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What to see in the city of Granada?

Granada is the capital of the province that has its same name, within the Autonomous Community of Andalusia. Yes, you guessed it, in the country of Spain. Granada is a great city, perfect for [...]

Top 5 Attractions in Madrid

Madrid often stands in the shadow of Barcelona, but 48 hours will give you a taste of the Spanish capital that will leave you hungry for more. From the iconic Prada museum to fun food markets, [...]

Top 5 must-see places in Valencia, Spain

You are in Valencia for some time and still, don’t know where you’d like to go? Here is my ultimate list of top-5 must-see locations one needs to visit while in Valencia, Spain. 5. Plaza de la [...]

A Historical Tour of Zaragoza

Zaragoza The city of Zaragoza is often overshadowed by its bigger and busier counterparts. But if you have ventured into Spain before for its stunning architecture, local food, extravagant [...]

Things to do in Barcelona

One of the capitals of the Mediterranean sea, Barcelona is nowadays one of the most visited cities in southern Europe. The Catalan capital is famously known for being the home of one of the best [...]

Valencia! Spain's hidden gem

When you think of a trip to Spain the usual places always pop up.. Barcelona.. Madrid.. maybe even Ibiza for you party people out there; well I’m here to tell you Valencia is the place to be! Now [...]

Visit Jaén: Andalusia’s Hidden Gem

When you think of Spain, do you think of sunny beaches, tapas and sangria? That’s what I thought too…until I moved to Jaén. Jaén is the most northern region in Spain’s most southern province, [...]

A Weekend in Madrid for the Poor Hipster

Guys, I’ve been there… cringed as I typed “Hipster + my city of choice” into Google in an ashamed effort to find something to do in my next destination that won’t also include 100 other tourists. [...]

Getting to Valencia on a budget

My Exciting Trip To Valencia Or All The Troubles Of Getting There   How it all started or the beginning of my Spanish journey In the past year, travel has become a huge part of my life. And [...]

Bilbao from industry to art

I went to Bilbao expecting nothing. I was going to visit a friend of mine that moved there with her family and did not care about the tourism I could do there. But when I got there and after some [...]

5 Reasons to Visit Barcelona

Freddie Mercury couldn’t have sung it better: “Barcelona – Such a beautiful horizon/ Barcelona – Like a jewel in the sun/ Something in Spanish, Something in Spanish/ Viva [...]

Birthday in Spain (Valencia)

Spain is amazing and more so, Valencia. As one of my favorite places to visit, I would like to share my point of view and my birthday experience with you all. First of all, you should know that [...]

Salamanca: The Golden City

When I found out I was going to be studying in Salamanca, I had no idea where I was going. All I knew was that it was in Spain and I was stoked to finally be studying abroad. Before living in [...]

Barcelona: the city of excitement

As you may hear many times, Barcelona is not a boring, quiet city. I’ve been there myself once and I instantly fell in love with it. The people and their openness, bring the most [...]


My trip to Barcelona commenced unplanned and eminently chaotic. Initially, I was going to Girona in Spain but thanks to the unbelievably heavy traffic jams in Paris, I missed my flight for the [...]

Casa Batllo: a must see in Barcelona!

Welcome to Barcelona! Barcelona, a beach city in Spain that if you talk to those who’ve traveled to Europe say it’s a must see and I 100% agree. There is something for literally just about [...]

Andalusia in Autumn

When we think about ideal time for travelling, spring and autumn are immediately coming to our mind. Why? Well, the weather is excellent. Temperature is neither too hot nor too cold. Worrying [...]

Secret spots of Barcelona

I was lucky enough to spend four months of my life in Barcelona. During my first weeks there, I visited all the must – see sights that everybody knows (such as Sagrada Familia, Barceloneta, [...]

The Oldest Tavern in Sevilla, Spain

SEVILLA, SPAIN My sister and I decided to meet up in Sevilla, Spain for a week as a break from our independent holidays we were spending in Europe. I was spending several months around the south [...]

A Frolicker’s Guide to Madrid

Tapas and Vino.  I’ve been living in Madrid, Spain now for just over two months, and if I were to use two words to describe my time here, those are the ones I would chose. So many [...]

5 Months in Europe: First Stop Madrid

The Journey Begins! So after a year of saving, and surprisingly very little forward planning, my girlfriend and I left our stable jobs in London, dusted off our trusty backpacks from our previous [...]

Girona: Heart of Catalonia

Heart of Girona Part I This summer i had an amazing experinces on visting some parts of Europe. And the main place in this journey was Girona. This beautiful old city with his magnetism attracts [...]

Things not to miss in Malaga

I’ve travelled several times in Spain, mostly to Barcelona and Madrid. And I immediately loved this country. Everything from Spain sounded good to me : the artists, the typical food for [...]

Barcelona: Between dream and reality

Magic and Legends of Barcelona When we say there is one magic city that can awaken all your senses, lead  you into a state of complete infatuation, whether you are a gourmand, football fanatic, [...]

Barcelona: The city of my dreams

Barcelona: the city of my dreams. There are some events in our lives that change one forever, those moments that you treasure in your mind. Well, mine was one year ago. Since I started [...]

Barcelona: A Guide From The Inside

Barcelona: Catalonia, Spain You might say I am biased, because I obviously live here for a reason, but it’s doubtless; Barcelona is the perfect city break location. The city is alive with [...]

Almeria: paradise of beaches and coves

Almeria: paradise of beaches and coves In the south-east of Spain, this place is not the most touristic destination of the country, but it is worth a trip here. I remember when I left home, I was [...]

5 reasons to come back to Granada, Spain

May 2016. It’s seven o’clock in the morning as I board with my travel companions in the bus that will take us from the frisky Seville, to the Moorish city : Granada. We’ve started the road [...]

Salamanca: My Timeless Home

Starting Point I think I must admit I was a little a lot nervious. Of course , this was not my first time living in a foreign country, far away from the comfort of living with my mother and [...]

Island Hopper – Fuerteventura

Spain – The Canary Islands: Fuerteventura General Information: The popular Canary Island of Fuerteventura is the second largest island in the Canaries, with it being 60 miles long (100km) [...]

The best of all in Sevilla!

In april 2016 I was planning a weekend away with my friend in the Netherlands.
We were planning on going in the beginning of June for about four days. We didn’t want to go too far, [...]


1. Nobody speaks English Well, not actually anybody – only 90% of people. But no need to worry! Málaga’s waiters (camareros) know a couple of words in tens of languages – and literally [...]

Back to the Future in Alcala

 Alcalá de Henares – Located closed to Madrid Small enough to visit all in one day, great enough to leave the impression that inhabitants are proud of its full glory. Town Alcala [...]

Spain : Exploring history in Granada

“Spain : Exploring history in Granada” Granada; not the biggest, neither the most famous city in Spain but absolutely one of the most beautiful and historical cities of Spain. Located [...]

Mallorca: A family vacation

Mallorca: A family vacation Last summer (summer 2016) my family and i went to Mallorca ( Spain , Cala d’Or. ) for the first time, we booked our apartment and plane tickets not that long [...]


Mallorca After a lot of sprinting through airports, living out of suitcases and language difficulties I can say with certainty that Mallorca is my favourite place in the world and am happy to now [...]

Cadaqués: The magical city

Cadaqués is one of the most famous cities in Catalonia, but maybe not everybody knows why. This is a mediterranean city in the north of Spain, almost in the border with France. It’s located [...]


I don’t know you, but for me, one of the most challenging things to decide when planning my next trip is actually choosing where to go. Relax in the mountains after a long day of adventures, [...]

Spain: Cycling around Catalunya

What most of the people see in their minds when we think about vacation in Spain is probably a quite simple image – sun, beach, palm trees, parties, shopping on La Rambla and visiting La Sagrada [...]

Siestas, Tapas and Sunshine in Madrid

                            Siestas, Sunshine and Tapas In September 2015, I packed all my bags, got on a plane and took a leap of faith.  I was off to start my new life in Madrid and I was [...]

Girona: why this city is a must-see

If I say “Catalonia”, which city will come to your mind? “Barcelona” is the answer that most of the people would say. However, I am going to introduce you another city, not far from Barcelona, [...]

Madrid : San Isidro 2016

Sights, sounds and smells of San Isidro 2016 Madrid’s top festival for their patron saint! Spain is known for its fiestas and San Isidro festival is celebrated each year across the city of [...]

A Short Stay in Seductive Seville

I visited Seville at the end of March, before the infamous summer heat stifles the city. The best way I can describe Seville is in the words of an old man I met in the Jewish Quarter; “Seville is [...]

Spain: Lost in the Northern Spain

When I say Spain, what things floats in to your mind? Let me guess, sun, sangria, señoritas and long beaches. Well, you are completely wrong! Now you are probably thinking I am a complete loonie. [...]

The Book of Soria

The Book of Soria is a guide to what you should be doing at every point of the day in a small Spanish city that can be found on the elevated plains of Castilla-Leon. According to Spanish [...]

Águilas, the carnival city.

There are a lot of carnivals in Spain, maybe you had already hear about the carnival of Cadiz, is apparently the most famous in the country, but let me tell you about this small town in the [...]

Seeing Seville

Let’s face it, Spain is a sought after destinations for every type of traveler. The north offers a haven for the outdoorsy adventurers, while the beaches of Barcelona, Ibiza, and Cadíz await the [...]

A Day at Barceloneta Beach

One of the best parts about visiting Barcelona is that its essentially a beach city. Of course there are dozens of tourist areas and cultural sites but if the sun is out, the beach is the place [...]

Barcelona Express: Two Day Itinerary

Welcome to the hidden magic of Barcelona (Catalonia, Spain). As Saint Augustine recalled, if the world is a book, those who do not travel stop at the first page. So, we have just 2 days. Don’t [...]


Are you tight on cash but want to travel around the globe? Well it is possible. No experience necessary. All you need to have is an open mind, the willingness to try something new and a positive [...]

Grenade, a little big city (1/2)

    Grenade, as little city as a big one at the same time. Full of places to discover, and no doubt with an amazing historical and cultural background. Grenade is a city that amazes you [...]

Visiting Barcelona

La Sagrada Familia Getting there There are three airports you can fly to: El-Prat, Reus and Girona. El-Prat is located just outside the city and is perfect if all you want to do is visit [...]

Paradise de Mallorca

Not having any great desire to visit Spain but wanting to be in warmer weather for the long weekend, I booked a trip to Palma de Mallorca, Spain. Little did I know I would absolutely fall in love [...]

Fuengirola, Costa Del Sol.

A bustling Spanish town located approximately 24kms from the City of Malaga, Fuengirola is a popular destination for British holiday makers seeking a sunshine retreat from the mundane 9-5. A once [...]

Alcala de Henares

Alcala de Henares, Spain For the past few month’s I have been studying in Alcala de Henares, Spain. Living in this historical city has been very beneficial in teaching me to appreciate the [...]

Bakio, Spain : San Juan de Gaztelugatxe

Bakio, Spain Population: Just over 2500 Location: Province of Biscay, Basque Country Reason to go: Beaches, Hiking, and History Not many people have heard of Bakio, Spain, a coastal town along [...]

Spain: Small Town Life

There are a few things everyone thinks of when talking about Spain– Flamenco music and dancing, fútbol and its most famous stars Reynaldo and Messi, bullfighting, or perhaps tapas. Everyone [...]

7 tips for your trip to Barcelona

Barcelona is the most famous Spanish city, in Europe and also the second most populated of Spain. In addition, everyone who had been there, tells a must-see due to its art, leisure, cuisine and [...]

Living in Spain : What is the N.I.E?

First step while living in Spain: The N.I.E Today is the day! You finally managed to find (an) studies/internship in Spain and you just chose your flat and moved in it! You’ve got the opportunity [...]