Fascinating Hua Hin, Thailand

January 1, 1970

by Rachel.K

Hua Hin, a district of Thailand.

About 3 hours road trip from Bangkok, Thailand’s capital. There is no airport in Hua Hin, however, train is another option to reach to Hua Hin directly, but bare in mind, it is really time consuming, it may takes up to 4 hours journey. If you have plenty of time, train shall be a more comfortable option, where you do not need to squeeze in a minivan for couple of hours with more than 10 people in the same car without a rest stop.

A 3 days 2 nights journey in Hua Hin, fill me in with lots of fantasy. I shall say Thailand tourism is getting better and better.

Hua Hin was not a tourist town. Over years, it has been developed on purpose to attract tourist. No doubt Hua Hin is seated along beach side, however, the beach tourism was not highly promoted like Phuket or Krabi.

What attracted me to pay a visit to Hua Hin, is the themed park/shopping park. Not one, but a few of them. This is what I meant for thumbs up to the Thailand tourism for their efforts to attract tourist.

The trip was back in last year October, a yearly trip with Mom. Mom had been mentioned about visiting Bangkok, Thailand. However, I think that the capital city is not very suitable for elderly as Mom’s knee can’t take a long walk.

So, I decided to spend 3 days 2 nights in Hua Hin, a more relaxing trip for Mom.



From Bangkok to Hua Hin, comparing the journey by road and railway, we decided to go on road trip. Minivan are easily to get from Victory Monument which situated at Bangkok city centre. Simply hop on to one of the skytrain station (BTS), get down at Station Victory Monument. Look for the landmark – Victory Monument which situated at center of the road and form a roundabout, walk towards the Victory Monument, and turn left to the staircase, there looks like a morning market, with food stalls and some shops selling t-shirt and shoes. Further in the market, there are many people sitting around with their luggage, you know you got the right place. Look for the table with signage written Hua Hin, Pattaya, etc. Just ask for the bus/minivan to Hua Hin, pay and wait. The minivan will depart once the seats are all taken. We waited just about 20 minutes, then were called for boarding.

The journey took about 3 hours. We were glad that the driver made a stop at one of the petrol station for washroom break, Mom could rest and did some stretching. We even bought some food then continue the journey. It was awkward that we eat inside the van, I guess Thai people do not practice to eat and drink in a vehicle. Sorry folks, we only realize it later.

The van made a few stops, and passenger getting down one by one. I remember from the research I did earlier, we shall get down at the last stop, but when I saw people are getting lesser, I started to panic, shall I get down here?! Then we started to ask around, there were only few passenger left in the van, all are Thai including the driver and one foreigner that we could not understand his language. We just try our luck, with the hand signage, by showing our hotel address, pointing at the map, we almost gone crazy by panicking ourselves. Lastly, the driver understand where we wanted to go, and it was so nice of him to offer himself for sending us directly to our hotel. Thank you so much!

Phew~ what’s a journey.


Hua Hin is a small town and not as congested as the big city like Bangkok. Getting around by renting a car is the best choice of travelling.

Not far from our hotel, there is a car rental services, we got ourselves a Toyota Vios, clean and comfy.

Driving around Hua Hin is quite easy and safe. Not many vehicles on road. By following google maps, you have got your way in hand.

Let’s go!



Our first stop. Not far from our hotel, located at Hua Hin beach, a giant standing buddha overlooking to the sea. Coated in gold, given me a feeling of peace and protection. As if the buddha is taking good care of Hua Hin beach.


There is a long staircase connected to upper hill of the mountain. From here, you may see an impressive breathtaking view. There is a signage written something regards to “Air Defense”, I guess it may be an air defense unit here before.



It was already evening after visiting Khao Takiab. Day one in Hua Hin ended.

Next destination will be the fascinating Santorini Park.


The most anticipating destination. Santorini Park has been promoted well, have been seeing photos on website, people sharing, showing how nice and pretty the place is. What made me anticipate was the theme, Santorini. I always wanted to go Greece, the real Santorini. But, budget constrained. So, here I am.


About 30 minutes road trip, arriving the blue and white theme building. Surprisingly, it was not crowded, at all. Proceed to the ticket counter, foreigner have to pay a higher rate ticket.

And here we are.


It looks exactly the same from what I saw from internet. Silly me, of course it’s same. LOL!


Basically, these Santorini Theme building comprises many shops that selling cloths, shoes, etc. I shall say it is just another shopping mall. With the purpose built theme, the place became like a fantasy, everywhere with the blue and white feeling, it would be nice if the building has a sea view on the rooftop.


This theme park is quite huge. It has so many things to photograph. After passing through the shopping area, you will come to a theme park which this ferris wheel is the most photograph object. You need to buy a ticket if you wish to board on the wheel. We did not do so. I guess the view from the wheel should be fascinating.

There is a 3D museum too.


There are some food & beverage outlets too. We take our simple lunch at one of the restaurant which selling Thai food. I shall rate the food at 3/10. I suggest you to try other restaurants like Japanese food or pizza.

We spent the whole morning in here. There’s so much to capture. Even the washroom has a theme, a different one at each washroom.

I was happy to visit Santorini Park to fulfill my desire of going Santorini, Greece.



Located right opposite Santorini Park. You may feed the baby goats and camel by buying the milk and grass from the locals.


It has a huge field in the middle, I guess there shall be the pony playground. But that day I did not see any pony around. Plus, the weather was extremely hot, I could barely open my eyes.


Further down from Pony Valley Farm. Another Santorini Park alike building. With Arabian theme. We got the complimentary tickets by purchasing Santorini Park entrance tickets.

Another place that could taken up your camera memory capacity. It was Halloween season, the place decorated according to the theme.


Besides of shops, there are rides too.


We ate a bowl of pork knuckle noodle here. Thumbs up ! (forgot to take a photo, too hungry maybe. LoL!)



Another exciting place. Decorated with Halloween theme too.


Similar to Pony Valley Farm, but with a larger landscape. And, a lot of sheeps. The baby sheeps were so adorable!

Even Alpaca is available here. Again, you have to pay extra to visit them.

Photo ! Photo ! Photo ! So much to capture !


Such a lovely place. Take a walk, relax and enjoy the environment. I almost forget that I was in Thailand.



Another attraction with Venice theme. Similar to Santorini Park. Again, you have to pay an entrance fee.

We did not enter as it was already evening. We choose to go back to hotel for rest.



After freshen up and an enough rest. We drove to PlearnWan. Not far from Hua Hin town.

It is a food street with its unique architecture. Bringing us back to the good old days. It just like an living museum. Once you enter, you have gone back to the 60’s.


Unfortunately, we had came too late, shops are closing, we had to have dinner else where.

Get ready your camera when you visit here, small area but lot of things worth to capture. And, come during day time. It will be more happening.

Second day in Hua Hin, ended.



About 5 minutes walking distance from our hotel. Nice sandy beach is here.

Along the way, there are many stalls selling hat and beach stuff. Mom got her beloved purple colour hat here.




This railway station is connecting to Bangkok. The option that I mentioned earlier.

This is one of the oldest railway station in Thailand. It became a famous tourist spot, many people came here to photograph this historical place.



I always thought that grapes will only grow in a country with cool climate. This proof me wrong.

It was my first time visiting a vineyard. It is about 1 hour drive from Hua Hin town. Far and uphill, yet, it’s worth every moment when you reach here.


The weather was very hot, it made a clear blue sky, with the greenery of vineyard, it was something that you would not see daily back in the city.


There is place selling grapes juice and wine. Free tasting of the beverage. A restaurant just seated next it.


On the way back to town, we stop by Huay Mongkol temple. “Wat” in Thai means “Temple”.

A huge buddha statue named Luang Phor Thuad is seated at the center of the temple. You may climb up the staircase to reach to the buddha statue.

Again, the weather was hot and glaring. We could not stand long at the big buddha. Yet many believer are sincerely praying to the big buddha.

Here was our last destination in Hua Hin. We back to town, returned the rented car, board on a minivan, head back to Bangkok.


By Rachel.K

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