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A real fairytale in Istanbul

Magic of Istanbul will make you enchanted Have you ever been to a place where you think you’re a part of a fairytale? Do even believe that there is that kind of place. Do you even think that is [...]

Why visit Elazığ, Turkey?

Elazığ, Turkey Elazığ is a small city located in the Eastern part of Turkey, in the region called Anatolia. If you take a look from above, the city seems as an inland peninsula, surrounded by [...]

About Turkey : food, people and places

Turkey, the Moon and the Star, the old Ottoman Empire, is a wonderful country full of surprises and adventures. I was blessed to live there during 7 months and I’m still amazed with the [...]

Cappadocia: Land of Fairy Chimneys

Cappadocia: Land of Fairy Chimneys Cappadocia is an ancient name for a region in Central Anatolia of Turkey. Now it popularly refers to valleys between Goreme, Urgup and Uchisar towns. The region [...]

Things To Do: Istanbul

  When you arrive in Istanbul you will no doubt be taken back by the many beautiful Ottoman structures that line the cityscape. The Sultan Ahmad Mosque or ¨Blue Mosque¨, Hagia Sophia, [...]

Four Days on The Lycian Way

  It is 6:30am on a chilled October morning. I am nestled in a cocoon of my sleeping bag and blankets on top of a cushioned wooden platform overlooking the mountains and Mediterranean Sea. I [...]

Istanbul smells so divine

Olfactory journey through Istanbul Introduction Istanbul smells divine, and why wouldn’t it? Lodged between two continents it is the breeding ground for some wonderful sights but also some [...]

Istanbul – a Lifetime is Not Enough!

First thing to know about Istanbul is that it’s a place where you can’t possibly get bored. It’s a place of diversity, chaos, beauty, history, art, but most of all human kindness – something that [...]

Girls paradise in Turkey

Where should girls go for their summer vacation? When my best friend Jovana asked me where should we go for our summer vacation, nice beaches, delicious cocktails and hot guys crossed my mind. 😀 [...]

Istanbul: New Land of 3rd Wave Coffee

Hi! I must say that this article won’t be about how beautiful Istanbul is, what a marvellous city or etc. It’ll be about great coffee shops in Istanbul. If you are in Istanbul or will [...]


Finally this year we have managed to bring to the life our summer holiday plan. Because we desired this so much. Firstly we’ve traveled from Istanbul to Izmir with a shared car. We find [...]

Oludeniz Fethiye, Turkey

Welcome Travelers! During Spring break March 2016, we (myself, wife and two kids) decided to go to Fethiye, Turkey. We started our journey from Istanbul, took a plane from Sabiha Gokcen [...]

Istanbul’s Galata

One of the best places to stay when visiting arguably the most vibrant city in Turkey, Istanbul is the area around the Galata tower. This area is actually a part of the district Beyoğlu but [...]

Magical city of Istanbul

Welcome in Istanbul, hoş geldiniz… First time I visited Turkey was 3 years ago. At that time i didn’t have idea that the biggest city in Turkey, Istanbul, will be partially my home [...]