Five Sensational Experiences to do in Singapore

January 1, 1970

by Glory Moralidad

How people see and take life in a country amazes me. As a culture-vulture kind of girl, I immerse myself with literature, food, art, and local experiences when visiting a particular nation. The city skyline and modern pace can only strike me with amazement, but I guess I’m that girl who is much more awe with a person who beats a drum or sways a paintbrush or two.

Singapore might be a small country but they have are packed with loads of adventures travelers can experience. Heck, I don’t think people can finish doing the activities in just one day! The country has so many activities; locals and tourists alike will enjoy what the lion city can offer.

Here are a few cultural activities to do if you get to stay in the country. Experience Singapore like never before:

Hands ready: Find an art class or art jam session

Cups n Canvas Art Studio Cups n Canvas

If you love art and would like to brush your skills with Singaporean artists, head to Cups n Canvas, for your daily dose of art and caffeine! The other side of the room is a cozy café where plenty of artworks are being hung for sale. The other room is an art studio where people can just hold art session in the afternoon.

When my sister and I got there, some artists were happy to accommodate and tell us about the art scene in Singapore. Every January, they hold the Singapore Art Week that caters to different genres like film, literature, music and painting. I wasn’t able to paint at Cups N Canvas, but I did leave a little doodle there!

Art sessions start around S$60. It’s a bit pricey, but part of it is the use of brushes, paint, and canvas. Cups N Canvas can be found 139 Selegie Road.

Alternative art classes in Singapore:

  • Calligraphy workshops and appreciation classes starting from S$65 to S$400
  • Painting classes and art jams starting from S$60 to S$480 (I like!)
  • Linocut carving and cutting around S$60
  • Photography classes S$500 to S$2,000
  • Jewelry making is around S$90 to S$300.


Heart open: Volunteer at Singapore

turtle cat cafe munchkin cat

If you get to stay in the city for a few weeks or a whole month, you can join some organizations there, meet a few people, and have some fun! Here’s what I can suggest to you: The Cat Museum in Singapore is in dire need of volunteers who can assist them in a few events, take care of the cats, spread media, and do art!

I’m thinking of doing the latter where I can submit my artworks and raise funds for the museum. I mean, I can do that online! I’m trying to schedule a visit there on May 16, myself. Other volunteer opportunities include a book reading at the National Library. Every May, Singapore holds the Asian Festival for Children’s Content. And that’s why, I’m going back to the country, haha! Get to know different children’s books around the ASEAN region. Experience Singapore with a little volunteerism and see how people help their country grow.

The Cat Museum can be found at Purvis Street, #02-02, while the National Library is located at 100 Victoria Street.

Alternative volunteering opportunities in Singapore:

  • Animal shelters with Animal Lovers League
  • Asian Festival for Children’s Content at the National Library
  • Community centers – Bethel Community
  • Book readings at the National Library (I like!)
  • The Human Library Project Singapore


Blood rushing: Join adrenaline-pumping attractions

driveexperience modern attractions

I know I said culture, but this is one modern attraction and experience that sparked an interest in me. I haven’t done this yet, because, well, the name says it all. But, I’m planning to! These blood-rush attractions will get you on your feet and send you out of your breaths! Want to experience Singapore this way?

For one, I want to register to an Escape Room game if time permits this May. Zombies, chains, and blood, how is that not blood-curling to you? Sadly, I’m not sure if the manager will allow me though because I’m not with a group. So sad. But if you have friends, you guys can book this experience. The standard price for this game is S$28 per person. Another thrilling ride experience is the Flight Experience, where you get to fly on a Boeing 737-800 flight simulator.

Trapped Escape Room is near my booked hotel this May, at Kampung Glam Shop Houses, 42 Kandahar Street. Meanwhile, the Flight Experience is located at 30 Raffles Ave #02-06 near the Singapore Flyer.

Alternative thrilling adventures in Singapore:

  • Skydiving at iFly Singapore
  • Indoor Climbing at Kinetics Climbing
  • Forest Adventure at Bedok Reservoir
  • Play paintball at Bottle Tree Park
  • Join the Ultimate Drive Experience

Note: I haven’t done any of these experiences during my last trip, so, I honestly can’t say which one I should recommend 🙂 We’ll see this May.


Eyes see: Participate in local festivals

vesak day

If you want to know all about Singapore, immerse yourself in the events and festivals that are about to happen in the country. My sister and I once visited the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple in Chinatown to see how people and monks observed their homage to Buddha on Vesak Day. As early as 6:30 AM, the pilgrims were already lining up saying a prayer or two.

This May, Singapore will have Savour, an annual food festival that brings chefs and restaurateurs all over the world and country to showcase different food and wine selection. It’s going to be on May 12 and will end on May 15, so, I don’t think I can make it there. 🙁

This year’s Vesak Day will be celebrated on May 10 at different relic temples of Singapore. If you wish to visit the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple in Chinatown, then head to 288 S Bridge Rd. Festivals let you experience Singapore in a different light.

Alternative festivals to look forward to in Singapore:

  • Dragon Boat Festival (May 30)
  • Hari Raya Aidilfitri (June 25)
  • Singapore Food Festival (July)
  • National Day (August 9)
  • Singapore International Festival of Arts (August to September) – I like!


Stomach ready: Food trip in Singapore

little india hawker stalls

If you ask my sister and me, we would like to stay forever in Little India. Just leave us with a couple of Fish Tikka, Naan, Biryani, and Masala Tea, and we’re good. The first time we went to Singapore, we asked to stay near the community, and our agency booked us to Hotel Fragrance. For those who love hot and spicy meals like we do, then we invite you to Little India, and you won’t be disappointed. You can find all the good chow for about S$5 to S$15.

Also, you should not miss Chinatown’s Food Complex because that’s where all good noodles and vegetable soups that can be found. Plus, the Michelin-starred hawker stall can be found here – the Hong Kong Soya Sauce Chicken Rice and Noodle for only S$2!

Alternative street food locations to visit in Singapore:

  • East Coast Lagoon Food Village
  • Hill Street Fried Kway Teow
  • Arab Street in Kampong Glam
  • Bugis Street
  • Changi Village Food Centre


Singapore being one of the best countries in the world has so much to offer. Even when the dawn of technology is here, the country finds a way to provide cultural excitement through art, gastronomy, games, and galore. Experience Singapore not just with shopping and visiting overrated attractions, but see the country in a different limelight.

Stay tuned on what will happen on my next Singapore trip on May 16 to 20!

Glory Moralidad

By Glory Moralidad

This literary traveler goes around the country and the world just to find great books! As an author, illustrator, and animator, herself, she wants to immerse in the literary scene of a region. So, here's a glimpse to all of her wanderings!


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