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Manchester: The Top Picks

The city of Manchester in the UK is one which is noted for a whole host of reasons: famous TV, fantastic music, and a buzzing nightlife. Every corner of this fabulous city holds a hidden surprise [...]

Top 5 hills within an hour of Glasgow

Living inside of the tourist district of Glasgow means in my day to day life I am constantly bumping into tourists and chatting to them. A common question came up of how best to see the [...]

Living and Exploring Wales (UK)

Moving to Wales Wales: Land of Cliffs, sea and countryside… Pubs, Dylan Thomas and Swansea Football Club (not sure which of those is better known nowadays). Wales doesn’t really represent a [...]

Exciting things to do in London

London is one of my favorite city where I’ve been. It’s such a multicultural city that you can see so many different people all over the world. In London, there is so much to do and so much to [...]

A fabulous day trip to York

York is a charming historic city lying serenely in North Yorkshire, England. I had never heard of York before moving to the UK for my Master’s Degree, but the moment I got to see its ancient [...]

Brighton: Top Things To Do

Best Activities For A Weekend in Brighton If you live in East Sussex, there is no doubt you’ll have visited Brighton at some point in your life. And if you don’t, there’s no doubt that you will [...]

England for Business : Enjoy London

So here I was at the beginning of the spring: London for a Business trip. So I decided to make the most out of it and find ways to enjoy so that it does not feel so much like work! I have to say [...]

A day trip to Whitby, Yorkshire

As a child living in Yorkshire, my family went on many holidays and day trips to Whitby and it’s a place I have wanted to revisit for a long time. International exploration has taken me to [...]


Ah… Comedy! Let’s put the cards on the table, shall we? The capital of the UK is an expensive place. The people who live here know it, and you, beautiful traveller (hi!), also know it. [...]

A Cheapskate’s Guide to London

If you’re strapped for cash but still in need of a holiday (basically the story of my life as a student), sometimes the best place to look for an escape is in your backyard! The British Isles [...]

Best things to do in Greenwich

Greenwich, United Kingdom is a fantastic alternative to the hustle and bustle of Central London. Despite smaller crowds, Greenwich is an essential place to visit on any trip to London and is easy [...]

COORG – The Scotland of India!

India is a land of adventure and mystery. This subcontinent envelops so many culture-rich, amazingly beautiful and mysterious places that one can spend a lifetime traveling around – but will [...]

Thrifting in style the London edition

When I made the leap and moved from Auckland to London City, everyone seemed to feel that I needed their 2 cents on how expensive living in London was. I agree that with the combination of rent, [...]

Exploring London in One Day

Exploring London, England is easy because of its amazing transport system. The best thing to do when you land at the airport is to grab an Oyster card and you are ready to start exploring. Where [...]

Top Five best brunch spots in London

Brunch is without a doubt, hands-down my favourite meal. It makes me look forward to the weekend, so I can spend a luxurious morning (or afternoon) lounging over coffees, eggs in all forms, [...]

Tasting real food in UK

This western story begins with a big plan for a big trip to the near, middle and far East – across Asia and beyond. The need to finance it brought us to a farm in England, in the [...]

United Kingdom love it or hate it

The begining After five years living (or surviving) in London, I guess I got an idea of how the United Kingdom and the British are like. I must say, when I moved to the UK, I was a young Spaniard [...]

Newcastle – North-East England

Most people come to England and go to London, Manchester or Liverpool but many forget about the North East of England and its main city: Newcastle-Upon-Tyne. I have moved here from France for my [...]

New Year in Edinburgh

When looking for a travel destination for your next Winter Holidays, you definitely need to consider Edinburgh as one of the options. Edinburgh’s Christmas Market, New Year festival, outdoor [...]

Orkney Isles Soctland : Worth the effort

Being born in a place of unquestionable beauty I come from a tiny island off the northern coast of Scotland. The Orkney Isles, or Orkney as i prefer to call it. My parents moved there in the mid [...]

The Scotland of India : Coorg

The Scotland of India : Coorg Like every kid longing for a summer break, my friends and I decided to roadtrip to what’s known as the Scotland of India – Coorg. Located on the eastern [...]

The quaint town of Lynton, England

I inhaled deeply, tasting the salty sea air and gazed around me in awe. Despite living ten minutes away from this exact spot, I still felt a rush of adrenaline as I climbed the last rock and [...]

Gibraltar in a Day – A Taxi on the Edge

Gibraltar, a little piece of the UK clinging stalwartly to the bottom of Spain. The great Rock looks out over a narrow Straits of Gibraltar, where the north coast of Morocco lies only 14km away [...]

A weekend in London: United Kingdom

My perfect weekend in London, United Kingdom I’ve lived, studied and worked in London for 9 years and I like to think I know it pretty well (although it continues to interest and surprise [...]

City of London: A Walking Tour

January 2015, I had left Bangalore, India to join Kingston University in London. As a part of welcoming the new students, the University arranged a Walking Tour through Central London. I decided [...]

Seven well-spent days in London, England

London (England). You don’t have to say much, just because so many images and ideas pop up in our heads as soon as we hear about this famous city. This is my first post about London, but [...]

London: The multifaceted city.

I think about London and it makes me feel emotional. I´ve been living there for about a year and I feel that it´s a magical city. Maybe it just because it was the first city I put a foot on after [...]

United Kingdom-Liverpool Rock!

Hop on the train, today we’re heading to Liverpool, United Kindom ! (LIVERPOOL. A famous port city in the north west of England. It was a sunny day… not so common in the United [...]

Experience London Through ME

Experiencing such a beautiful city like London, by reading an article about it is quite difficult but I will try my best to take you through London, and present everything  you need to know when [...]

Fun at Manchester Airport

What do travellers have in common? Rucksacks, hostels, adventure, airports. The many stories told by a traveller will rarely include the transit through an airport, probably because 2 hour waits [...]

Kent: The Garden of England

Kent, also known as the Garden of England is where I grew up and features some of the most beautiful places in the country. Not many appreciate the area they live in however the scenic [...]

Lochgoilhead: a Beautiful Weekend Away

Hidden away, deep in the woodlands of Scotland lies the small town and surrounding areas of Lochgoilhead. This quaint and well hidden little town has everything you need for a perfect weekend [...]

One Day Trip to Oxford, England

What to do in Oxford, England In this post, I’ll tell you how I traveled to Oxford, what I ate there, where to get a great view of the city, what I saw, and many more. Stay tune for a great [...]


Being new to blogging, and having travelled to so many places in my 23 years, it took me a while to decide where exactly to write about first. Sometimes I think we forget that to some people, or [...]

Destination of the Year 2016: Glasgow

National Geographic recently named Glasgow as one of the best destinations in the world for 2016. Now this Glaswegian can’t pass up telling you why. We really have pulled our socks up, and [...]

Manchester: In or out

“Manchester: the only place in England which escapes our characteristic snobbery” – A.J.P. Taylor I first saw this quote displayed in a little bar in Manchester’s Northern [...]

St. Albans – The Romans city

How did I end up in this beautiful ancient city? I got on the plane without knowing where I was going in England with a piece of paper in my hand with an address of a house in a city called St. [...]

London: A Walk Along the South Bank

So I thought I’d start my travel blog writing about somewhere I actually know very well – London, the capital of the United Kingdom. Having grown up just outside London, South Bank, at just [...]

Medieval Bodiam Castle

When we are planning our trips we are always looking for places which are not so well promoted in the books. We are searching for special places, which are not occupied by hundreds of tourists [...]

Cambridge: A city to fall in love with

CAMBRIDGE: A city to fall in love with I know a lot of people from other continents when they make their first trip to Europe have a very short time and want to visit a lot of the typical places [...]

Your First Time In: London

Though Sweeney Todd (played by the perfectly lovely but non-British Johnny Depp) may have menacingly uttered nothing but contempt when he sang, “Yes, there’s no place like London”, this LOTE* can [...]

Birmingham and Beyond

If I tell you I’m from the UK, what immediately springs to mind? The frenetic, bustling streets of London, and the countless sightseeing opportunities it promises? The White Cliffs of [...]

Blustery Scotland

The travel bug hit me at a very early age. I was raised on t.v. shows and movies set in far off places. It tempted my young mind to dream of visiting the world and exploring the amazing cultures [...]