Festival de Cannes: A city of images

January 1, 1970

by Stephan Dtr

Cannes, Côte d’Azur and the Festival 


The long roads along the waterfront of the Côte d’Azur are narrow and steep. The route is in contrast to many other roads best known and for some facts even famous. Driving next to the red canyons is thrilling and amazing. You drive past french villages with traditional houses, fashionable apartments, famous manufacturers and modern residences.


The Cote d’Azur is not just a significant, but also an iconic landscape in Europe. Multicultural attitudes and modern lifestyle are important arguments for visiting the area at the Cote d’Azur in France. 83.000 foreign residents have rent or build up to date an apartment along the waterfront.


Between the interplay of a Mediterranean nature and reflecting ocean appears Cannes, one of the biggest cities in France and European center for cinema and modern art.


Cannes – modern seaport and exclusive city



The Film Festival is one of the most important film events on the globe and Cannes is offering just the stage for perfect days. Many movies shown at the Film Festival are arguments for visiting Cannes and one of the formidable places in the city. Implicit codes and cinematic artifacts are pointing towards a history with many cinématique heights. Cannes is not only refining cinema but encoding many hidden and scenic characters on your way next to the main galas shown in Cannes.


Architecture and shops are changing the scene and the cityscape is offering many incentives for individualists. The ocean fragrance has a special note and you feel that real adventures are just one step away. Cannes is presenting many thrilling motifs for photographing and sketching. The urban design of Cannes and its architectonical style are unfolding not every time a scenic touch and you need to find yourself in a specially correlated kind of vision, know how and architecture.


The vivid cafeterias and beautiful restaurants, traditional cinemas and modern architectures are offering many chances for interesting encounters and skills within a city encoding tricks and hints of an excellent movie-making almost everywhere during these days of the film festival.


The film festival


Cannes is also a city for something that amazing, that many thousand people are visiting Cannes, experiencing and enjoying innovative movies and discuss the movie trends of the season. Just to get on height with the modern cinema is an important argument for traveling towards Cannes. The film festival is changing the already fashionable city into one of the most glittering french city these days.


Pedro Almodovar, the head of the judging committee in 2017, speaks proudly of the coming releases, as he is frequently cited in movie magazines and journals, published and sold in these days before the festival opening. More than 30.000 producers and ambitious directors, egocentric publicists and talented stars are promoting their movies and interactive artwork along the 24 red-carpeted steps. On these red carpets, Benicio del Toro, Jean Dujardin, Bob Hoskins, Gerard Depardiéu and James Spader are just a few stars, who have been among the most notable actors in one year and in Cannes.


The city in these days is concealed, almost fantastic, and new visions of movies and theaters are discussed by film enthusiasts almost everywhere in Cannes. The Festival is encoding many fine lines throughout the city, ready to be read and decoded in notebooks and sketches. The vast majorities of movies, presented at the film festival are new, some already iconic or made with new perspectives towards an interactive cinema between chances of fame and despair.


Just like Ginette Billard has written In 1963, as the film festival was already famous but with a bad call. The problem was that no one could grasp the idea of this cinema festival. The festival was way too often to rational for burdened with allegedly too many parties.


The style of the quarters in Cannes


Cannes is also a seaport and as city build with many different architectonical styles, as for example the Palais de Festival, opened in 1949, Le Suquet, the old quarters of Cannes, and the old marina port, Gare Maritime, which was built in 1957. Every quarter of Cannes has a unique architectonical arrangement between fashionable principles and visual designs and between function and vision.


The view from the JW Marriot Cannes, for example, is one of the most appealing views towards the sea, the winding routes through the Vieux Port are breathtaking and lonely, and the cinema at 47 Boulevard de la Croisette is an excellent place to enjoy movies and spend some easy hours. The Promenade de la Croisette, a waterfront avenue with many palm trees on both sides, is just the right place with your notebook, enjoy creative ideas or for one of these enjoyable red tuna tatakis marinated in soy and caraway.


What can we do, when we visit Cannes and rainy days are suddenly messing up the sunny hours?


You are walking along the Rue de Suquet and rain suddenly drops down. When it rains, you need to have a checklist what you can do when the rain doesn’t stop. And as the best-organised papers are personal, you need to write something very personal on top of the checklist, as for example a comment or a poem. Writing a question on top of the paper is for example very personal and a good idea.


Le restaurant de Mougin


The restaurant Moulin de Mougins is not just a fashionable restaurant where people can go when they want to experience haute cuisine and art. Luxury is a concept, you will find elsewhere in restaurants, but the fun one can have there is still one of the best. Roger Vergé bought this old mill in 1969, achieved unexpectedly international fame with a Michelin star a few years later and had then suddenly one of the best restaurants in Cannes. But keep in mind, that you drive to this restaurant towards Cannes, not Toulon because you will only then taste a heightened sense for food with an artistic note.


Radisson Blu 1835 Hotel & Thalasso


This hotel offers many rooms next to each other, long floors and with a bright and modern interior. The hotel is focusing on an easy ambient and is best suited to enjoy your evening in a stylized manner. Drinking mocha, answering emails and making notes in the hotel lounge can be exceptionally interesting and entertaining. You can extend your stay for example on the rooftop of the hotel, where you can overlook the turquoise waters, the blue Alps, and the seaport.


Le Panorama at the JW Marriot


The famous Promenade de la Croisette is one place to be when the festival season begins. The JW Marriott just doesn’t disappoint as a legendary address. The food menu is offering finger food with sandwiches, as well as olives, dips and also burgers. The Le Panorama rooftop lounge and the pool area in the hotel are spots to spend a few informative hours.


Carlton Intercontinental


This hotel is famed as one of the best hotels in Cannes, though it was first opened in 1982. Since the Carlton has opened its doors, people have chances for some extraordinary days and various, but exclusive styles of entertainment. The Ritz-Carlton of today ist not only competing but has at the same time many special offerings. You can refine yourself and some of your ideas in the charms of a hotel with a high sense for an interior and exclusivity.


What else is on the way?


The architecture in Cannes is iconic and has a touch for an enriched sense of lifestyle. La Croisette, beige colored and grand, is hosting in best french manner people from every region of the globe. The success the film festival has gained was sudden and achieved exciting merits. The jury committee responded quick and expanded the palace in 1979.


Cannes is also a city for gamblers and it is happening from time to time, that gamblers had to leave the city. People are then recommending without further comments the Baie de Cannes and the nearby Esterel mountains. Even today, you can escape, drink a caffè mocha and see how the Mediterranean evening sky is turning its colors and silhouetting palm trees on the reflecting leaves and palm trees.


Sketching and writing on the rooftops of Cannes is classes away from any experiences, you can make elsewhere in Aix on Provence. Being on a sea trip just a few hours later is then offering a perfect rhythm for these days at the Côte d’Azur. When you have then enjoyed the European perspective on wealth and spotted the fashionable beaches, then you had a high-class experience.


But experiencing cinema as in Cannes is beyond anything else you can enjoy. In Cannes, you can also find an engaging dichotomy between cinema and reality. Le Festival de Cannes is not just glamor but with many charms as fashionable as in no other metropolis with a sense for cinema.





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