Exploring Iligan City – The City of Majestic Waterfalls

Iligan City is famous for not just 1 but 23 towering and cascading waterfalls that’s why it is called the City of Majestic Waterfalls in the Philippines. With plenty of natural scenery which includes 23 waterfalls, 8 springs, and 15 caves, Iligan is indeed a Mother Nature’s Blessing. I consider myself lucky because I could just drive for about 30 minutes to unwind in the nearest waterfalls.

Must See Places in Iligan City

Iligan is the place you’d be craving more often. If you are already planning to take a break from all the hustle and bustle of the metropolis, then I’d be delighted to share my breathtaking experience on the top 3 majestic places in Iligan City!

Maria Cristina Falls

Maria Cristina Falls is the most famous among the 23 Waterfalls in Iligan City for the main source of hydroelectric power in 80% of the Mindanao Region (South of the Philippines) comes from here. This strong and powerful 321.5-foot waterfall looks alluring but we no one allowed to swim. The waterfall is so powerful that it creates a howling sound and the rising mist reaches my face even at a distance. After a quick tour and sightseeing, I took the delight in using other amenities available like the treetop canopy walk, mini, and the nature park. Fees:
  • Entrance Fee: Adult – 35 Php
  • Entrance Fee: Children – 26 Php
How to get there?
  1. From Tambo Terminal, I took a jeepney to Zoey’s Café where the Buru-un jeepneys are located. The fare is 13 Php
  2. From Buru-un Jeepney Stop, I took another jeepney and asked the driver to drop me off at Maria Christina Falls.
  3. Then it took a 10-minute walk from the gate to the waterfalls.
tinago waterfalls

Tinago Falls

Tinago Falls is concealed in a ravine. The trek can be a hassle as it took about 300-400 steps stairs for us to arrive in the breathtaking view of the lagoon-like basin. The waterfall is 240ft high and gladly we are allowed to swim. The current is too sturdy for us to swim across so we rented a bamboo raft to get underneath the falls. It would take coordination and teamwork to push the raft towards the waterfall. It is exhausting but it’s so overwhelming when we finally reached the bottom of the waterfall. We tied the raft and got a hard back massage from the falling water. We then jumped on the raft and swam on the side of the waterfalls where there is a small cave we can enter. Lastly, after resting a bit, we went off for an amazing cliff diving! tinago falls  tingao falls in iligan city tinago falls tingao falls in iligan city c tinago falls Fees:
  • Entrance Fee – 10 Php
  • Life Jacket (Required) – 10 -20 Php
  • Table (Optional) – 100 – 300 Php
  • Bamboo Raft (Optional) – 15-20 Php
How to get there?
  1. From Tambo Terminal, I took a jeepney to Zoey’s Café where the Buru-un / Linamon jeepneys are located. The fare is 13 Php.
  2. From Buru-un or Linamon, ride a motorbike (habal-habal) to Tinago Falls. Roundtrip rate is around 100 Php.
Mimbalot Falls

Mimbalot Falls

Mimbalot Falls is my best choice for family outings as it is the most accessible location from the National Highway Road. The waterfall is 90 ft. high and the water cascades along the rocks creating small pools and mini-falls. It is so calm and relaxing that I could just lay on the rocks and I get an instant back massage. There are also picnic areas where I can just dip my feet in the water and enjoy the quiet scenery and the chirping of birds. What I love the most is that they constructed several man-made pools and lagoon that is linked to the falls and streams. The lagoons are covered with trees so I don’t really have problems getting a sunburn even if I swim the entire day during summer. On top of that, there are fun activities for those who are seeking adrenaline rush such as Zipline, ATV, Kayaking, Cable Cart, Hanging bridge and children’s playground. Hanging bridge in Mimbalot Falls Monkey in Mimbalot Falls Cottage in Mimbalot Falls Wall climbing in mimbalot falls  fountains in mimbalot falls  blue lagoon in mimbalot falls Fees:
  • Entrance Fee – 50 Php
  • Cottage (Optional) – 250-500 Php
  • Corkage Fee – 10-25 Php
How to get there?
  1. From Tambo Terminal, I took a jeepney to Zoey’s Café where the Buru-un jeepneys are located. The fare is 13 Php
  2. From Buru-in Jeepney Terminal, take a 500-meter walk to the resort or ride a motorbike (habal-habal)

Things To Do in Iligan City

When it comes to traveling, I want to make the most of every moment without running myself ragged. It is smart to plan the essentials like food, drinks, and a good night sleep even for a night owl like me to make sure that I would keep my energy up for the entire trip. delecta diner and cafe Kuya J Kuya J Flamoo burgers D-Dhon’s Bistro Dark Roast Coffee Shop Bordz Tree House Boy Zugba


Conquering the 3 amazing waterfalls can be exhausting! There’s no better way to fuel my energy up than indulge myself in good food and plenty of hydration. Good thing Iligan City has a handful of budget-friendly food establishments for me to devour and you should try it too! Delecta Diner and Cafe is my favorite go-to place when I want to eat until I drop. They have a large meal serving and most of the rice meal offers unlimited rice and iced tea. Too good to be true right?  My favorites are Baby Back Ribs, Pork Steak, and their famous Delecta Coolers. I wouldn’t want to miss this blend of fresh fruits to quench my thirst after all the adventures. There are more restaurants, desserts, and cafés known to serve delicious foods in Iligan that I’d highly recommend like Kuya J Robinsons Place, Dark Roast, Bordz Tree House, Flamoo Burgers, D-Dhon’s Bistro, TIta Fannies, Iliganon Cafe, etc.


I prefer clean, air-conditioned and low budget hotels since I only take a slumber at night or a quick nap during the day. There are many budget hotels in Iligan City that would cost around 300 – 400 Php for 24 hours stay. Famous, D’Morvie and Staylite pension House are on top of my list because of their amenities like 24-hour reception, 24-hour security, 24-hour room service, flat screen TV, access to Wi-fi and Free Parking. They are also accessible to nearby restaurants and public transport. For travelers or families who prefer to stay in local houses with kitchen and living area, Home-stay is the best place to choose.

Spa and Wellness

When it comes to traveling, I am constantly on the move thrilled about all the festivities. Spending the whole day trekking, swimming and jumping off the cliff without rest causes fatigue and stress. There’s no quicker way to fizzle out the burnout than by enjoying a quick visit to the spa. Thai Boran and Fixing Point are my picks in Iligan City. For as low as 150 – 250 Php, I can already enjoy a Swedish or Thai Massage!


You’ve never really been to Iligan if you haven’t been to the famous Cheding’s Peanuts. The store has been in Iligan City for decades. Cheding’s Peanuts comes with sugar-coated, hot and spicy, salted flavor and the bestseller – classic. This is so far the best roasted peanut I’ve ever tasted. If you have allergies or not really into peanuts, no worries there are numerous delicacies the store can offer that tourists and locals like me flocks the store! Thank you for reading! If you are looking for more information about Iligan city, feel free to ask!  

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