Experience the Beauty and Paradise of the Dominican Republic!

November 6, 2018

by Racquel Allen

If you are a lover of exploring the beauty of nature, then the Dominican Republic is one of the most adventurous countries in the Caribbean island that should be on top of your list. The country is on Hispaniola Island and it is the second largest Caribbean island, after Cuba. Santo Domingo ranks as the top city in the country.

A travel to the Dominican Republic will involve a range of adventurous activities whose fond memories will be stuck in your mind forever, and it will bring a smile to your face always. This tropical paradise, which is also the Caribbean’s top tourist destination, has it all when it comes to nature trails, a rich culture, vast sandy, and lustrous beaches, hike spots, whale watching, and attractive national parks. It is the home of the Caribbean’s tallest mountain peak, Pico Duarte. Additionally, it is said to be the only country to have an image of the Holy Bible on their national flag.

Traveling to the Dominican Republic was the most incredible travel experience I have ever had my entire life. The trip filled with action and excitement summarizes the vacation. Come with me and will I tell you why…


Nature Trails

Waitukubuli National Trail

It is also known as WNT. It comprises of wooded, mountainous and grassy forests, and it passes through beautiful scenic views and livestock farms. This trail is marked with paints of blue and yellow to signify how far apart they are. If you happen to visit the WNT, make sure that you have a guide to take you through the trails. Since the WNT is mountainous with steep climbs, those interested in hiking should ensure that your hiking boots are in good condition.


Boiling Lake

In the entire world, the Dominican Republic has the second largest boiling lake. Getting to see the boiling lake might require some work since the terrain is rocky with steep climbs, thus it is not for the faint-hearted. This is because the trail itself depends on how strong and willed one is. The best scenario is seeing the boiling sections in different colors, that is, yellow, gray and black. Since some parts of the trails are not marked, it would be advisable for one to have a guide. I happened to have a guide who was so knowledgeable about nature and wildlife.


Saltos de Jima

Head over to Saltos de Jima and immerse yourself in a cool and thrilling waterfall, that drops your body temperature from hot to cool. There is a wonderful guide that walks you to the waterfalls for twenty minutes long, while you learn about the different plant lives that exist in the Dominican Republic. Before reaching the waterfalls, there are a few places to stop and take a quick dip. The seven waterfalls enhance the beauty of its surroundings, where there is nature at its best. What makes Saltos de Jima more exciting is that the entrance is free.


Whale Watching

It has been historical over the years that the humpback whales stream in the thousands to the Dominican Republic for mating, and to give birth. Usually, visitors or tourists enter into big vessels since they get into the sea to watch the whales. This breathtaking scene usually happens between January and March of every year, and people do the whale watching from different spots.


Hike Spots

Emerald Falls

For lovers of hiking, the Emerald Falls is a short walk of 0.75 miles from the center of visitors, and it is at the center of the rainforest. The falls can also be accessed through the Waitukubuli National Trail (WNT).

Middleham Falls Trail

This is the trail that leads one to a height of 200 feet. This is termed as the highest waterfall in the Dominican Republic. This trail is a three-hour long walk whose terrain is slippery and therefore one needs to be careful.

Trafalgar Falls

This is one of the interesting falls which has its own signature of twin falls. The twin falls have been named as Mother – the right fall, and Father – the left fall. The Trafalgar Falls is a fifteen-minute walk.

El Mogote

This superb hike spot is located in Jarabacoa. El Mogote Jarabacoa includes an easy trail path but gets very steep as you climb further up. The hike spot is ideal for persons who are fit and able to manage up to 2 hours of climbing without any rest stops. It is perfect for adults, rather than children based on the hours’ hikers take to reach the peak.

To be on the safe side, all the hike spots will require one to have a guide because of the unmarked spots and overgrown plants that may hide the trail.


Eatery Spots

The Dominican Republic comprises of several dining places ranging from resorts, restaurants, hotels, and bistros, with trained chefs who are international. With such beautiful eatery joints throughout the prosperous half of Hispaniola, this should be the best places to have a great experience and it should be the country of choice to visit. An example of these includes La Yola which is at the Puntacana Resort & Club whose experience is extraordinary since it is designed to be on a boat in the Caribbean Sea.

Another luxurious place to dine is the Eze Bar & Restaurant which is an Italian restaurant, located at the beach with a good scenic view of the Caribbean Sea. This restaurant caters for people from all social groups and its convenient location can make one keep on dining from there in order to experience the serenity and beauty of Central America’s largest economy.


If you are interested or torn between which country or city you should visit for the upcoming Christmas holidays, please do not hesitate to pick the Caribbean paradise of the Dominican Republic as your destination of choice. I assure you there will be no regrets for making such a wonderful decision, and it will always be memorable for the rest of your life.


Racquel Allen

By Racquel Allen

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