Èze – A medieval city overlooking the Côte d'Azur

Our goal was to visit the Côte d’Azur, we set base in Nice but didn’t have much else planned. At our first day, we started talking with people in Nice about the cities around and which ones we should go to. We did receive a lot of suggestions, but Èze was definitely the best one. Èze is a medieval city at the top of a mountain around 30 minutes from Nice, by Bus. It is the cutest and the most charming city I´ve ever visited and it has the most amazing view of the French Riviera. Is the perfect place for you to spend a few hours or even a day. You can also choose to spend a night or a few days, there are a few hotels in the village, but be prepared for the prices.

How to get there

The most common way to get to Èze is either from Nice or from Monte Carlo, you can book a tour, take a taxi or a bus. We took a bus from Nice, but we stop at Saint Jean Cap Ferrat before we take another bus to Èze. If you want to go straight to Èze Village from Nice, you need to take the Bus 12 or Bus 82, check the days and time of the bus before you go. If you go by car there is a parking lot at the Village´s entry. The Village is for pedestrians only, so the bus stop is outside of the city´s walls. You can go right to the tourist office and get a map of the village with all the instructions that you will need.

Things to do in Èze

Before you even get in the village, you should visit for free the laboratory-factory of Fragonard, one of the leading producers of perfume in France. I´m not going to say how you should visit Èze and what street you should go, I do believe the best way is to get lost in the narrow streets and see for yourself what catches your attention. Every street, every building, restaurants or little store has its own charm and getting lost in this village is one of the best non-planed tours you will ever do. At the top of the hill, there is the Exotic garden of Eze, if I’m not mistaken that is the only place you need to buy the ticket to visit, but it´s completely worth it! The garden is located at the highest point in Èze, is the best viewpoint place with the view of the entire Village and a privileged view of the French Riviera. The garden is made of a range of cactuses and succulent plants. At the end of the day we took another bus straight to Monte Carlo, we had time to visit a little bit of the city in Monaco and went back to Nice by train at night. If you are visiting the south of France know that is very easy to go from one city to another, and Èze should absolutely be in your trip plans.

Thanara Zancanaro

Hello there! My name is Thanara and I’m from Porto Alegre, south Brazil, but I’m currently living in Panama City, Central America. I have always love to travel and exploring new places and cultures, I believe that travel has the power to open your mind. Mochile-se started from a desire to share my experiences and help other travelers out there!