Five Fun Things To Do In The Swan Valley

Explore This Beautiful Region of Western Australia

The Swan Valley is a region of Perth that is rich in heritage, history, and Indigenous and European roots. This lush and fertile part of Western Australia is nestled in the upper regions of the Swan River. There are over 14 different suburbs within the Swan Valley. European explorers first explored the region in 1827. The local Aboriginal people are the Whadjuk Noongar people. They have been living along the Swan River for over 40,000 years. In 1829 Captain James Stirling returned to Western Australia to set up a European settlement. He called it the Swan River Colony. The first three settlements were Fremantle, Perth and Guildford in the Swan Valley. Stirling chose the Swan Valley for a settlement site because he thought the fertile soil would be good for farming. The Swan Valley is the oldest wine region in Western Australia and one of the oldest in Australia. It is also one of Perth’s most popular tourist destinations. It is home to a large number of cafes, farms, restaurants, confectionary stores, chocolate factories, local produce stalls, olive groves, museums, animal attractions, wineries and breweries. Here is a list of five fun things you can do in the Swan Valley.

1. Alfred’s Kitchen

Alfred’s Kitchen is Perth’s oldest and most beloved roadside burger joint. It has been serving up hamburgers and fries and soup ever since 1948. It is located on the corner of James Street and Meadow Street in Guildford. It has been a landmark of the historical town for over 70 years now. It is open seven days a week. Monday to Thursday their hours are 5 pm to midnight. On Friday they are open from 5 pm to 2 am. On Saturday they are open from 12 pm to 2 am and on Sundays they are open from 12 pm to midnight. The current owner of Alfred’s is the Lawrence family. They bought the restaurant in 1986. Alfred’s has a 1950’s vibe to it. It doesn’t try to be gourmet or fancy. You walk up to a window and order your food and then you can either grab a spot round a fire pit and eat outside or you could go into a refurbished old train carriage and eat at a table. The atmosphere at Alfred’s is always very relaxed. The city of Guildford is very attached to Alfred’s. When people talk about Alfred’s it’s often with a lot of nostalgia in their voice. If you’re going to visit the Swan Valley you have to pay them a visit and try some of their pea and ham soup.

2. Oasis Supa Golf and Adventure Putt Mini Golf

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Oasis Supa Golf and Adventure Putt Mini Golf is located at 10250 West Swan Road in Henley Brook WA 6055. It is open 7 days a week from 9 am to 4.30pm and on Saturdays and Sundays from 8 am to 4.30pm. Oasis Supa Golf has a kiosk and café and offers Supa Golf and Adventure Putt Mini Golf. Supa Golf is a great activity for families. Children aged 6 years and up can participate in this game. Supa Golf is a form of golf where the club has been modified to have larger heads and are made of plastic. The balls are oversized and softer and plastic and colourful. The maximum distance they can travel when struck with a driver is 100 meters. The putting cup size is 2.5 times larger than your ordinary golf hole. Supa Golf has an 18 hole course with bunkers and water traps. It is a 900m walk with 9 holes, Par 3’s, 4’s and 5’s. You can have up to 5 players on each team. It is recommended that you book ahead in advance. The last tee-off for the 18 hole course is 3 pm and 4.30pm for 9 holes. You will be supplied with all the equipment that you will need including score cards and pencils. You can get left and right handed clubs from reception. The Adventure Putt course is another fun activity for families. It is suitable for children aged 2 years and up. It is an 18 hole course set amongst gardens with bunkers, streams and water traps. It takes 1 hour to complete. Each of the holes provides a different challenge. Can you get your ball down a narrow trench or hit it on top of a hill? Or hit a piece of wood at just the right point to get the ball to bounce off it and roll into the hole? The Adventure Putt course can be quite challenging but is always a lot of fun. Bookings are not required.

3. Swan Valley Food and Wine Trail

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One good way to see the Swan Valley is via car. If you head on over to you can download the Swan Valley Food and Wine Trail Map. The Swan Valley Food and Wine Trail is a 32-kilometre scenic drive that encompasses over 150 attractions including wineries, breweries, restaurants, cafes, distilleries, art galleries, craft markets, tourist accommodation sites and local fresh food stores. You can get Swan Valley Guides and Maps from the Swan Valley Visitor Centre in Guildford. The trail has lots of sign posts to help tourists find their way. Some of the great places you might like to visit include Whiteman Park, Caversham Wildlife Park, Whistler’s Chocolate Factory, the Margaret River Chocolate Factory, the Swan Valley Cuddly Animal Farm, the Swan Valley Vegetarian Café and Valley Treehouse or the Cheese Barrel. For more information about the Swan Valley Food and Wine Trail Guide you can contact the Swan Valley Visitor Centre on (08) 9207 8899

4. Perth Folk and Roots Club

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The Perth Folk and Roots Club is a not for profit organisation that has been organising folk and roots music events since 2012. The aim of the club is to promote folk and roots music to the public, to encourage members of the local music community to perform and to gain government and corporate sponsorship and payment for musicians. The Perth Folk and Roots club run a monthly event on the second Saturday of the month where they appear at the Mechanics Institute Hall on 20 Meadow Street in Guildford. They also appear on the fourth Sunday of every month at the Mount Lawley Bowling Club which is on the corner of Storthes and Rockwood Street in Mount Lawley. Entry to the club’s events is free. The Mechanics Institute Hall in Guildford is round the corner from Alfred’s Kitchen and the Guildford Hotel. You could grab a burger and then go and listen to some folk and roots music for free. For more information about upcoming events and special performances check out their website or Facebook page.

5. Mondo Nougat- Factory & Café

Mondo Nougat- Factory & Café is located at 640 Great Northern Highway in Herne Hill WA 6056. It is open from Tuesday to Friday from 8 am to 5 pm and on Saturdays and Sundays from 9.30am to 5 pm. The Mondo Nougat Factory was founded by Alfonso Romeo who migrated from Italy to Australia with his wife Antonietta and their three children in 1989. Alfonso opened his first Mondo Patisserie in Midland. He started off selling Italian style cakes, biscuits, ice creams, and other Italian specialties. In 1997 he started producing traditional honey based nougat after noticing there was a strong demand for it. The response to the nougat was so overwhelming the company shifted its focus and decided to focus just on nougat. In 2000 Mondo Patisserie moved to a new retail outlet in Morley and changed their name to Mondo Nougat. In 2005 they moved again settling into a factory in the Swan Valley. Mondo Nougat in the Swan Valley includes a café, outdoor seating, a retail outlet and a factory space. They serve coffee, tea, homemade cakes and biscuits, chocolates, biscotti, Italian ice cream and of course nougat. They are located right next door to Morish Nuts. Mondo Nougat is a fun place to take children. It is kid friendly, the prices are fair and reasonable, and the staff is friendly and welcoming.  

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