beautiful lagoon , all kinds of vegetation, beautiful birds, frogs and insects, among them the tabanos, a species of owl that emits a quite annoying noise, which generally follows people, but which can be found only near the lagoon, we can also find a museum where you can learn a little more about the history of the sector. I recommend visiting as apart from being entertaining is educational.

Gastronomy on the Island

It has a varied range of typical foods mainly dishes that come from the sea, seafood, fish, seaweed, mollusks are cooked by the locals creating the richest flavors. In my opinion, my favorite dish on the island is Curanto:

El Curanto al Hoyo:

This exquisite dish is one of the most characteristics of Chiloé, generally to enjoy this delicacy of Chilota gastronomy is necessary an invitation from some villager since it is a dish where the main mission apart from tasting is sharing. For its preparation, a hole is made in the earth and hot stones are intruded and on top of these, all kinds of seafood are placed and then on top of them to put meat either chicken or bovine pork among others, after this it is also placed potatoes and vegetable choice. After cooked and ready to serve the group, I must say that the combination of flavors is unique and if you want to eat in large numbers this is something that can not be missed when visiting Chiloé, as they enjoy a delicious meal and an opportunity to share a good afternoon.


The Milcao is a traditional food of the Big Island of Chiloé, this is prepared with potatoes that are grated and the other is ground, they are squeezed to remove the water and then both are mixed with butter and salt to form a kind of small round bread that can be fried you can add pork rinds of your choice, its flavor is particularly tasty and with two milks, it is perfect to be satisfied for a few hours.


During my stay in the archipelago in the month of February, this corresponds to the summer season in Chile, the average temperature was about twenty-eight degrees with a little wind, but generally the weather on the island the rest of the year is colder more similar to winter weather, this corresponds to about twelve degrees of temperature regularly

The legends of Chiloé

One of the peculiarities of the island is that there are a lot of myths and legends that are linked mainly to the sea. The one that most attracts my attention is the legend of:

“El trauco”

this account of a man of small stature that has the ability to charm women seduces them and with the look gets into their dreams and does not rest until they get pregnant, that is why there is a series of jokes among the inhabitants with regarding the subject.

Another legend around the island is the:


This is a ghost ship that sails on foggy nights, the crew would be strange witches that depending on the occasion would make good or bad deals with the fishermen. This is a legend highly respected especially by fishing boats

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Carla Solís

By Carla Solís

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