Exploring Vagamon - All in a day's trip

June 25, 2019

by Sandhya Nagaraj

Vagamon or Wagamon, is a hill station located in Kerala, India. The scenic pictures of the hill-top on Google is definitely what made me decide to visit this place, and it turned out to be a good decision, all in all.

Sunrise atop the hill is a beautiful view, which can only be witnessed provided you stay a night at one of the resorts at Vagamon. But what you definitely will love, is the cool breeze on your journey up the hill, no matter which month you plan a visit to Vagamon. You can sense the temperatures dropping, as compared to the bottom of the hill. Even in the summer, the breeze is constant. Winters would mean you hugging your jackets to stay warm, all the while enjoying the cold.

To cover Vagamon in a day, it would be best to start right at the top. Drive/ take a cab all the way to the top, and stop at all view points/ tourist spots on your way back down. Trekking/hiking up is also an option, but best avoided during midday in the summer seasons. (Mar-May)

1) Kurisumala Monastery

Right at the top of the hill is the Kurisumala monastery. It houses a chapel, an in-house garden, and convents for a few to stay. Vehicles are allowed only upto the gate of the monastery. One has to walk roughly about 500m before finding the chapel and the convents, but it is not hard to find. The people here are friendly, and welcome you with smiles. The place is open for you to explore, despite signboards saying no entry. The best part about Kerala in general (and not limited to Vagamon) is that it is a safe place for women who travel solo as well. The cabs are safe as well, and the drivers usually have snippets of information to share about the place, if you tell them where you’re headed to, and ask them specifics. The chapel is a tiny place, along with a few books in place. What with the serenity of the place, the simplicity of the chapel is a telltale sign of how much a natural place the monastery is, with the only glitter being what the geography of the place has bestowed upon it.

Enroute to Monsatery

2) Pine Forests

Pine forests in the hills here are a must see for everybody – the ones who like pines and the ones who don’t, both. The entrance fee is a measly 10 INR. The entrance to the pine forests is lined with shops selling homemade chocolates, artificial jewellery, and also contains wares from hawkers selling their wares. The homemade chocolates are a must-try – the only caution you need to exercise to find out if nuts (or anything else you might be allergic to) are not present in what you’re buying.

The forest in itself is a delight – to every traveler who stops by. The height of the trees, the scenery around, and some peek-a-boo with the sun and the trees is enough to put a smile on anyone’s face. Jeep rides into the forest is available for three hours or more, and can be customised to lesser amounts of time based on the duration of your stay. One day at Vagamon is a little too fast paced for a visit, two days would be ideal. However, if you’re like me who doesn’t mind skipping the jeep tours, and are satisfied with a forty-five minute exploration by yourself on foot, one day will suit you just fine, like it did for me.

3) Hi-Tech Dairy Farm

The Jeep tours include a tour to the Hi-tech dairy farms right across the pine forests. However, entry is restricted for tourists who do not opt for a jeep ride. Hygiene and sanctity are two givens at this place. The breeding and the dairy processing happens with intense care, and the cattle at the farm are taken care of to ensure to maintain quality.

4) Suicide Point

Needs no explanation, the name says it all. The view is eclectic. But what is powerful/beautiful can also be dangerous, and suicide point is just another testimony to that statement.

5) Tea Plantations

Tea plantations are aplenty on the hill of Vagamon, and many are private plantations which are off-limits for tourists. The tea plantations were originally managed by the British.

6) Meadows

Entry to the meadows is also at the standard pricing of 10 INR. The meadows however, appeared to be one of the most simple places on this trip.

7) Sunset Views

No day is complete without watching a sunset. If you’re one of those residing in a cosmopolitan city with high-rise buildings and concrete floors, you would agree when I say that though ideally no day is complete without watching a sunset, it is a rare day during the regular life to either have the time, or the opportunity to witness one. Hence it becomes all the more important to ensure that your vacation days at least, are definitely not deprived of them. Kerala gives you ample space to watch sunsets, whether you’re atop a hill at Vagamon, or on your way back to a nearby township in Kerala. The orange glow of the sky can be witnessed from across the streets, even, and it still looks every bit magnificent. The one below, was captured from across the house of a local, on my way back to the resort I stayed at.

On the way back, after a day at Vagamon, nothing could be a more befitting end than trying the local cuisine for dinner. The Kerala cuisine is rich in coconut oil, and the rice is way different than what is available in the other states in India. Their signature banana chips fried in coconut oil is a must for taking, for your loved ones back home – with other souvenirs or not! Also, Kerala is home to Ayurveda, an ancient form of healing with herbs, and massages. Slipping into a spa for one of the therapeutic massages that Kerala is so well known for, would be just the perfect ending to a day well spent.

Sandhya Nagaraj

By Sandhya Nagaraj

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Shruti Balasa

June 28, 2019

Wow! Visited Kerala so many times but never heard about this beautiful place. Your description of this place definitely makes me want to go there.


June 28, 2019

Nicely described!
Brings out the Vagabond who wants to explore Vagamon

Indira devi

June 28, 2019

Very nice


June 28, 2019

Can\'t wait to take that road up the hill.

Niagara B R

June 28, 2019

It:\'s nice when reading
I felt like I am accompanying the author through the places.

Sindhura Rajagopal

June 28, 2019

Such a well written article. I surely want to visit the beautiful place with my family. Very well covered information on how to best plan the trip. Thank you so very much. You inspire me to do solo trips too. Amazing.


June 28, 2019

I am planning a trip to Vagamon this August and your travel article on Vagamon was very informative. Thanks !