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Best Places to Visit in Sweden.

If you are planning a visit to Sweden any time soon you should check out these articles from real travellers for the best places to visit.

The most important sights in Örebro

Sweden: When I first landed in Sweden, despite my friend’s most eager recommendation to go to Örebro, I was still a bit skeptical. I mostly wanted to spend my time in Stockholm- walking in the [...]

A Turkish Girl Lands in Sweden

Tourist days in Stockholm My adventure in Sweden started with landing as a tourist with 3 bags in the middle of a night at Arlanda Airport. I was supposed to stay in this beautiful city for a few [...]

Malmö – The sunny south of Sweden

A few words about Malmo Malmo is located in the south part of the country, in the center of region named “Scania“. It is believed that Malme is founded in the XIII century and the oldest records [...]

Hej! 24 hours in Stockholm

What to do when you only have 24 hours to explore the capital city of Sweden, Stockholm. Stockholm, also known as the Venice from Scandinavia is built on little Islands and definitely worth a [...]

Swedish Meatballs and Island Life

Swedish Meatballs and Island Life     What is Sweden?  Sweden is: Swedish meatballs. Blonde hair, blue eyed Swedish gods. (A.K.A. Swedish guys). Or maybe the swede. The purply root [...]

Sweden: First impressions of Halmstad

  A new adventure has just started! Moving to Halmstad, Sweden got me really excited because I have yet to explore the northern part of Europe. Since I am from Austria, which is a landlocked [...]

Lund: Sweden

Apart from being the birthplace of world famous inventions like H&M, Ikea and Spotify, Sweden is one of the most beautiful Scandinavian countries. With great employment benefits and social [...]

Mystic Sweden

(View of the Fyris River) Visiting Sweden doesn’t mean just to see Stockholm, Malmö or Göteborg. A small trip to Uppsala always worth your time. Considered as the fourth biggest city of [...]