Experience the Coastal Towns of Cape Town, the Way Locals Do

January 1, 1970

by Sam Mitchell

If you are planning on making your way down to the beautiful country of South Africa, you definitely will want to make a stop in the city of Cape Town. South Africa is a land of remarkable beauty and has some of the most diverse landscapes and natural settings of any other country in the world. The city of Cape Town is no exception when it comes to beauty, adventure, excitement and a wonderfully unique and rich culture unlike any other you will find elsewhere. The city of Cape Town is located in the region of the Western Cape and has plenty to offer.

Magnificent mountains, natural wonders, and fragrant fynbos covers the land; a type of plant that is unique to the Western Cape region. The city of Cape Town also has a rich history that you can explore in the museums, monuments and old architecture. Cape Town is a coastal region and this means that it has many lovely and quaint, as well as classy and sophisticated coastal towns, restaurants and beaches to explore. In this guide I will show you how to experience the coastal towns of Cape Town the way that the locals do by introducing you to some of the beaches, restaurants and activities enjoyed by many locals in Cape Town.

Kalk Bay – The Coastal Town of Creativity

Kalk Bay is a quaint, exciting, upbeat and highly creative coastal town in the city of Cape Town. Kalk Bay is located in the Southern Peninsula region of Cape Town, which is near to the tip of Africa. Kalk Bay is a lovely little seaside town filled with bustling activity and a creative atmosphere. Kalk Bay is home to many artists and creative entrepreneurs who can easily be seen in the artistic boutiques, restaurants, and art being sold on the streets by local Africans. It is a place where creative and artistic people gather and each shop or boutique has something unique and creative to offer. The air is filled with the delicious smells of coffee, freshly baked breads and fried fish and chips; a favourite local seaside dish straight from the Kalk Bay harbour. Some of the ways in which you can experience the coastal town of Kalk Bay like a local include:

• Fresh Fish and Chips at the Harbour

Cape Town locals simply love to visit the harbour in Kalk Bay for a hearty meal of freshly caught and fried fish and chips. This is an age-old local tradition that the locals of Cape Town, South Africa have enjoyed for generation upon generation. The harbour in Kalk Bay is usually alive on a Sunday with local families coming to spend time together and enjoy the fresh seaside air.

• Visiting the Local African Artists

While passing through the seaside village of Kalk Bay you are sure to bump into some of the local African arts and craftsmen. Local African artists spend their time in Kalk Bay creating beautiful works of art while taking short breaks to chat to others and gaze out at the gorgeous oceanic view. While visiting the local African artists you will be able to find lovely original African works of art such as wire art, sculptures, paintings, jewellery, woodwork and other gorgeous African trinkets.

• Ride the Local Train

Many of Cape Town’s locals make use of the local public train to get around the city of Cape Town. Many locals make use of the train in order to get to and from work each day and riding the train is a wonderful way to get a feel for how the locals live in Cape Town. You can take a ride of the local train in Kalk Bay and visit more coastal towns such as Fish Hoek, Simons Town, St. James and Muizenberg. Taking a ride on the local train is also a great opportunity to see more of Cape Town’s coastal beaches and towns.

Kalk Bay Harbour

“Kalk Bay Harbour” – A Lively and Quaint Coastal Town

In this image we can see the still blue waters of the icy Atlantic Ocean underneath the many fishing boats that drift through the harbour of Kalk Bay. Behind the fishing boats we see the pier filled with locals enjoying the seaside views. The bustling coastal town of Kalk Bay can be seen behind in the distance.

Camps Bay – Coastal Town of Sophistication

If you are interested in exploring a sophisticated and upmarket coastal town in Cape Town then you will definitely want to visit the beachside town of Camps Bay. Along the beautiful white sandy beach of Camps Bay lie rows of tropical Palm Trees and giant granite boulders. Along the Camps Bay strip you will find a range of sophisticated and classy restaurants and bars frequented by many Cape Town locals. Spend a day bathing in the South African sun on Camps Bay Beach and spend the evening watching a magnificent sunset while sipping on a cocktail at one of the classy local restaurants.

You can find a list of the restaurants in Camps Bay here.

Camps Bay

“Camps Bay Strip at Night” – Cape Town’s Finest Beachside Wining and Dining

Here we get a glimpse of the Camps Bay strip at dusk as the sun has just set and the night-lights begin to twinkle. In the background we see the majestic Twelve Apostle mountain range with the Camps Bay strip coming alive just beneath it. Locals make their way from the beach to the many restaurants and bars that line the beachside.

Visit Boulders Beach

Boulders Beach is a lovely and quiet beach along the coast of Cape Town where a unique site can be found. Boulders Beach is the home of many penguins that can be seen hopping along the granite boulders at Boulders Beach. This beach experience is unlike any you will be able to experience in other parts of the world. Boulders Beach is a beautiful beach visited by many tourists and Cape Town locals alike.

You can find more details on Boulders Beach here.

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