January 1, 1970

by Orangeandbluepaws

Finally this year we have managed to bring to the life our summer holiday plan. Because we desired this so much.

Firstly we’ve traveled from Istanbul to Izmir with a shared car. We find this transportation from Bla – Bla Car website. Its really useful for whom wants to travel cheaper than the normal bus or plane. As we mentioned our vacation started from Izmir city. We also have to mention that was our first trip to the south part of the Turkey for a long time and we look forward to share all of our feelings about the places we got chance to visit and lots of gained experiences in this journey. Our trip began from İzmir but we want to tell about the beauty in Antalya. Lets start from the amazing Kaş (pronounced Kash) city!


Kaş Marine and city center

We have been this place for the first time and we (actually i had this feeling) would like to emphasize that at first sight it reminds a small European town. For access to this small but miracle city you can use city bus or “hitchiking”. We recommend you “hitchiking”. Because in this side everybody familiar to “hitchiking” culture and be sure one of them will take you to the city center. City was established in the foothills of the mountains and its quiet crowd is mostly used for peaceful holiday. It has unique beauty thast why we feel ourselves isolated from the outside world.


Pensions territory from the Bus station

Citizens of this beautiful Kas city has their own lifestyle which also reflected what they do for living. For example there are a lot of cafes and gift shops owns exotic colorful design.

How we can reach there?

There are intercity bus companies for transportation to the city. You have to follow this steps:

1) Firstly, you have to go Izmir or Antalya.

2) By plane – a) From Istanbul Airports to Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport

b) From Istanbul Airports to Antalya International Airport

c) By bus  or using shared car

3) After reaching these cities you can use bus or try “ hitchiking” for the place.


Ohh…this amazing roads

We need to talk about the beauty of the roads used for transportation to Kaş. Only the road that you use to arrive the city is enough for a renewal of spirit. If you have “motion sickness” like me then these “winding roads” may be your beginnig problem but it is not that bad. You can use a little fresh water or some kind of perfume or wet wipes to feel better. Tested and approved guys.

Still, you can not take your eyes off the road like hypnotized and if you are lucky you are sitting by the window.

Best blue ever – Kaputas Beach.

At the very beginnig of this trip we we were really curious about this magical place. It has an important place among the most beautiful beaches in the world. Make sure that you are next to the window because when you reach there everybody will turn their eyes to this beauty like they have seen a badass T-Rex in Jurassic Park. And additional info it is one of the most amazing things you must see before you die.


From the top Kaputas Beach aka Best Blue Ever

     Experience notes for the beach:

  1. Transportation: using “Minibus” from the bus station, private car or again “hitchhiking” from the main road.
  2. You used transportation ways and you arrived to the beach but you are not in the beach yet. Really not kidding.
  3. Meet with the hundreds of stair to the beach (approximately 190) . These babies are very old but restorated for reaching to the beach safely. Lets do this!

Hello 🙂 Stairs to heaven , Kaputas Beach

  • There you are. Finally you can rent a sunbed and umbrealla. Fee is 10 liras for one person. There is changing rooms and toilets but do not expect beach club performance.
  • After all, you can start enjoying this piece of cake from heaven.

Kaputas Beach

P.S – if you want to watch the waves and amazing blue water from the first place you have to go earlier before the others.

4) After a sunny beach day you have to climb again the stairs and if you are lucky when you rich the top “minibus” have come because they works. We recommend you “hitchiking” again. People are very helpful there.

5) If you dont like big waves you have to be carefull about the windy weather.

In addition to all, the sea surface are going deeper after one or two steps to the water.

Last notes about Kaputas Beach:

Don’t forget to get a selfie from the top. The blue you have seen here there is a little chance to see the other beaches. It is different from the top and the below.

In city center there is some beaches that really acceptable by the tourists. For example Limanagzi, Buyuk Cakil and Kucuk Cakil beaches. There are lots of beach clubs too.

Where to stay?

There are lots of hotels, hostels and camping areas. They usually built on the beachfronts. If you walk down from the bus station there is a street on the way to the city center with big markets. Accomodation places is situated in this side. You can make different choises depending on your budget and your taste. We decided to have a place to set up tents will be appropriate for our budget trip and we found ourselves in Kas Camping. This is the amazing view form the camping.


Kas Camping

We had our tents then we rented a place and if you don’t want accomodation like this you can choose bungalow houses. Here we found that prices are not so expensive (tents 50 liras) than the other camping places. That’s why we can recommend this place for your safe stay in the city. From the bus station you can reach there without using any transportation.

Facilities about Kas Camping

Here they will give you a chance to choose where should be your camping area. You can choose sea view or silent side of the camping. There is a cafe with good meals and music and also you can enjoy private port of the camping. It is like beach. Prices in the cafe not so convenient but you can try to test the service.


Port of the Kas Camping

There are common toilets (men and women separated), bathrooms, washing machines and refrigerators. Places were cleaned every morning it was really appreciated.

P.S. – As camping area there is a camping called “Mocamp” is also prominent place for budget travellers. If you think this kind of accomodation samples is not fitting you, you can find hotels and hostels too. We asked some of them about the price and it was approximately 90 liras and above for one day staying. As you know we are budget travellers and we choose camping thats whywe could not gather more information about the hotels.

If you want free place to stay there is a hospital near the Kas Camping with big backyard, you can use here a place for camping but you know you should not expect more. This places ground is good for tents. You can meet a lot of campers, maybe you can make friends and help each other for the facilities. Now you set your stay, it is time to discover.

Kas square, cafes and souvenir places.

If you go down end of the street which you use going to the Kas Square you can see Kas Marine. On the right side of this place you can see “the rocky area” along the coast. Walking on the rocks, waiting sunset and a little pleasant chit-chat makes you feel very happy. By the way we recommend you to try the healty snack “iced almonds”.


It would be nice to eat or drink after walking around isn’t it? In this case we have our most important information that you have to explore backstreets. You can find lots of interesting places there. Cafes has its own style.

Queen cafe bar

Queen cafe bar

İn the evening of an enjoyable day at the sea we would recommend you lemonade and cheesecake, mmm you have to try Queen’s, i can not forget that cheesecake.


Strawberry and Lime Mint Lemonades


After exploring cafes around now its time to get some gifts for your lovely ones. There you can find designer works or handmade souvenirs too.

imageedit_40_5545528341 I have to say as we women we like all of types of jewellery. There is one place which they made super exotic jewelleries from colorful glass. In here everything is very different and colorful, energy will heat you inside.

If you say i want go far from the cities beaches – there are some famous beaches like Buyuk Chakıl, Kucuk Chakıl and Limanagzi, but we hadn’t get a chance to gor this beaches but we noted them for the second trip- and swim in the crystal waters we would recommend you “Kas- Kekova daily boat tours”. Kekova is really famous for its best blue ever sea and historical places. If you want to get information about the tours you can ask tour guides in the Marine. In addition this we also witnessed the presentation about the tours. This was the longest presentation ever, but you can get an idea what you are going into. And about the prices it was around 50-80 liras for one person.

Finally we wish you good luck in this delightful little city. When the road calls just answer it!♥


By Orangeandbluepaws

We are two travellers from İstanbul. We are planning to explore all of the cities in Turkey. This summer we took our first long trip to the South and it will continue

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