Experience Mystery, Madness, Mayhem in Delhi, the city of Djinns

January 1, 1970

by Bushra Rahmani

Delhi-the heart of India is the best place to experience all that conveys individuals to India: mystery, mayhem, and madness. Spend a day in the midst of its lived-in magnificence and you’ll understand why it is called the city of histories, culture, food and secrets. Delhi has stories etched in every nook and corner – the classical stories about Mughal emperors, fights, battles, and victories. Here you will find the extremes that make India so convincing, you will discover the ‘deep sense of being’ and you will learn why such a large number of fights have been battled about it. It is the city of enchantment, pandemonium and 25 million Individuals. The capital of country shares striking similarity with eastern Rome, for it is covered with relics of lost domains.

India is the land of customs, traditions, and cultures. Every state has different customs and every region has its own tradition. But if you want to get an insight of Indian culture and cuisine by visiting just one city, then let me tell you Delhi is the perfect place. This is the reason why it frequently alludes as Mini India. Numerous religion and culture win in the region with peace and congruity. Individuals from around the nation have come to settle here. European loftiness of Central Delhi, Punjabi plushness of west Delhi, Mughal grandness and Historical monuments of Old Delhi, Bars-Boutiques-pubs-clubs of South Delhi clearly shows Delhi’s unity in Diversity.

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Old Delhi & New Delhi

India’s capital city can be part into two unmistakable regions – New Delhi and Old Delhi, keeping in mind they keep on growing next to each other. Both the parts hold their own uniqueness.

Old Delhi

Old Delhi is the most noteworthy and historic part of the city, with its causes and stories going back to the season of the Mughal emperors and the battles won. Even the stones of Old Delhi has stories to tell. The appeal of Old Delhi lies in its staggering locales, historical monuments, and narrow lanes. Even the general buzzing made by its thin path holds their own charms, and never fails to allure the tourists. Though regular day to day existences are lived inside limits of narrow lanes and alleyways, yet the finger-licking snacks of Old Delhi are always ready to satiate everyone’s hunger. You are bound to find conventional and bona fide experience, with those quick Indian indulgences.

Attractions in Old Delhi

Mughal emperors gifted Delhi a rich heritage, splendid historical monuments, and a history to cherish forever. Red Fort, Jama Masjid, Humayun Tomb and Qutub Minar are few of many brilliant monuments that are the pride of India.

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  • The Red Fort

The Red Fort is the rundown of Old Delhi’s attractions, for it is the most popular monument which tourists wish to see when going to Delhi. Red Fort is not just a monument, it is a symbol of power and rebellion against the British rule. The fort comprises of lovely stone dividers and arches that were constructed to shield the Moghul rulers from trespassers. The arches still have figured out to stay in place to the present day, where the dividers extending up to 1.2 miles

  • Jama Masjid

Jama Masjid the greatest mosque in India and Asia as well. It is spacious enough to accommodate twenty-five thousand people inside its patio at any one time. It is not only the size and structure of the intricate that is so stunning, additionally its delightful design and embellishing touches. Its construction began during the times of Mughal emperor, Shahjahan, and was finished in 1650. The whole construction period lasted for 13 years to offers marvelous perspectives of Delhi from its southern tower

  • Chandni Chowk

Chandni chowk is all about delicious cuisines, shopping outlets, and the bustling lanes. It is also known as a working business sector and a place to visit when you wish to feel wrapped in the heart of the city. The ambiance and atmosphere here are so alive that you feel are bound to feel an adrenaline rush. The traders and small businessmen trade for garments, gems, clothes, grocery, food items, electronics…in short ‘anything’ and ‘everything’ while attempting to remain off the beaten path of autos, rickshaws, and even fellow visitors. Chandni chowk is one experience not to be missed.

New Delhi

New Delhi was founded by the British amid frontier times, with a significant part of the building work being down to Edwin Lutyens. It is the modern Delhi, completely opposite of Old Delhi. It is a roomy region that has been made up with wide roads which speak of European style. The roads have lavish trees planted on the sides. New Delhi is also about government structures that give it a totally unique climate. This part of the city is entrancing to investigate. There are no formal limits between the two, however, it is just about constantly conceivable to recognize whether you are in New or Old Delhi.

Attractions in New Delhi 

New Delhi is additionally amazing in its own specific manner. In the expansive roads of New Delhi, you’ll discover the greater part of the city’s exhibition halls, city’s best nightclubs, and entertainment spots. One of the fascinating things is its prime shopping range that revolves around the colonnaded veneers of Connaught Place.

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  • Clubs, Nightlife and Entertainment

Previous few years have witnessed a steady growth in the number of bars and clubs, which have resulted in Delhi’s nightlife scene to go ahead with full speed. The bars in Delhi might be a bit costly, but to be very honest, they can very well add a thrilling twist to your boozing experience. Most of them are prominent with lavish lodgings, lively ambiance, and expensive drinks, but some of them don’t allow stag entry which makes them a ton more agreeable for ladies.

  • Drinks and Relax Bars

If you want to enjoy costly drinks, the five-star lodgings in Delhi have rich bars and expensive wines. They also have move floors and cheerful hours with BOGOF offers Indian alcohols. Relax bars with laid-back music have turned out to be extremely famous, and there are some great ones scattered around South Delhi.

Bushra Rahmani

By Bushra Rahmani

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